Yuen Yonglin and Zhang Zhilin’s private clothes are also couple clothes, holding hands is like a couple in love, looking really happy



#What to wear today#

When it comes to couple outfits, there must be many people who think that only the same thing is to wear

It’s called a couple’s outfit

, in fact, this is not the case, couples in the same style, complementary colors, color matching color coordination, or the same choice of items, etc. can be seen from the subtleties.

Just like Yuen Yongqi and Zhang Zhilin, Yuen Yonglin and Zhang Zhilin are worthy of being a model couple, wearing couple costumes to show affection, really happy, Yuen Yonglin and Zhang Zhilin’s private clothes are also couple clothes, holding hands

It’s like a couple in love

, It’s really happy to watch.

Through these small details

Reflect the design of the couple

, they were very photogenic when they took pictures. The choice of black and white is more interesting and can echo each other with couples, although it is not very obvious, but there is

Very coordinated

, with a sense of coordination it will look good.

Couple outfits are never meant to be for two different people

Bound by the same style

, the final itinerary is exactly the same outfit, but each takes its own strengths, reflects each other, and then shows it from the editor, but also can better set off the people around you.

So you guys think it’s a good-looking couple outfit

What does it look like? let

Let’s take a look at the casual romance and careful thinking between couples.

Couple outfit elements

Same style

How can a couple’s outfit show a sense of couples? Often it is through the unity of the matching style, if you choose fashion, two people will fashion together, if you choose solemnity, there is

Two people solemnly together

Of course, if two people choose to be both athleisure style, then they can also be well reflected

The feeling of a couple between two.

Casual style is very popular in couple wear, and it is also very

A common element

, such a design is often not very obvious, usually there will be the same piece, generally appear in the shoe.

Choosing the same cloth shoes with sweatpants can enhance comfort and make the overall style more casual

More suitable for travel

。 Others prefer to choose the same style of inner lining with different styles of coats.

Although the two seem unrelated on the surface, in fact, after taking off the coat, the two have a strong response, so that the combination is low-key and ostentatious, and it is poked and poked

A lot of affection

Colors complement each other

Complementary colors are also very common in couples’ outfits,

Generally in black and white

, black and white two extreme colors as neutral tones, do not pick people, everyone can control well.

If the girl chooses a white suit, it will highlight her

Purity, holiness and spirituality

, boys choose black will not show the repression, but more youth and courage, the two stand together, a black and a white color conflict, can cause more attraction, but also let more people notice them.

Although the combination of black and white is not stunning,

But the victory is in the eye

, such a color combination can also form a lot of styles, the complementary colors plus the matching of styles, which easily creates a sense of couples.

If you choose a more comfortable material on the material, it will

It’s cleaner

, how to match the temperament of black and white is also very particular. The two colors can be freely combined with solid colors.

Although it looks more textured, it is also easier to appear

Dull and boring,

You can work accessories, such as choosing the same jewelry, choosing the same ring, it is good.

Same color

Dressing in the same color is more common in parties, usually

Mainly black and white,

Men do not choose too fancy colors when attending the party, and black suits or white dresses are the same.

Black suits will increase the overall solemnity and dullness, and if women choose black skirts equally, it will make the two stand together with a sad sense of sight. So choose the same

Beautiful plain white

, It can increase the purity of the two, and also represent the love of the two, holy and solemn, elegant but elegant.

Wearing white is easy to make

It’s the illusion of a wedding,

If you choose the same festival in the configuration, it will confirm the sweetness of the love between the two, so doesn’t this combination make everyone’s hearts move?

Color coordination

If the two choose clothes of the same color, it is very good

Monotonous and boring,

It is better to promote the strengths and avoid the weaknesses, and the color is coordinated but not uniform, just as red flowers and green leaves do not have the background of green leaves, red flowers will not be so bright, there will be no red flowers, and there will be no people

Notice the green leaves below

The matching between couples pays attention to complementing each other and complementing each other, so choosing your own suitable color and style can better show yourself and be better at the same time

Bring out others.

If the same is selected

Vintage elegant style

, women choose lace-edged wood ear sleeves such retro elements, the color is naturally calm, or choose white that will never go wrong, such a combination can improve the aura, enrich the layering of clothes, and at the same time will not be too obvious color

It won’t overwhelm either

, suppressing the male demeanor.

At the same time, men can choose retro color suits, the color of men’s suits is not very broad, but to match women can not choose

Suit in light colors

This? The light-colored suit is more youthful and flexible, and it is more photogenic to match.

The selection of items is the same

Regardless of the color, but its overall style

It’s always unified

If it is a casual style, you will choose a casual style here.

Among them, choose jeans

It’s a casual breeze

, also wear jeans, the same color top or a colliding top, and finally the same loose jacket or long trench coat.

This combination can make people see the identity of the two at a glance, and this can be

Effortless and comfortable

Blending in is an integral part of collocation.

Same jeans options

Different shades

, This can show your personality very well, enrich the image of the editor, and make people unforgettable.

After seeing so many combinations between couples, everyone

Which one is more exciting?

Is the person who accompanied you in the couple outfit still there? Is there that him or her around you today to wear a couple outfit with you? What are the little stories about matching clothes among you? Hurry up and share it with everyone.