Xi’an women are popular to wear jeans, and after matching boots, they are not only high-end but also feminine

Jeans are a clothing style that many people like to wear, the sense of fashion is relatively strong, and you can also make your clothing more outfitted

of fashion and refreshment

, the temperament of jeans of different designs is also different, the tight one is a little cool, and the loose one can look relaxed and retro.

Jeans also have a lot of fashionable matching skills with fashionable matching methods, such as matching with sneakers, the temperament is more refreshing and matched

Fur rules

It will be even more


In fact, you can also match it with boots to amplify femininity and make your temperament more advanced.

Xi’an women are popular to wear jeans like this, paired with boots, no

Only the superior is also feminine

, the effect that can be presented will be more unique, and at the same time it will be very thin. Generally, when wearing boots, everyone prefers to match black leggings or stockings, etc., and the temperament becomes different after changing into pants.

Wear jeans to learn the beauty of Xi’an, match

After the boots, look

Mature and particularly high-class, the liveliness of jeans and the coolness of boots are formed

stark contrast,

The effect of natural clothing matching is more prominent, but the conservative design is full


Jeans + boots

When it comes to pairing jeans and boots, you can’t choose a special design


Jeans, otherwise there will always be incongruity between boots and pants, there is a feeling of bloat, but tight can be, wear in the inside of the boots will not be bloated, temperament is also very fashionable.

When matching boots, everyone chooses boots with a short design, which can show a more refreshing layering after matching with jeans. However, the temperament that can be shown by wearing long boots will be even greater


The layered design is particularly fashionable. The length of the boots is over

The style of the knee also

It will be a little more feminine, and the suede one will look a little sexier than ordinary leather shoes.

Cool jeans to match

If you want to make your outfit more cool, it is more recommended

Dark blue jeans

, or add a little unexaggerated hole design to the jeans, the effect is more youthful. Matching boots can not only be chosen

Tight legs

, you can also try a looser style.

When it comes to collocation, choose

Cool leather jacket,

and sweatshirts with a strong sense of sportiness, both have the effect of making the momentum more refreshing and fashionable. But choose the style more


A little fur can also make cool outfits look very gentle.

Ladylike fan-full collocation

Simple jeans color choose light color, or yes


Yes, the color scheme looks gentle, of course, it is easier to make your outfit much younger. These colors can also allow


, exhibit a more retro charm, so that it can be displayed when it is matched with a little purer

Full of ladylike temperament.

For example, matching it with a brown sweater or a white turtleneck sweater, a lamb wool coat and a small fragrant coat can help you wear it

Jeans when it comes to showing

Shows the effect of ladylike tenderness.

A refreshing way to match

If you want to match a variety of different styles through jeans, be sure to pay more attention to the color scheme between jeans and boots, and the choice of color matching can also allow you to show a variety of different temperaments when wearing jeans. For example, wear highly saturated blue jeans and match them

White boots

, The effect of this clothing is not only refreshing but also very sweet.

The way to match is also to choose white clothing that is easier to show

Refreshing temperament,

If you choose a dark outfit, you don’t have to worry about wearing it to look old. Especially wear

Short coat

, the crisp color of jeans and boots will stand out more.

Feminine outfit

The easiest way to let you show a particularly feminine effect when wearing jeans is to choose

Over-the-knee boots

, amplifying femininity, or choosing a more leg-length way to wear, can make the clothing momentum


Also generous.

For example, when wearing a short coat, the short design is both lively and temperamental, and it will

Long legs show

It has been longer, and the temperament is certainly very feminine. Replaced it

Longer boots

, or boots with a better heightening effect, can also make you look more when wearing jeans

Gentle and delicate.

Boots with cool design

Comparison of designs

Cool boots

, it feels more suitable for jeans, such as a small V-cut on the front


, the thin leg design is also cool, and it is best to match it with a black leather jacket and sports style

of sweatshirts, etc

Clothing, it looks even more


You can also match it with casual clothing with a relatively simple design to make the momentum look more feminine and will not look

Too cool

There are quite a lot of combinations of boots and jeans, for

Thin legs

For girls, if you choose boots for layering, it is a conservative and warm, and it is also a particularly good-looking way to dress, plus

Conservative outfit

It also loses femininity, and the effect that can be shown is more attractive.