Android P new feature: can become a wireless touchpad or keyboard without rooting the phone

As the Android P developer preview version is about to come out, another new Android P feature has been exposed. xdadevelopers said that Android P will have Bluetooth HID function. This means that users will be able to use their phones as touchpads, keyboards, and gamepads via Bluetooth.

This function has long existed in the Android system, but it can only be used after rooting and installing the cracked Bluetooth APP. Therefore, there are very few apps on the market that support this function.

Now Android can use similar Bluetooth HID APP after root

Now Android can use the Bluetooth HID function after rooting

If Android P finally turns on Bluetooth HID, developers can develop apps around this feature.

Mobile phones are much more portable than a typical wireless all-in-one keyboard touchpad

When a large number of excellent office apps add Bluetooth HID support, mobile office will be more convenient.

Edited by Zhang Zhe

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