A plush scarf will accompany you through the winter

The extravagant fur has a high-profile sense of fashion. Although fur jackets are not easy to wear, it is much easier to make scarves, and this “bold but not dirty” style is suitable for our daily wear. Let’s take a look at how to match a fur scarf

1. Tie around the neck

One circle left and one circle right, the neck is not cold, and the temperature is just right. Even if the body is thin, the thick fur scarf around the neck is immediately warm.

Topshop Unique Fall/Winter 2015

Topshop Unique Fall/Winter 2014

Street photography demonstration

A stylish fur scarf that stores body temperature gives the skin a gentle touch and becomes a highlight of the match

Girls who have just tried fur scarves recommend choosing solid colors, the minimalist style is very good with clothes, and it does not feel too exaggerated visually

2. Wear it over your shoulders

I don’t like the high-profile exaggeration of fur coats, but I prefer the gorgeous aura brought by fur elements. If so, choose a long fur bib and wear it over your shoulders.

Ermanno Scervino Fall/Winter 2015

The dark coat only needs a fur scarf to immediately look bright and stylish, casual and neat, very capable

The bold contrasting stitching design makes the winter cold charming and warm under the unique fur scarf

3. Drape it over your body

Wrapping a fur scarf over a coat is very imposing, and the first impression left on everyone is luxurious.

Lanvin Fall/Winter 2015

Green short sleeves + jeans, a bright fur scarf, with my own coolness

Whether it’s a slim blazer or a light shirt, paired with a luxurious fur scarf, it can instantly upgrade the level and add points to the overall outfit

4. Leaning to the side

The long fur scarf that sits diagonally over the shoulder also has a high photo rate on the runway, and the designers will try to keep it low-key luxury, using just the right amount, compared to the easy to reveal the rich fur jacket, this plush scarf is really warm and fashionable.

Jason Wu Fall/Winter 2015

Tod’s Fall/Winter 2015

Slip a fur scarf over your shoulders, this asymmetrical beauty makes you more attractive. You can choose a thin belt to secure the fur while also emphasizing the waistline

Choose a fur scarf of the same color to match your clothes, and the color shade changes to the texture of the fabric, making it easy to create a layered feeling

5. Hold it in your hand

Fur scarves are not only used to keep warm, but also a stylish item with a concave shape.

Michael Kors Fall/Winter 2015

Wearing a fur scarf over your shoulders adds warmth and chic, while holding it in your hand breathes new life into our outfits, creating a very textured contrast with coats and knitwear

Such a “presence” scarf is really a super warm fashion item this winter~

Street photography demonstration

Street photography demonstration

Street photography demonstration

Street photography demonstration