CCTV host Hongguo Guohan posted pregnant belly photos, oversized pregnant belly hands support, husband and wife intimate in the same frame is too loving

Recently, Hong Guoguo, the host of CCTV’s children’s channel “Wisdom Tree”, posted a set of second-child pregnancy photos on his personal social platform, and revealed that the due date was in September. We can see that although the red fruit in the photo is pregnant, its complexion still looks very good, more mature than the cute appearance before, and it looks more beautiful. Her husband and partner Green Bubble is still so young, and the years seem to have no effect on them.

In this photo, the red fruit has changed two sets of shapes, and the style is quite different. The first set of looks is a white loose maternity dress, which sets her off very cutely. And her husband Green Bubble is wearing a white shirt and blue casual jeans, and the two are quite husband and wife. In the first photo, Dabao also appeared in the camera, and I saw the little guy wearing a pink puffy skirt and a pigtail, snuggled in the arms of her parents, she looked particularly cute, and made a very naughty expression on her face.

In the second set of looks, Hong Guoguo wore a black slim split dress to outline her round pregnant belly, and compared with the first set of photos, her makeup was also heavier. And Green Bubble also changed into a black shirt, and the two couples behaved intimately and CP was full of CP. Many netizens and fans also left messages after seeing the photos of the two couples: “Post-00s” CP is too happy, and Hongguoguo not only married Green Bubble, but also gave birth to a second child.

Speaking of the show “Wisdom Tree”, it is the memories of many post-00s children. And Red Fruit and Green Bubble have been doing this show for so many years, and the two have been getting along for many years, and finally lived up to expectations and got married, which many people can’t imagine. Now they have been married for 11 years, but they are still as loving as ever, which is also a happy and happy thing for their fans.

Hongguoguo, formerly known as Chen Su, is a native of Hangzhou and was admitted to the Central Academy of Drama at university. But after graduation, she did not choose to enter the industry as an actor, but entered the animation department of CCTV, and soon after joining the work, she became the host of “Wisdom Tree”. Due to her friendly and generous image, she soon gained a high popularity among children, and her face always appeared in front of the stage whenever CCTV had a June Day party.

Green Bubble was formerly known as Geng Chenchen, he is a young man in Henan, he studied at the Conservatory of Music when he was in college, but after graduation, he accidentally entered the children’s channel of Tianjin TV, and had the opportunity to enter CCTV in 2003, and began to host the program with Green Bubble. For them, this is not only the beginning of the highlight of their career, but also the opportunity to meet love. The friendly duo quickly established their own hosting style and was recognized by parents and children alike. The show “Wisdom Tree” can exist for many years, in addition to the diversification of program formats, it is also inseparable from the two hosts.

Red fruit fruit and green bubble have accompanied the growth of a generation, and now they also form a family and have their own children, and the children who grew up watching their show are also adults immediately, for many viewers, red fruit fruit and green bubble are simply tears of the times. Especially seeing that they are still so happy now, I hope that the couple will continue to love and the family will always be happy.