Chen Qiaoen let go of his “love lips”, you still don’t learn…

Spring is a season suitable for love~ No, Chen Qiaoen has already sent love light waves to everyone with his self-created “love lips” on Weibo, has everyone received it!

Recently, Chen Qiaoen’s second beat posted on Weibo caused everyone to watch! Flaming red lips cos love lips, this cos needs to be presented to everyone with great courage, without idol baggage.

Although the love lip creativity is indeed very cute, the combination of oversaturated red lips and pale skin does not seem to be in line with the warm spring~

In fact, in daily life, Chen Qiaoen’s lip color is very age-reducing. The lip color of this coral pink echoes the pink blush, and the thick curled eyelashes make the eyes more charming~

To be fair, Chen Qiaoen’s skin tone is really white, no matter what color lipstick can be perfectly controlled. Gentle grapefruit lipstick with a sweet smile, more beautiful than flowers, it is you! Spring certainly needs some sweetness, but what color of lipstick is the best one?


Warm orange lip makeup,

Perfect transformation into a dynamic girl!

The poetry in the impression is cold and elegant, and does not eat human fireworks. But in the blooming season, change into playful short hair, and the gentleness between the eyebrows and the vibrant orange lip makeup collide, which looks lively and intellectual!

Jing Tian, who has been deeply trapped in the honeypot of love, exudes a full atmosphere of happiness! The well-defined eyelashes and natural inner eyeliner outline the eyes very brightly, and the orange lipstick is even more cute~

Have to compliment Baby for her milky fair skin! I would like to ask about whitening methods. Clean eyebrows, the eyeliner on the top looks very attractive, and the embellishment of orange lip makeup makes the overall makeup not so charming~


Fresh and elegant coral powder,

Gentle lady is none other than you!

Ishwara’s fair skin, soft girl’s standard air bangs, and supple coral powder that fits the natural lip color are very age-reducing!

When it comes to Japanese makeup, I have to mention Eika. Coral pink lips add a pink touch to the overall look without drawing the cheesy feel of rose powder. Light eyebrow color and eye makeup look non-aggressive, and soft girls are right to choose coral pink!

On weekdays, Naza also gives people a soft and soft feeling, and she is very elegant in her gestures. The slender willow eyebrows are complemented by simple eyeliner, and the coral pink lip makeup is the finishing touch, highlighting the pure beauty and elegance of oriental women.


Charming berry red,

You are the focus of the crowd!

As a hot mother, the image in weekdays is always mature and stable with a girly feeling. The gentle earthy eyeshadow is understated and elegant, while the rich berry-red lip color sets off the complexion for a fairer look.

There is no need to say how much Tang Yan loves red lip makeup, and her daily life basically relies on lipstick to enhance her complexion. Tang Yan, who is slightly powdered, looks like an eighteen-year-old girl, and her rosy lip color also matches her top and hat~

Sometimes cold and sometimes childish, Shirley also has an unusual preference for red lips. The difference between berry red and big red lips is the level of saturation, and Shirley’s skin itself is relatively fair, so berry red lip makeup will not be too bright to ignore other details.

After reading so much lip makeup, is it heartwarming? Pick the right drawing method!

1. Gradient lip makeup


First of all, use concealer to cover the original lip color a little, which can better highlight the beauty of the original color of the lipstick.


Apply the lip stain or lipstick to the inner part of the lips and blend outward with a lip brush, taking care to blur the lip line.


You can smudge it a few times depending on the situation, so isn’t the Korean gradient lip very attractive?

Second, jelly lips

Jelly lips, as the name suggests, are as moist and shiny as jelly. In fact, no matter what lip makeup you wear, as long as you apply transparent lip gloss or lip oil in the last step, you can easily have moist jelly lips!

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