The K-BOXING menswear original flower style trend is coming

Well versed in international trends, K-BOXING Menswear Spring/Summer 2018 collection cleverly captures the current fashion elements, creatively interprets island plants, attitude slogans, Art Deco, geometry and other design elements to create exclusive flower patterns, presenting a new style for business casual menswear.

Well-known actor Zhang Danfeng has accumulated popularity with Dongfang Yuqing in “Flower Thousand Bones”, and behind the screen, he is wearing an original flower-style trench coat of the K-BOXING men’s fashion business series, highlighting his fashionable and dynamic style. The trench coat has a yarn-dyed twill bottom and original palm leaf floral fabric, while the loose dropped shoulders are cut to a large silhouette with an adjustable waist.

Well-known actor Zhang Danfeng

Image source: Beijing Youth Daily (fashion edition)

Original floral trench coat for fashion business collection

The printed text and emblem elements serve as classic trend signs, and the exquisite details perfectly express their personality. K-BOXING Menswear focuses on the East, where the brand was born, blending Chinese and Western cultures to present an international fashion attitude, and the outerwear that runs through the slogan is undoubtedly a great style.

Fashion business series short edition jacket

The short edition jacket of the fashion business series is made of glossy cotton-like material fabric throughout. The raglan sleeve fit is paired with a simple baseball collar, and the youthful and energetic fashion business series short version attitude slogan jacket uses light stretch fabric, which is both malleable and comfortable. Embroidered texts representing the brand logo and world-famous cities piece together a beautiful vision of visiting the world together. The simple design of the front film is combined with the embroidery process of the slogan of the back film, which is stylish and interesting.

As a style in modern art design, Art Deco makes extensive use of straight lines, symmetry and geometric figures, advocating mechanical beauty. Although it is a movement in modern decorative arts, this rather complex art style form gradually permeates clothing, but it is not bound by the curves of the human body. Combined with exclusive fabrics and craftsmanship, it presents a different sense of mechanized fashion.

Holiday collection short edition jacket

New business series mid-length jacket

The holiday series of short jackets adopts the brand’s unique LOGO pattern fabric, and the contrast treatment of red and blue is also one of the characteristics of Art Deco, which is bright and not jumpy. The fit is wide and fitted, comfortable to wear, and a folding bag is designed at the back of the body that can be used for storage, which is convenient for business travelers. The mid-length jackets of the new business collection add a vague original printing process to the yarn-dyed texture. The hemming technology that runs through the hat, placket hem and pocket zipper makes the overall design more refined. Detachable collar and silhouette hem for versatility, fresh and chic.

Geometric patterns have become so popular in recent years, K-BOXING menswear combines the quality and style of haute couture with a combination of clean, rhythmic stripes and color blocks.

Fashion business collection long sleeve casual shirt

Fashion business collection long sleeve mercerized cotton shirt

New business series cardigans

The fashion business series long-sleeved casual shirt uses geometric printing and embroidery, combined with hot pressing and other processes, which perfectly reflects the layering and design sense of the pattern, exquisite workmanship and dashing temperament. The long-sleeved mercerized cotton shirt of the fashion business collection uses these unique geometric shapes on the otherwise serious and formal shirt, sweeping away the stereotype and bringing a sense of fashion to the fore. The whole shirt adopts a positioning thread cutting design, which feels soft and comfortable and versatile. The new business wool sweater is woven from 100% high-count cotton fiber, with delicate and shiny yarn, smooth and fine cloth effect, and the breathability and dryness of cotton fiber. The front panel of the cardigan is made horizontally, and the single-sided intarsia is matched with pinstriped bright silk, breaking the ordinary intarsia style and is full of novelty.

The 2018 spring/summer series of floral pattern products, the style is distinct and full of personality, different interpretations will surely bring a different spring/summer fashion dressing experience. Choose the right piece and you’re off the street.

Fashion business series short edition jacket