Qin Lan appeared in the event, wearing blue cotton clothes to keep warm, and her makeup was exquisite and attractive

When the weather is cold, many friends in order to make themselves warmer, often wear a variety of cotton jackets on the body, the shape presented is very bloated, and even wrapped like a bear, such a dress although the temperature has been, but the demeanor is very unsatisfactory, so at this time, if you dress yourself up refreshing and atmospheric, you can easily stand out in the crowd. If you don’t know how to match, you may wish to take a look at Qin Lan’s set of street photos, maybe it will bring you some inspiration

No, recently Qin Lan appeared in a “warm suit”, wearing a blue cotton suit to look very warm, the style is simple and not lacking in fashion, the ponytail is beautiful and sassy, and the makeup is exquisite and attractive. Speaking of Qin Lan, the editor believes that friends will not be unfamiliar, and the role of the queen she played in the film and television drama “Yanxi Raiders” has become the white moonlight in the minds of many people! And Qin Lan is not only superb in acting, but also has good fashion taste, and with her own high appearance and outstanding temperament, she looks very good in any clothes

First of all, let’s take a look at the matching of Qin Lan’s upper body, only to see that she is wearing a blue cotton suit, such a blue is very bright in the dull winter, and not only will not make Qin Lan look lifeless, but it will appear that Qin Lan is very energetic, and at the same time set off Qin Lan’s own fair skin more snow-white and complexion. Therefore, friends may wish to try more bright colors in winter, which may bring different surprises

Although the style of this cotton jacket is relatively loose, as long as the fabric of the clothes is thick, even in the cold winter, it can make friends feel more warmth, and wearing a few more clothes inside the jacket will not look particularly bloated, so the loose jacket is very friendly in winter

Nowadays, “Aunt style”, “Uncle style” and other clothing are very popular, Qin Lan’s cotton clothing is following this trend, but many friends feel that wearing such “old-fashioned” clothes will make themselves look not young, so you can learn Qin Lan’s tips! Adding some cute patterns can solve this problem very well, for example, the small Mickey pattern on Qin Lan’s cotton suit is added just right, which immediately makes the clothes full of childlike fun

Qin Lan paired with a pair of black trousers, the tight style of the pants perfectly outlined the line of the legs, making the legs look long and straight, and with the wide jacket of the top to form a “wide up and narrow down” fashion outfit, the overall shape looks simple and stylish, very suitable for friends to learn and learn

Since the jacket is a stand-up collar style, it will look more spirited to tie your hair up. Qin Lan tied her hair high and tied it into a ponytail style that looked very temperamental, with exquisite makeup, her body exuded a woman’s unique charm. Next, the editor will introduce Qin Lan’s other fashion outfits to the friends, and the friends will take a look

Jumpsuits can be said to be a piece that can be worn all year round, in winter, you can be like Qin Lan, the jumpsuit as an underwear, will add a lot of fashion value to the overall look, and then put on a plush white coat, which looks both casual and cute

The long khaki coat has two rows of buttons as embellishments, which looks more elemental, whether it is a sweater or a sweatshirt is completely OK, but the coat is best worn open, so that it will look more awe-inspiring! The above is the introduction of the editor, I hope you can like this article