Headline Wei Meizi “daughter” Wu Feifei: I am not fighting alone

CBO reporter Zhang Huiyuan


Compared with the other 4 female executives in this issue of “Amazing Her”, Weimeizi’s “daughter” Wu Feifei’s personal resume seems to be less “outstanding”: rural background, high school dropout, started as a salesman, and is now the manager of Weimeizi Northeast Region. If the impact and reconstruction of Vivici’s oral care market in recent years is described as “the fire of the plain”, then thousands of “Wu Feifei” are people holding torches. Under the iterative upheaval of China’s daily chemical market, it is time for first-line figures to come to the front.

“Amazing Her” 2018 Glamorous Women Feature Series 5

On March 6, it is the 12th birthday of Weimeizi (full name: Guangzhou Weimeizi Industrial Co., Ltd.), Wu Feifei, who rarely posts a circle of friends, specially forwarded the congratulatory article of the company’s public account. The three gold characters on a blue background of “Wei Jiajun” are exactly the head picture of this birthday greeting.

In November 2017, at a dealer meeting of Viviz, the concept of “Weijiajun” was officially proposed. At that time, Weimeizi had already stood out from the stranglehold of foreign brands and was striding towards the grand blueprint of building a large oral health ecosystem.

From the beginning of its establishment, Vivici has taken the cultivation of “people” as the top priority, and “people” are the strongest forward and backing of Viviz. However, in the process of development, the focus is gradually tilted towards strategy, brand, products, technology and other aspects. Now Vivici re-realizes that “people are the most critical factor in the core competitiveness of enterprises”. It is also influenced by the famous “Ali Iron Army”, how to build a “Weijia Army” with combat effectiveness, execution power, and prohibition has become the focus of Wei Meizi’s spiritual construction.

Wei Meizi “Wei Jiajun” team

Wu Feifei is an ordinary member of this team. Before the identity of “Wei Jiajun”, she was better known as “Wei Meizi’s daughter”.

The process of interviewing Wu Feifei was not smooth, and as the manager of Weimeizi Northeast Region, she recently started a routine business trip mode. Changchun, Dalian, Zhengzhou, sooner or later landing is not in the same city; Touring stores, meetings, and meeting customers, she and her teammates are non-stop.

On March 8, the reporter finally made an appointment with Wu Feifei in Dalian.

Shouting Mai-style selling goods fired the first shot of Shuke

Before being reported as a typical person, Wu Feifei did not feel that he was doing better than the Weimeizi employees around him. “There are so many things like this happening around me, I’m not special,” she said, embarrassed to “refute the typical report that made her famous.”

It was July 2017, and in response to the company’s internal “New Oral Movement” project, Wu Fei flew to the country to do training. Unfortunately, otitis media attacked, and after seeing the disease, Wu Feifei carried the hanging bottle and took the high-speed train from Shenyang to Shijiazhuang. This scene touched a management trainee accompanying her, who took photos of Wu Feifei’s business trip during his illness and sent them to the circle of friends, which caused great repercussions.

“Wei Meizi’s daughter” Wu Feifei

In fact, before entering Weimeizi, Wu Feifei never imagined her life trajectory.

In 1986, Wu Feifei was born in Bin County, a small county next to Harbin. In his second year of high school, Wu Feifei dropped out of school. “With my conditions at that time, I could only start from the sales industry with a relatively low threshold”, after stepping into the daily chemical industry for a period of sales, Wu Feifei entered Weimeizi. She remembers that day very well, August 1, 2007.

More than a year later, this little girl who “sells very well” began to work as a brand supervisor of Shuke in Harbin. At that time, Shuke had just entered 4 Carrefour in Harbin. Wu Feifei followed his own “sales model of fighting chicken blood and shouting wheat”, which has a more accurate name in the industry called terminal interception.

Speaking of which, we have to mention Weimeizi chairman Wang Ziquan and general manager Cao Ruian. These two souls of Vivici single-handedly created end-to-end experiential marketing and knew how to intercept consumers from opponents at the last meter.

In this battle of Shuke’s entry into the supermarket, Wu Feifei and other grassroots employees fully implemented Shuke’s famous terminal combat rules. According to Wu Feifei’s recollection, at that time, Shuke only had four barcodes, including two white tooth pigments, safflower clear fire and red ginseng gum protection. In Harbin Carrefour, the salesman set up four pile heads and another step next to them. Each salesperson stands on the steps with a microphone pinned to his waist, holding toothpaste in his hand while displaying images and selling goods in the “shouting microphone” style.

Shuke Dental Care Center

In addition, Weimeizi salesmen also actively built toothpaste special-shaped piles, large windmills, airplane-shaped Shuke toothpaste piles attracted many consumers to stop, when consumers looked lively or hesitated, Wu Feifei successfully “grabbed customers”.

In the case of the price of white toothin toothpaste as high as 28.9 yuan, Shuke quickly seized the market with the price difference and terminal interception. In Harbin Carrefour, the average daily sales of a single store are 6,000 yuan, much higher than the daily average of 2,000 yuan for black toothpaste, the industry boss.

At that time, the supermarket was seriously compacted in the toothpaste field, and the market was monopolized by brands such as “Colgate, Crest, Black, and China”. Shuke, who has no funds and no brand power, has gone from a small brand with millions of sales a year to a return of 220 million yuan in 2009.

“Marry” Vimezi

In March 2010, Wu Feifei officially became a manager of Weimeizi. In line with Shuke’s rapid progress, Wu Feifei has also grown rapidly in his post.

After taking office, she moved to Changchun as the city manager of Shuke to help open up the blank market. This also implies a move by Shuke: in the case of foreign brands lying on the side, Shuke adopts the strategy of “going to one city, occupying one city” to carry out targeted blasting and encirclement.

It was not until 4 months later that Wu Feifei found a distributor who was willing to “try early” and entered the Eurasian store. At that time, there were no more seats in the store, and Shuke was arranged in the soap area. Wu Feifei, who did not admit defeat, led two small salesmen to sell all the goods of the dealer in 20 days.

Shuke was able to move back to the toothpaste area.

Recalling that time, Wu Feifei was full of pride, “When it sold best, Shuke displayed three sets of counters, while competing products such as Crest and Yunnan Baiyao had only one shelf.” In 2010, the Shuke brand only had 20-30 SKUs based on toothpaste and toothbrushes.

Today, Shuke has gradually transformed from toothpaste and toothbrushes to more than 100 professional total oral care brands such as sonic electric toothbrushes, mouthwashes, and dental floss sticks.

Shuke “Mr. Love” brand activity

By 2010, Shuke’s sales had increased to CNY 360 million.

There are many more such “stubborn” stories, Wu Feifei said, the characteristics of “Wei Jiajun” include ambition and persistence. When every salesperson opens up a new store, he is holding his breath, slowly grinding the market down, and then holding on. At the same time in Changchun Eurasian Commercial Capital, Wu Feifei once set a record of selling 240,000 yuan a month. So far, the average monthly sales of the cabinet is about 120,000.

Because of the emphasis on terminal tactics, Vivici has a large base of sales personnel. In order to foster cohesion and a sense of collective pride, Vivici emphasizes the dormitory culture when every new employee joins. Therefore, when Wu Feifei entered another stage of her life, she chose to return to the Changchun office.

On December 13, 2013, Wu Feifei was married from Weimeizi’s Changchun office. She specially instructed the camera brother to be sure to photograph the Wei Meizi war reports and banners hanging all over the wall.

On that day, Wang Ziquan, the chairman who did not easily go out of the mountain, also came. The cold winter in Changchun was particularly cold, and Wang Ziquan dressed only in a thin suit set up several tables of banquets as Wu Feifei’s mother’s family. When he went to his in-laws’ house to see off his relatives the next day, Wang Ziquan became a witness and led more than 60 Weimeizi employees, driving more than a dozen cars, to appear at the wedding.

There is also an interesting story in this, because Wu Feifei’s husband is also from the countryside, seeing so many cars and straight suits of Mr. Wang, the in-laws were dumbfounded: Where did such a glorious person come from? Wang Ziquan also openly joked to Wu Feifei: “If you treat her badly, I will bring the whole Wei Meizi people to bully you.”

A sand painting based on Wu Feifei

When talking about this experience, Wu Feifei couldn’t hide his excitement and choked a little. It was also from that time that Wei Meizi’s fate seemed to have a different meaning for Wu Feifei – her life trajectory seemed to overlap with Wei Meizi.

“People” is Vimeiz’s soul

There is such a new explanation of the barrel principle in management: the structure determines the short board, and the person can determine the long board of the barrel. With the enhancement of the cohesion, centripetal force and execution of the company’s employees, this longboard can have unlimited possibilities.

In 2013, Wang Ziquan, chairman of Weimeiz, revealed in an interview with the media that because the company was developing too fast, the process operation was somewhat unable to keep up. What is more alarming is that at that time, employees did not keep up with the pace of the company’s development in action and spirit. He believes that the building of the contingent must never be relaxed.

At that time, Shuke had annual sales of more than 1 billion yuan, and the domestic dental market structure had become a situation of black, Crest, Colgate, Zhonghua, Yunnan Baiyao and Shuke.

In “Zhou Yi”, it is said that peace does not forget danger, survival does not forget death, and cure without forgetting chaos. Aware of this problem, Vivici’s leadership structure changed: in 2013, Chairman Wang Ziquan shifted the focus of his work, focusing on corporate culture and training, and was called a “spiritual leader” by employees; General Manager Cao Rui’an sits at the headquarters and comprehensively provokes the leadership of marketing, sales and technology.

This statement was confirmed by Wu Feifei, who shared a short story. In November 2017, Vivez Chairman Wang Ziquan began his third round of market inspection that year. At that time, his back disease recurred, and he was so painful that he could not sit down on a stool, but even so, he wore a belt every day, took a plane to catch a train, and traveled to more than 20 cities across the country to do training and cultural propaganda.

“Healthy China, Sharing the Blue Ocean – Shuke Dental Health Ecological Strategy Conference” site

Viviz Managing Director Cao Rui’an once said, “Vivici is very different from many companies because it is engaged in the big health industry, and a group of ordinary people are doing an extraordinary thing: striving to improve the oral health of Chinese.” The road taken by Vivici is different from many enterprises, from the initial state of no brand, no resources, no market to lead the industry upgrade today, to create a large oral health ecosystem, relying on the core competitiveness of Vivici – team. The bits and pieces of Viviz’s 12 years have recorded the spirit of perseverance, tenacity, forge ahead and innovation, and the history of Viviz is created by Viviz people. ”

“‘People’ is the soul of Wei Meizi,” concludes Wang. Viviz’s long-cherished wish is not only to build an industrial ecosystem of “Internet + oral care + oral medicine”, but also to enable every Viviz person and enterprise to achieve each other.

Mutual achievement, no one understands the happiness and weight implied by this sentence better than Wu Feifei.

On February 6, 2017, Weimeizi held the first “Your Most Precious” thanksgiving ceremony, and the sand painting based on Wu Feifei was played at the beginning.

The highlight of the thanksgiving ceremony is the “Yucheng Ceremony”, that is, each old employee joins hands with a new employee to slowly walk through the Xiude Road built by Weimeizi people. With each step, the two partners stretched out their hands and touched the Vimeizi people on both sides. After walking this journey, the officiating guests handed over the heart rope to the new partner, and the new partner handed it to the old partner, tied the red rope through the beautiful jade and tied a knot, and finally the two walked through the gate of “Yuru Yucheng” together. This symbolizes the growth of the new and old Weimeizi people in the company, from pure jade to beautiful jade, and self-achievement.

Vimezi’s “Your Most Precious” thanksgiving gift

After the thanksgiving ceremony, Wang Ziquan and Cao Rui’an respectively presented themselves and more than 160 veteran employees who have worked for 5 and 10 years to medals made of sterling silver and pure gold, each medal is more than 300 grams, and the back of the medal is engraved with the number of each employee.

Wu Feifei’s number is 0015, “Excluding the two bosses’ numbers 0001 and 0002, there are only 12 Weimeizi people in front of me”, Wu Feifei is full of feelings, “That day, everyone cried.”

Today, after 12 years of ups and downs, Weimeizi has developed into an oral care enterprise with annual sales of more than 4 billion yuan. In the future, the goal of opening up the upstream and downstream industrial chain of oral health may be expected.

Shuke brand series products

On the day of the interview, Vivici won the title of “Best Supplier” of Wal-Mart, which is the third consecutive year that Vivici has ranked first in Walmart’s oral category retail.

When telling reporters the news, Wu Feifei looked very light. “In the future, I want to go further with Vimezi,” she said, with a twinkle in her eyes.