Haze blue slim casual dress, a fashion outfit that integrates multiple popular elements, looks high-class

Haze blue slim casual dress, a fashion outfit that integrates multiple popular elements, I think it looks good. Haze blue is a blue color that intervenes in gray, Asian girls wear haze blue is also barbaric, versatility is not inferior to the most classic black and white gray, and it also has a good brightening effect on the skin tone, worn on the body, the overall tone is lively, elegant upgrade is more advanced.

In the picture, the street photo sister’s haze blue low-cut waistless slim casual dress, the choice of color is very good-looking, giving people a bright visual effect. The neckline adopts a low-cut U-shaped neck design, for the little fairy with large breasts, the U-neck must be tailored for you, not only to show the advantages of your plump upper body, but also not to look bloated. The unique design of this dress is also in the button-style design on the chest, and 5 delicate small buttons of the same color haze blue are neatly arranged on the chest, which adds to the design of the dress, making the upper body of this dress look not very monotonous.

And the biggest design highlight of this dress is the design of the waist. The first is to adopt a high-waist design, which improves the waist line, making the overall body proportion more perfect and showing the leg length. Secondly, the design of the open waist shows the line of the waist loomingly, adding a feminine and sexy temperament. Waist design is also a very popular design element this year, many dresses will use a waistless design, some are exposed front, some are exposed back, the slender and fair small man’s waist is exposed to varying degrees, creating a fashionable age-reducing temperament, but also a design that many young ladies like. The length of the dress chose a hip-wrapped skirt above the knee, highlighting the line of the hips and making the buttocks look fuller and sexier. The skirt above the knee, the shorter the length, the longer the leg, which defines the leg line well and is very high.

The little sister’s shoes chose white flat sneakers, first of all, from the color matching, the upper body haze blue and the white shoes on the feet match very well, blue and white itself is a perfect match, creating a fresh and bright visual effect. Secondly, from the stylistic point of view, the shoes undertake the athleisure style of the upper body dress, making the overall style of this outfit consistent up and down, creating a perfect outfit for casual fashion, and modifying the figure and temperament of the little sister more perfect and charming, walking on the street, it is definitely a beautiful scenery.

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