Gentle, romantic and sweet puffy skirt wearing, beautiful and fresh and tall, little girls also love

Women’s love of dresses is always so cute


, I think every woman’s wardrobe should have a skirt! And the style of skirt is also varied,

Elegant and age-reducing

The puffy skirt is also one of them, and its fans are also extremely large

You can wear it with a simple combination. So take a look today,

Gentle, romantic and sweet

The puffy skirt is dressed,

Beautiful, fresh and tall

, the little girl also loved! Girls who are interested in this, let’s take a look together

Recommended outfit

1. Puffy skirt + high heels

Fuchsia theme skirt, elegant and elegant

Beautiful and moving

, white flowers on the skirt,

Sophisticated and charming

, creating an excellent visual sense of déjà vu. The low-open collar design defines the neck

Slim and curvy

, also set off the face shape

Delicate and charming

The temperament waist cut, the slim and slender waist that modifies the waist, the fluffy skirt cut,

Comfortable and beautiful to wear

。 Wear it with a pair of temperamental high heels, fashionable and foreign

A thousand flavors

The off-the-shoulder design on one side shows a little sexy style, and the skirt made of mesh is elegant and elegant

。 The waist is defined with threads, outlining the slender figure,

Beautiful and fresh

The color tone sets off

Romantic lady

The taste

The elegant long skirt and floor-to-ceiling design are perfectly cut in a puffy style

Shape the legs

。 Wear it with a pair of your favorite high heels to highlight your curvaceous and slim body

2. Puffy skirt + sandals

The silver-toned skirt is elegant without losing its aesthetic atmosphere, and the simple collar design defines the neck

。 The ruffles on the stretchy skirt are embellishmented

Elegant beauty

, red belt

Groomed out of the waist

Slender and charming,

The elegant long skirt is cut to highlight the leg shape

First move people

。 And the silver high-heeled sandals on the feet followed, showing a little ladylike tenderness,

Everywhere it catches

A simple lapel that defines the slender curves of the neck and wears it on the upper body

Comfortable and comfortable

。 Single-breasted design of the placket, wearing

Comfortable and convenient

, and the simple white tone skirt, elegant and elegant


, mid-length puffy skirt design

It sets off the slender legs, making the body taller, even for short sisters

Easy upper body

。 Wear yours with platform sandals on your feet to make a difference

Asari style

3. Half puffy skirt + top

Fresh white top, stylish and yet

Simple and generous

, upper body wearing

Comfort is doubled

。 The elegant loose half-sleeve design defines the arms

Slim curves

, a knot was tied at random around the waist, perfectly outlining the slimness of the figure

The lower body is paired with a blue-toned skirt with a slightly spread hem to define the leg shape

。 The placket buttons are embellished, and the delicate aesthetic looks full of layers. Yellow open-toed sandals on the feet wore,

Stylish and simple

, a red cross-body bag, and full again

Layered charm

The white top is stylish and elegant, with simple little lapels that are full of sophistication, and the high-waisted cut defines the waist

Slim and moving

。 The lower body is paired with a black skirt with a puffy skirt cut and trimmed

Slender legs

, the openwork embellishment of the skirt, stylish and chic

Full of foreign atmosphere

Black fishmouth heels on feet worn,

Elongate the figure

Tall and tall, wearing handsome sunglasses, and carrying your favorite handbag, it is suitable for work and gatherings

The small round neck that fits perfectly around the neck is stylish and simple, and it flatters the shape of the face

Pretty and charming

。 The puffy short sleeves and skirt design provide a comfortable fit and are also created

Fresh and age-reducing

The wiring on the skirt combined with the design of the waist is perfectly shaped

Slim body

。 The skirt and floor design shows off a little bit of wear

Celebrity breath

As a party dinner dress looks just good

A small shirt with a patchwork design with a sleeveless design and wearing


。 The generous round neckline perfectly defines the neck

, the waist is tightened to highlight the posture

Slim and slim

The long skirt with mesh embellishment underneath is trimmed with pleats, combined with a slightly puffy skirt, which is not picky at all. Whether it’s a party or a dinner party


The cream white skirt is elegant and elegant

, upper body wearing

Comfortable and beautiful

, set off the elegant ladylike atmosphere full score. The low-open collar is designed to define the shape of the face

The playful ruffles dot the skirt, sweet and looking

The design of temperament waist perfectly outlines the slender body and elegant skirt

It’s full of etherealness.

Pair it with your favorite gold-on-toe open-heeled sandals

Temperament, celebrity tenderness

The blue tone of the suit top, simple and elegant without losing the sense of competence, the atmospheric simple suit neckline, which modifies the neck

Button embellishment with placket,

Exquisite and charming

, temperament waist design, modify the figure

, short styling design, revealing a tall figure

A short rose skirt with a puffy skirt and a little pleated embellishment, wore

Stylish and beautiful

。 White shoes on the feet, with a handbag in yellow tones, go out on the street

Eye-catching and captivating

Black turtleneck shirt with a tight fit that perfectly shapes the figure

The hem is completely tucked into the skirt, which looks extremely capable, and the lower body is paired with a long skirt in white tones

The cutout design of the skirt,


, also makes the dress even more

Fashion and beauty

。 The black high heels on the feet set off the slender figure, and an eye-catching red handbag creates a fashionable style

Street trend

Romantic three-dimensional pink flowers are embellished on the skirt, elegant and beautiful

It’s very moving

, creating an excellent visual sense of déjà vu. Simple round neckline that defines the neck

, combined with a sleeveless cut, wear

The waist is perfectly shaped by threading, and the mid-length skirt is also suitable for short girls. The white pointed toe heels on the feet are worn fashionable and chic

, put on a pair of sunglasses and shape yours

Unique beauty

Purple tone turtleneck shirt, fashionable, simple and generous, worn on the upper body

。 The necklace on the neck is decorated, bringing a little national charm,

Beautiful and eye-catching

The hem of the dress is all tucked into the skirt, revealing the figure

, and the lower body is paired with a plain print trimmed skirt, a short skirt, to create

The black high heels on the feet create a fashionable ladylike style, and a brown handbag is lifted up to look out on the street

Elegant and ladylike

The blue shirt is low-key and unobtrusive, and it also sets off the skin tone very much, and the contrast embellishment of the placket is eye-catching

Brilliant and captivating

。 Wear it with an off-white knitted shirt

, polka-dot skirt on the lower body, comes with it

Elegant femininity

Casual single shoes on the feet to wear,

Full score for comfort,

A black handbag accompanies it, perfectly creating a unique little woman’s tenderness,

Spread like water

The unique eye-catching leather bandeau is worn as an underwear, which is sexy and yet sexy

Femme and moving

, also sets off the fairness of the complexion. Wear it over a short jacket with a checked design, stylish and elegant

Appear generous

The lower body is worn with a skirt of the same color as the jacket, which is 100% comfortable, and a pair of black open-toe high-heeled sandals looks out

Beautiful temperament

。 Grab a delicate little clutch, put on your favorite pair of sunglasses, and head out on the street

Earn repeat rates with ease

Sexy leopard print dress,

Stylish and elegant

And modern, temperament waist cut, outline the figure

。 Wear it over a small black coat, which looks rich in layered beauty, and the fluffy skirt design is designed

Defines the leg shape

。 Wear it with black pointed toe shoes on your feet,

Stylish and beautiful

, a pair of wind-pulling sunglasses to wear, and look fashionable and trendy, very brilliant everywhere

What is a pleated skirt? This year’s super popular “puffy skirt” is the most fashionable to get you

Beauty to new heights

, Whether it is a dress or a skirt puffy skirt style, do they have their own advantages? Easily create something different

Trendy trend

Whether it’s attending a party, having afternoon tea with your girlfriends, or wearing it as a work attire, it seems to be very suitable. So it’s no wonder that so many girls like it, in this one

Beautiful season

Inside, wear out yours

A variety of flavors come

Beautiful and moving

Beautiful and moving

Slim and curvy

Slim and curvy

Slim and curvy

The taste

Slender and charming,

Slender and charming,

Slender and charming,

Slender and charming,

Slender and charming,

Slender and charming,

Comfortable and comfortable

Comfortable and comfortable

Comfortable and comfortable

Slim curves

Slender legs

Full of foreign atmosphere

Pretty and charming

Fresh and age-reducing