It’s the season to wear floral dresses again, these fashionable and versatile and age-reducing styles, exquisite and unmistakable

Broken flower elements are an element that will become mainstream every spring, and this year is the same, but in a variety of amateur street photos and fashion bloggers, this year’s popular broken flower elements are divided into different types, including stable and steady classic printed broken flowers, high-end gilded broken flowers, and small feminine 3D crochet broken flowers.

Let’s start with the floral elements of our classic model! This kind of printed floral element that can be combined with a variety of fabrics is the least difficult for me to control, like bloggers, directly choosing a floral dress can still be beautiful.

When I choose the classic floral element, I like it to appear with the dress, the playfulness of the floral dress and the light and flowing of the dress complement each other, appearing in early spring, which is the best way to meet the needs of the season.

Like me, girls in their 20s, try to choose according to the blogger’s standards when choosing broken flower elements, the broken flowers we choose must be delicate and supreme small broken flowers, do not choose delicate large flower prints in order to enhance recognition and presence, because it will lose the most original coquettish presentation effect.

When choosing small broken flower elements, we also need to pay attention to the shape and arrangement of small broken flowers, in order to cater to the early spring atmosphere, it is recommended to choose flowers that bloom in spring, cherry blossoms are the most suitable. The order of the small flowers is closely related to the style of the piece, and if you choose a loose and casual dress, you can choose an irregular print method.

If you choose a more classic and formal dress, it is recommended to choose a print style with a top-left and bottom-right style, which is best for flattering the figure and lengthening the height.

High-grade foreign style gilt elements of small broken flowers, more suitable for formal style of pieces, like the blogger on this printed suit is typical, if you are confused, do not know how to start, you can copy this piece.

Although the brocade elements of the hot stamped model have a high-grade effect, because it is a classic and timeless base color, the final rendering effect is very subtle and very feminine, an elegant woman must-have.

Hot stamped small floral elements and slim blazers are the most compatible and bright, I chose this blazer is to fancy it can inadvertently enter people’s hearts, is a typical look and want to see the model, daily wear it out, really yyds!

This blazer with small floral elements is also used on a wide range of occasions, if I go to a more serious occasion, I will habitually use it with a more formal lining, small shirts are my favorite, on the contrary, if I go to an occasion relaxed and active, I will use it with a lighter and sexy tight low-neck underwear will also match a relatively simple daily crewneck undershirt.

When choosing the bottoms to match, I will try to choose a younger style, jeans with various colors are my favorite, followed by a straight skirt, the least often not recommended is cropped suit pants, with it and this hot stamped blazer, it will be very old-fashioned~

If the hot stamped small broken flowers can feel the clear texture and thread, then the blogger’s dark pattern small broken flower item is a real invisible “local tycoon”, and the white broken flower elements of the same color as the pure white body invisibly increase the aristocratic temperament, and the celebrity is full of fan.

If you like this style, then you are basically sure to go to the high-end light luxury style, and you must not lose in terms of temperament.

When I chose a top with dark pattern small floral elements, like the blogger, I directly chose the new Chinese style piece, borrowing the small stand collar and diagonal placket design of the cheongsam skirt, so that my big grinning character can also experience the gentle temperament of the eldest lady of the Republic of China, and the happy atmosphere really confused me!

When choosing this style, you only need to pay attention to the color of the floral and the color of the body! If the two are the same color, it is effortless to achieve the goal, if the two are different colors, no matter how advanced the single style, it is difficult to wear the effect of celebrities, this point must be remembered ha~

If you want to fully show the little woman’s style, it is recommended to choose this crochet style knitted sweater on the blogger, compared to the regular broken flower elements, the three-dimensional crochet style will be better on the body.

Of course, the crochet design of the hollow model will have a certain range of exposed flesh, which I hope you can know in advance, if the style you choose is similar to this one on the blogger, the lining must be selected.

If it were me, when choosing this openwork crochet knitted sweater, I would choose each knitted sweater with wide shoulder straps, similar to the fabric of the long-sleeved sweater, the integrity will be very strong, even if the bottom is faintly exposed, no one will feel obtrusive.