Men who can wear clothes like to have some “green” in spring! These 3 green clothes, so handsome to wear

When it comes to spring colors, many people first think of “green”.

As the main color of spring, green has the beauty and coziness of nature, but when green is used in clothing, it is easy to attract controversy, after all, wearing a “green hat” always has a deep meaning.

So the question is: how do you wear green in spring?

In this issue, I recommend 3 “green clothes” for the majority of male compatriots, which are highly adaptable, versatile and not easy to make mistakes, let’s take a look together~

These 3 green clothes are popular this spring

01. Green suit

Suits are not only black, white, gray and navy, in this spring season, green suits can reflect male elegance and romance, and at the same time have an age-reducing effect.

Green suits of different brightness present different styles:

The grass green suit is gentle and cozy

to meet the needs of daily wear;

Army-green suits highlight hormonal charm; The dark green suit is more mature and stable

02. Green jacket

Green, very widely used in jackets,

The structured and three-dimensional fit is combined with a gentle color scheme

, the two complement each other and dress more elegantly and gentlemanly.

However, green jackets are not common in the outfit of middle-aged men in China, in fact, as long as they are properly matched, they can still be dressed fashionably and stylishly.

03. Green trench coat

To say that the most “poetic” green item in spring, it is not a green trench coat.

Thanks to the cutting advantage of the shape, it has a sense of ethereal with the wind; Combined with green spring, the overall dress is full of vitality and vitality, and it does not lose hormonal charm~

How to match these 3 green clothes

1. Green suit + white sweater

Green suits are not as formal as orthodox suits because they have a strong sense of fashion, so you can add some casual items to the matching. Layer it with a white turtleneck sweater for a warm layering effect; The color scheme is echoed with a pair of white casual trousers underneath, and if it is cold, you can also put on a coat.

2. Green jacket + white slacks

If you want to wear a green jacket in style, the key is the choice and color matching. Layer a T-shirt with a white shirt, and the lower body of white cropped pants stretched vertically for a higher visual appearance; Army-green casual leather shoes echo the jacket color scheme to enhance the sense of layering of the look.

3. Green trench coat + jacket set

The windbreaker is worn with a particular aura, and contrasting colors can be used to create a strong sense of vision. The green trench coat is set with a corduroy earthy jacket, and the “semi-formal and half-casual” look meets the needs of different occasions.


Men who can wear clothes like to have some “green” in spring! As long as you wear a green suit, jacket and trench coat this spring, it will be handsome enough~

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