Why does rural well water produce scale after boiling? How to solve it? You need to use some life knowledge

  We are a nation that drinks the most boiled water, and the habit of drinking boiled water has a long history, and some people even joke that there is nothing that cannot be solved by a glass of boiled water.

  Most of the friends living in the countryside remember that when they were children, there was a large aluminum kettle at home, and there would be such a large kettle on the stove of every household, and then poured into the warm pot after the water was boiled, and it was poured as you drank.

  Since boiling water is so common, the problems encountered in boiling water will be similar, such as the scale in this kettle.


The scale thing looks disgusting.

  And then very annoying, why? Because once these things are attached to the pot, the time to boil water will be greatly increased, which will cause a certain heat insulation effect.

  As a result, too many people want to eliminate this thing, and some people think about how to make their kettle free of these scales.

  First of all, we cannot stop its autonomous formation, but it does not mean that it cannot be eliminated, such as using some physical means to make it disappear, and then eliminate it after a period of time.

  Let’s talk about this problem today, first talking about how scale is produced, then how to eliminate it, and why we can’t stop its autonomous formation.

  I.: How scale is formed

  Scale, in fact, is a substance that comes with water, or a combination of several substances.

When we heat water on fire, a substance that is easily soluble in water called calcium sulfate will be filtered, and these filtered calcium sulfates combine with the calcium and magnesium elements originally contained in the water, resulting in new material elements, such as calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate.

  This substance element is different from calcium sulfate, it is insoluble in water, when it is insoluble in water and exists in water, it will slowly accumulate into lumps. Such things are generally called water alkalis.

  Our household kettle is equivalent to forming these substances all the time, that is, there is a process of repeated evaporation and concentration. When there are too many of them, they will attach to the walls of the pot, which will produce the scale we see.

  To put it simply, the so-called scale is a chemical reaction produced by some substances that were originally soluble in water under the continuous concentration of high temperature.

  When we see it and get annoyed, we want to eliminate it quickly, or think about how to make the kettle at home not produce this kind of thing.

If it can not be produced, it will not end this thing at all, which is naturally a good way to settle once and for all. However, the amount of scale depends on our water quality and is related to the minerals contained in the water. When we think that the kettle at home does not produce scale, we must make the water we eat at home meet a standard, that is, to make the calcium and magnesium ions or bicarbonate contained in the water missing one, is this possible?

  There is no such water in nature. Therefore, a prerequisite for complete scale removal is the absence of two substances. And to cause this deficiency, there must be manual intervention, such as some popular water purification machines, but this can not be completely isolated, can only say that the amount has become relatively small.

 Therefore, when we want the water in our home to be completely scale-free, this idea is basically unrealized, because such water cannot be produced in nature. Therefore, it is impossible to be natural and scale-free, then there is only manual intervention or manual descaling.

  II.: Manual intervention or manual elimination

  As we said above, manual intervention can only make the production of scale relatively small, and cannot be completely scale-free, because we cannot completely filter or cause the absence of certain elements.

  Some people may be puzzled, saying that in a certain city, people’s water rarely has scale after boiling, but there are many in rural hometowns, does it mean that our rural water is not as clean as urban water? In fact, this is not the case at all, what is clean? What is the concept of cleanliness? Clean does not only mean that the eye sees, in nature, as long as it is a naturally formed thing, there is no absolute cleanliness, only relative cleanliness.

Why do you say that? Because cleanliness is only from our eyes and psychology, in fact, no matter how clean we look at with the naked eye, there are too many attachments on it.

  Rural water comes directly from wells, that is, groundwater, while urban tap water is not pure natural water, but simply filtered water. Every city has a waterworks, and there is actually a filtration and clarification process. When filtering, if there is an intention to reduce a substance that can produce scale, or if you manually intervene in the chemical reaction between the two, then the scale is relatively less.

  But less doesn’t mean nothing. Also, is filtration and human intervention absolutely clean? This is clearly impossible.

  Some children in the countryside do not get sick when they look at places full of or dust, but in the city, they are in the house every day, and the house looks clean and hygienic, but they are always sick, and this is the principle.

 Therefore, do not use this to say that urban water is cleaner than rural water, because there is no specific standard, and there is no winner or loser. We don’t want to think about changing the water quality, which we personally can’t do, the natural water cycle process, how can we change it if we want to? So there is only one way, and that is to filter or physically remove scale.

  For example, some families will install some so-called filtration machines, that is, water purifiers, but not to mention that most of the water purifiers have no effect, even if they do, is this good or bad after being filtered? This is a matter of opinion.

  The reason why the black sister-in-law said that it is not necessarily filtered out is because the black sister-in-law has drunk such water. A cousin of the family makes medical devices, such as some dialysis machines or something. The purity of the water used in the dialysis machine is standard, and it should be clean, right? The black sister-in-law specially tasted it, it didn’t look like water, and it felt completely waterless, and it was even uncomfortable.

  In family life, if there are no pollution sources around, such as heavy metal factories or something, then the black sister-in-law actually does not recommend installing any filter, and the natural water is very good. Dislike scale is annoying, we can periodically physically eliminate it.

  What are the ways to eliminate it? For example, people in the past liked to put a ball of cotton in the pot, the intention was actually to make the scale generated not attached to the wall of the pot, but to the cotton. This way, you don’t need to clean the kettle, you only need to clean the lump of cotton.

  But the black sister-in-law does not approve of this, because first the cotton is unhygienic for a long time, and then it does not necessarily work.

  The best way is vinegar, acetic acid can dissolve these scale, but this disadvantage is that it takes a long time, and people who are in a hurry may not be able to wait.

Another method that is widely used in rural areas is egg shells with potatoes. The specific method is to put the egg shell into the pot, and then cut the potatoes into slices and put them in the pot, inject water and put them on the fire to burn, which is the same as our usual boiling water.

  After opening, the tumbling water drives the egg shells and potato chips, and the scale attached to them will slowly fall off.

  But what is this principle, the black sister-in-law can’t figure it out, it should also have produced some kind of chemical reaction, this classmate who still hopes to understand can inform one or two in the comment area.

 III.: In summary, we can see that scale is a substance produced by the substances contained in water after heating. This substance is insoluble in water, so it gathers into a lump and attaches to the wall of the pot. This is a chemical reaction produced by the heating of elements in nature, and is the basic substance contained in water.

  When we want the water to be completely free of scale, we can only physically descale it at home.

  No matter what the heating method is, as long as there is a heating process, there will be scale. Although we hate it, it does not mean that this thing is dirty, and nothing that is clean does not mean that it is clean. The so-called dirty means that the human body does not need certain substances, and the so-called clean means that the human body needs some substances.

  So, this is a relative word, not an absolute. This is true for the water we eat, and it is true for everything in the world, what do you think?