How to choose the first coat for men in late autumn? These classics are worn for 20 years and are not out of style

When the streets are full of heavy cotton coats and Michelin down jackets, a classic coat is definitely a must-have item for men to enhance their temperament

From Prince William, the British royal family, to the multibillion-dollar total of the United States

Unified Trump

, and then to the forever 007… Without exception, they all chose coats.

Say goodbye to bloat, highlight the aura, and combine temperature and demeanor, the classic coat will always be a man’s favorite styling weapon in autumn and winter.

But if you want a good coat that suits you and can wear it for 20 years, do you know how to choose?

1. Look at the style

Chesterfield, Crombie, Ulster, Polo Coat… these

Classic coat style

It has been popular for one or two hundred years and is still active on the menswear stage.

Today we will not do lengthy science, just talk about which scenes these styles are most suitable for wearing, you can choose a coat on the scene where you wear the coat with the highest frequency.

· Formal wear standard: Chesterfield coat

Chesterfield coat

(Chesterfield Coat)

It has the title of “Gentleman’s First Dress Coat”, which is the highest official rank of all coats.

It has a good social attribute, if you often attend office, meetings, dinners and other occasions, it is necessary to prepare one.

/ Chester coat is preferred for important events.

The iconic Chester coat styling is also featured in the /007 collection.

Chester coats stand out for their simplicity: the front and back are very simple and clean, with smooth lines and no superfluous designs.

In terms of wearing, it is the most suitable coat to match with a suit suit

(Remember to buy or customize preferably one size larger than a suit)

Chesterfield coat + suit

‘s layered shape is a highlight of autumn and winter.

The traditional Chester coat generally refers to a dark, knee-length loose coat with a velvet collar.

This coat appeared in the mid-19th century, and since the development of the day, the style has become very diverse: the body can be long or short, and the color is not only the traditional dark colors such as black/blue, but also the classic autumn and winter colors such as check and camel.

There are also many types of collars and predecessors: single-breasted notch lapels, single-breasted lapels, double-breasted lapels…

In a way, you can think of it as an extended suit

In this era where suits can also be casual trends, the adaptability of Chester coats is no longer limited to suits, it can also create casual shapes.

“FUDGE” used to make Chester coat fashionable with colorful checked scarves, dark jeans and high-top canvas shoes.

There is another one that is more similar to it

Crombie coat

The length is generally above the knee;

The cut is more close-fitting;

The cinched waist is more pronounced, and the style and cut are simpler than Chester’s.

You can understand it as a short version of Chester coat,

I won’t go into much here.

· Casual gentry: polo coat

The appearance of the polo coat weakens the seriousness as a whole,

It is more casual and relatively versatile, suitable for various styles of clothing.

Compared to Chester coat,


More suitable for casual everyday wear.

The characteristics of the polo coat are more obvious:

Front – double-breasted, large sword collar,

The pockets are standard flap large patch pockets, and the cuffs are in the form of flip sleeves, some will be fixed and sewn, and some can be folded at will. The garment is knee-length.

Back – the back waist has a belt or

Live buckle pants



Swing long slit, including adjustment clasp,


Detail designs rarely found in other coats

/belt or clasp placket.

There are also coats that are more similar to polo coats, such as the Ulster coat

(Ulster Coat)

The same double-breasted, big sword collar, the same

Hem vent, waist


Removable buckles and cuff flanging

。 Sometimes without careful study, you really can’t tell the difference between the two.

In fact, their differences are mainly in two points: First, the collar type. The sword collar of the Ulster coat is its distinctive Ulster collar, which is wide and wide

Lower collar

Bigger than the collar,

The wind barrier effect is excellent when it is erected!

The second difference is that it is shorter in length, and many styles are above or down to the knee, which is relatively friendly to small people.

2 Look at the length of the clothes

Clothes look good≠ you wear them look good. Although the coat style is good, what determines the effect of the upper body depends on the length and fit.

How long should you wear a coat for your height? We have summarized a set of dressing length guidelines for millions of men in China to measure their body shape and customize clothing, and share them with you:

· Height under 175cm

Length position: middle thigh



For men whose height ratio is not outstanding, it is recommended to choose a coat with a length in the middle of the thigh, and there is no need to worry about the height being engulfed by the coat

More parts of the legs that show the legs and define the body shape

In terms of collocation, slimming is more suitable for small people than oversize.


Sleeve length don’t

cover the back of the hand;

Cropped pants are preferred for pants

Avoid excessive accumulation of fabric at the cuffs

· Height 175-180cm

Length position: at the knee


Knee-length coats are also known as a classic example of length in the coat world, and the relatively tall height can better show the momentum and set off the body more slender.


Slightly chubby

Or the proportions are not good, it is safer to wear the coat open, so that not only will it not “eat” your height, but it can also visually narrow and lengthen the line.

When matching, make good use of belts, vests and other items, or match the upper and lower shades to raise the waist line, which can perfectly hint at the position of the “long legs”.

· Height above 180cm

Clothing length position: calf belly

Length: 100


This height should not require me to worry about how long clothes to wear, short and long looks good. However, in terms of ethereal and chic, there is also the long coat that can best create a sense of male god:


Cold winter,

Coats are the eternal theme

。 Prepare yourself before winter officially arrives

A fitted and classic coat, right?