Staying at home should also be beautiful and comfortable! These 13 sets of home clothes don’t want to go out…

Before the Spring Festival, I once saw a picture on the Internet and said that the New Year should have a sense of ritual, and the four steps necessary for the Spring Festival: buy new clothes, dye hair, manicure and plant eyelashes, so that you can celebrate the Spring Festival beautifully.

But because of the severe situation of the epidemic in Wuhan, everyone almost did not go out of the door and did not step forward.

Even if you visit the door, it is also a string of toilet doors, bathroom doors, living room doors, and a set of pajamas can resist a whole Spring Festival.

At the moment of preparing to return to work, I saw that many people on the Internet are asking for new pajamas and home clothes, according to the current serious situation of the epidemic, many people are estimated to be working remotely from home, so it is still necessary to prepare several sets of good-looking home pajamas to replace in turn.

Today, I will introduce you to some good-looking, comfortable home clothes, all kinds of styles, to meet everyone’s needs, to prepare for work self to a new change.

1、Gelato Pique

Unit price: 200~500

Gelato Pique is a loungewear brand from Japan, whose name means ice cream in Italian. Seeing their pajamas is as irresistible as seeing ice cream.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t heard her name, but you’ve heard more or less of one of her sister clothing brands, Snidel, both from the same company, Mash Style Lab.

The overall style is very girly, especially the plush pajamas in winter, very soft and comfortable, wearing it is as fluffy as touching the clouds, soft and fluffy, and I don’t want to take it off when I wear it in winter.

Gelato Pique is also a popular loungewear brand in Japan, and this homewear has appeared in many Japanese dramas.

“Please fall in love with me who wastes firewood”

“Escape is shameful but useful”

And it is also quite popular in China’s star circle, Jing Tian and Xu Lu have worn its pajamas.

Jing Tian

Xu Lu

The reason why so many stars like Gelato Pique’s loungewear is that on the one hand, its design is very comfortable, it feels warm and smooth like a mousse cake that melts in the mouth, and on the other hand, the price is much more affordable than the thousands of private clothes worn by celebrities.

The price of a single item ranges from 200~400 yuan, and it is very cost-effective to wear as pajamas.

Christmas pajamas

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Gelato Pique has a wide range of pajamas, and there are limited styles according to different holidays, such as last year’s Christmas limited and the upcoming Valentine’s Day limited.

Valentine’s Day limited pajamas:


But since it’s winter and spring, it’s recommended to buy a few collections of items that keep their home warmer.

Recommended items:

1. Souffle series striped pajamas

Souffle’s pajamas are warm and comfortable, fluffy and soft to the touch, full of elasticity, and the material is extremely warm, so that you can wear it in winter and feel as warm as spring.

For different people’s wearing habits, there are also 2 styles to choose from, one is a buttoned version, with pockets, suitable for wearing as a loungewear.


One is a sweatshirt, which is more suitable as pajamas.


It should be reminded that if you want to buy the same type of pajama pants, you need to buy them separately.


2. Powder series pajamas

Although the Powder series is not warm enough compared to the Souffle series, its touch and fluffiness are not bad, and this series also has a feature that it is particularly sweat-absorbent, keeps the body dry, and dries particularly quickly.

Suitable for the rainy weather of early spring in the south, warm and easy to wash.

Pajamas: $92141WOiCEh$

Pajama pants: $2Yxz1WO7Spi$

2、Peach John

Price: 100~500

Peach John, Chinese name Peach Pie, sounds very girly, mainly produces underwear, especially for girls with big breasts, and designs a lot of sweet and pink underwear styles.

Home clothes are not as sweet as underwear, and they are more acceptable to middle-aged sisters, basically with a solid color tone and small fresh broken flowers.

The fabric is skin-friendly and breathable, and the autumn and winter models are even warmer, using a two-sided fluffy fabric to give winter a full sense of security.

Peach John is also popular in Japan, where Ayumi Hamasaki wears her loungewear and has collaborated with the brand.

1. Double-sided flannel home set

People who often buy Uniqlo should be familiar with flannel fabric, warm and comfortable, and even sometimes bought as a coat, wearing it becomes pajamas, which shows the softness of this fabric.

For most flannel clothing, the common style is the plaid style, but Peach John has introduced a lot of fresh small floral styles, not only with girlfriends, but also with the other half in couple pajamas.

Buy Taojiao: $hTy 41WMC6kV$

2. Double-sided velvet dress

If you find it troublesome to wear a two-piece set, you can choose this double-sided velvet dress style, which grows directly to the ankle to ensure the warmth of the cold winter season.



Unit price: 100~300

Oysho is a Spanish lingerie brand, although it may seem famous, but her parent company is very famous, the famous Inditex Group, that is, the parent company of the fast fashion Zara.

Oysho is similar to Victoria’s Secret, itself specializes in underwear, also out of swimwear, pajamas are just a series under its banner.

But even if it is a small series, the quality and comfort are not inferior to other brands. Especially its pure cotton pajamas and silk pajamas are extremely comfortable.

There are even many celebrities who wear her pajamas as daily clothing out on the street.

Li Qin is similar


It is also popular with bloggers on Instagram. The hottest is this Christmas sweater launched last year. I’ve found no less than ten bloggers wearing her.

Like Zara, her family’s clothing is not expensive, and the seasons are often discounted to fractures, especially recently due to the epidemic, many styles are on sale, and they are even cheaper.

1. Dumbo pajamas

Last year’s hottest IP should be Dumbo, not only cooperating with coach to launch bags, but also launching T-shirts and sweatshirts with Loewe, which were once out of stock and could not be bought.

Also cooperating with Dumbo, Oysho’s pajamas are much more affordable, the original price is 299 yuan, and now the discount price is 99 yuan, you can buy the same style as INS bloggers.


2. Rabbit coral fleece cape bathrobe

This coral velvet cloak, I saw someone recommend it last year. It is perfect for people working from home, with a hat that can be covered with a head, and it is also convenient to wear.

Don’t mention how comfortable it is when you wear it on the sofa to work, and you can bring warm air everywhere you go.



As a comprehensive grocery brand, MUJI not only has some super easy-to-use small items, beauty and skin care products, but also home clothes are worth buying, which is a treasure brand.

MUJI’s pajamas are even more comfortable, and after wearing them, even sleep has improved a lot, and even some netizens laughed that the alarm clock can’t be called.

Although there are not many styles of MUJI’s pajamas, there are many celebrities who like to wear MUJI’s pajamas, such as Ouyang Nana and other fresh meat stars.

Ouyang Nana

Kim Taehyung

Flannel pajamas without side seams

This flannel pajama is the star of the MUJI star model, and you can’t bear to take it off when you wear it, and you are so happy that you can’t say anything.

Basically, as long as there are stars who buy MUJI’s pajamas, it is basically it, including the aforementioned Ouyang Nana, the key is that the cost performance is extremely high, and it is recommended to start.



Price: 100~300

When it comes to homewear, you must mention Uniqlo, but many people feel that Uniqlo is too popular, even if you stay at home, you have to be different, then try UNIQLO’s sister home brand, GU.

Compared with the monotony of Uniqlo, GU’s pajamas are much smaller and fresher, not only relatively girly styles, but also mature styles suitable for middle-aged sisters.

Its advantages are more styles, young styles, cheap prices, starting a few sets will not be distressed, the disadvantage is that the quality is average, suitable for daily business trips and travel wear, after all, tens of yuan a set can be won, even if you forget to be in the hotel is not distressed.

1. Apple satin pajamas

The fruit pattern is one of GU’s most commonly used patterns, this set is an apple model, in addition, there are strawberries, cherries, lemons and so on.


2. Gremlins collaborative suede pajamas

This design has a hat and pocket design, and it is quite suitable for occasionally going out to get a courier and so on, and it is very warm and comfortable.


6、Not Just Pajama

Price: 500~1000

Not Just Pajama is a home furnishing brand founded in the UK, and the whole brand exudes a strong sense of art, as her brand name says, “She’s not just pajamas”, it is clothes that can be worn out.

Not Just Pajama’s pajamas are basically made of 100% real silk, we once recommended silk products, silk comfort can be called a woman’s second skin.


Even the fastidious Zhang Ailing did not hesitate to praise silk: “And among the colorful clothing, what can be more exciting to women than silk?” ”

Not Just Pajama’s excellence lies in her cut and design, the shape is generous and simple, the silk gloss is high, and the cut design is not picky at all. Every set of pajamas wants to make people all in.


1. Silk three-piece set

This gift box set is one of the most cost-effective sets in Not Just Pajama, and you can get three silk pajamas for 998 yuan, as well as two giveaways, a silk eye mask and a headband.

And there are a wide range of color options, not only pink, red, green options, but also the option to customize exclusive letters on the cuffs.


2. Velor two-piece set

In addition to silk pajamas, Not Just Pajama’s velvet pajamas are also very good, they look very gentle, and the cut is not picky at all, especially the black style, simple and small details of the groove design, too poking.


7、Victoria‘s secret

Price: 500~900

The brand of Victoria’s Secret is too familiar to everyone, so I won’t introduce it much. I have also bought several sets of Victoria’s Secret pajamas, especially when wearing them in the air-conditioned room in the summer.

Smooth and tender, not to mention the star supermodels wearing it, when Victoria’s Secret has not stopped, the supermodel stars wearing it have been counted on the runway, not to mention the stars who are still wearing in private.

The biggest and biggest advantage of Victoria’s Secret’s pajamas is that they are high in appearance and sexy, even if you don’t buy them, watching the Victoria’s Secret supermodel in the store walk will always create for you to wear it, you are a supermodel.

For this dream it created, everyone went to buy its pajamas.

1. Classic pink striped pajamas

Victoria’s Secret’s most classic pink and white stripes, if you must buy a classic pajama, you must start it. Although it is made of polyester fiber, the texture is very smooth silk.

However, Victoria’s Secret’s yardage is on the large side, and if your legs are not long enough, it is better to start with a smaller size.


2. Thicken the dressing gown

In order to be sexy, Victoria’s Secret rarely produces that furry pajama style, but without pajamas, you can buy their nightgowns. Thick and warm, it can be worn over pajamas.


Everyone is anxiously waiting for the epidemic to pass, it is estimated that the desire to shop is trapped to death, although I am abroad, but I am still stimulated by the anxiety at home to consume desire.

Recently, I have really bought a lot of things, MaxMara sweaters, discounted Givenchy air cushions, etc., not only for myself, but also for my children to buy several sets of pajamas and shoes.

I don’t know if you want to see the items I purchased to share, welcome to leave a message and interact with me Oh, let me know that you are all safe~

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Recommended items:

Recommended items:

Recommended items:

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Recommended items:

Unit price: 100~300