These “black technology” walking places are really amazing, and the big treasures and small treasures can have fun with relish

Over the years, where to play with a baby has always been a problem of the century. Go to the children’s paradise, the children crawl around and have fun, while the old father mostly only squats outside, and there is no sense of existence. Go to the park, you have to keep an eye on the safety of your children, and as a result, walking your baby becomes a baby.

Is there no place where children and parents can enjoy it? Recently, I heard that Wenyu River Park has opened a new area and added a lot of “black technology” facilities, and everyone said that they want to take their children to experience it.

Xiao Ai wants to simply plate a plate of high-tech walking places, there are a variety of highly interactive high-tech devices, and can play with children. Not only have fun, but also learn science in interactive games.

– High-Tech Outdoor –

Xiaoai found that many new and old parks in the imperial capital have begun to move towards science and technology, even if it is not a science and technology theme park, at least a few “black technology” interactive installations must be placed, such as the newly opened Longtan Middle Lake and the old Haidian Park, “black technology” has become a highlight of them.

But then again, these technology gadgets that adults and children like have indeed increased a lot of fun in the park, and this time I chose two of the most representative science and technology parks to recommend to everyone.

Wenyu River Park Future Wisdom Valley

“Carbon neutral” theme park

I remember that when Wenyu River Park opened, it caused quite a stir, a kind of urban forest scenery, no matter how much to praise it is not enough to express my love for it. As an important part of it, as well as Beijing’s first “carbon neutral” theme, Future Wisdom Valley has also received a lot of attention.

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There are debut hydrogen fuel cell sightseeing vehicles and hydrogen fuel electric bicycles, as well as more than a dozen fun smart landscape interactive facilities, showing the charm of high technology to the fullest, comparable to the “outdoor science and technology museum”.

WeChat scan the code can participate in carbon accumulation activities, and then use the accumulated carbon points to play interactive games, take battery cars, rent sports venues, pay parking fees, there are charging piles in the parking lot, electric car owners are afraid that they are very happy.

Here you can also interact with robots, learn natural science, have seats that can be heated and recharged, and even trash cans are intelligently inductively opened.

As soon as you enter, there is a children’s playground where big ladybugs lie on the soft colored ground, as well as slides and white sand pools.

This is only the first phase of the future wisdom valley park, it is said that the second phase will be built in the future, and it is still around the theme of “carbon neutrality” to increase high-tech landscapes such as energy forests and photovoltaic pedestrian bridges, which is worth looking forward to.




: Wenyu River Park, Qibei South Road

Haidian Park Future Space

AI Technology Theme Park

Haidian Park not only has a beautiful landscape, since the big upgrade of black technology, the fun of the park has become richer, you can experience the driverless minibus, listen to songs in the intelligent voice booth, store bags, buy water can be completed by brushing your face, and you can also brush your face to record and view your own sports data. The landscape installations with many technological elements have been updated, which are highly interactive and have become a fun technology theme park.

The intelligent guide system is a gospel for road addicts, which can automatically plan the nearest tour route, and also has a tour guide function, which can be connected to mobile phones for real-time navigation.

The 860-meter-long smart trail does not need to wear any smart devices, and can record your own trail movement data only through face recognition, which is particularly convenient.

The rain garden can control the fountain with gestures, as if by magic, and children will love to play.

The AI interactive screen has three interactive games, such as Tai Chi and Baduan Jin, which grandparents like, and three interactive games of cutting fruits that children like, and the whole family can experience the fun of science and technology games. If you complete a set of actions, there is also a fairy spray reward.

The cycling fountain in the children’s playground is also fun, an interactive installation specially designed for children. A large circular “bicycle” controls the fountain jet by riding, the faster you ride, the higher the fountain water column.

In addition, there are a wave of fresh and interesting black technology interactive installations such as electric sound gardens, smart seats, rice field irrigation, and intelligent voice booths.

Image source

: Haidian Park Management Office

: Free, AI Future Space and driverless minibus, need to make an appointment at the official account “Haidian Park Management Office”

: Inside Wenyu River Park, Qibei South Road

– High-Tech Interior –

When the weather is cold and the desire for outdoor activities is reduced, then look for warm indoors. Indoor technology theme parks have more choices, and each one has a good reputation, first-class equipment, and management is also reassuring to old mothers. The child went again and again, as if he could never get tired of playing, and he could get new things every time he went.

Le Zhuo Love Adventure Park

A children’s playground full of technology

This is a high-end children’s paradise in the Phoenix Satellite TV building, which is a popular science exploration space specially created for children, which is not only full of children’s fun, but also dozens of super fun black technology “big toys”! Many people who have been to this science and technology park are very helpful in developing children’s imagination.

Before entering the park, the gate alone feels amazing. Love the mold

Imitation children can pose corresponding movements in front of the somatosensory screen to complete the game.

The 100-square-meter giant LED, combined with the mirror design, creates this immersive magical experience space, like drilling into a kaleidoscope, surrounded by colorful pictures, which feels very wonderful.

The more popular projects are 4D movies, 3D painting screens, happy collisions, submarines, space capsules, wear glasses to go deep into the situation, the effect is very three-dimensional and realistic, you need to queue up to experience when there are many people.

Xiao Ai feels that these large-scale technological entertainment facilities in the park are more suitable

It is closed for elementary school children, but the park also has a play space suitable for young children.

There is the ocean ball pool of the Octopus Castle, with spiral staircases, swings, crawlers and climbing frames, and a novel projection bunker that will change color according to the depth of the dig, and children will be dumbfounded. If you feel that your child is not very comfortable with technology projects, you can also come and play with this big octopus.

: 348 RMB (available all day on 1 big and 1 small weekend)

: B1 floor, Phoenix Center, Chaoyang Park South Road

Beijing Science Center

It is comparable to the China Science and Technology Museum

The predecessor of the Beijing Science Center is the old museum of the China Science and Technology Museum, compared to the China Science and Technology Museum that needs to queue, the number of tourists here is much less, and there is no need to queue up to play anything, it is simply not too cool~

The Science Center is divided into three exhibition halls: Life, Life and Survival, guiding children to recognize the value of life and understand how science and technology affect future life. In the survival exhibition hall, you can see magical natural phenomena such as auroras, rainbows, sea of clouds, and ice crystals.

Intelligent devices open children’s eyes, you can talk and chat with robots, watch robot chefs stir-fry and cook, walk into submersible models, and bring VR glasses to experience the “moon landing journey”, science and technology are really omnipotent.

Younger babies can choose the Children’s Playground at the Science Center, which has a more childlike atmosphere but can also stimulate children’s interest in science.

By the way, there is also a device here that can simulate what it looks like after getting old, be sure to take the child to experience, when the baby sees the father and mother become the elderly, it must know more about the meaning of cherishing time and care.

: Free, public account “Digital Beijing Science Center” reservation tickets

Old Cow Children’s Exploration Hall

A hard-to-find children’s tech park

Laoniu Children’s Discovery Hall, a technology theme park that can make children play crazy, has many edutainment projects, and basically needs to be accompanied by parents to play together. Considering the ability to understand scientific experiments, Xiao Ai feels that it is most suitable for children aged 3-6 years old, because it is just in the stage of 100,000 whys.

There are seven theme areas in the museum, such as Science World, Sunshine Valley, and City Square, which focus on the study and life practice of scientific knowledge, and the playability is very high.

The unique earthquake simulation here is a very practical experience, and children can know how their bodies will feel after an earthquake.

Restore construction sites, simulate how construction workers carry out building construction, and teach personal safety knowledge. Mock driving is also very popular, with children lining up for a test drive.

The activity is also more scientific, whether it is manual experience, or science experiments, science teachers are arranged, after listening to the teacher’s explanation, the children understand more, such as learning how to successfully launch a simulated paper rocket through the jet airflow.

Compared with similar children’s venues, the Old Niu Children’s Exploration Hall occupies a price advantage, and it is also the most people-friendly science and technology park in the imperial capital, and it is inevitable that a ticket is difficult to find.

To say that the software facilities are really parent-child, providing hand sanitizer, lockers, vending machines, bench seats, toilets are also designed according to the characteristics of children, and there is a special children’s carriage parking place, no wonder parents like to bring their babies here to play.

: 79.9 yuan (1 big and 1 small weekday morning or afternoon session)

: 43 Ping’an Lixi Street

Soong Ching Ling Children’s Experience Centre

Play for kids of all ages

The crowded Soong Ching Ling Children’s Science and Technology Museum, including the four theme spaces of Qi, Creation, Mongolia and Pu, can be regarded as a science and technology park that children of all ages can play, especially suitable for Erbao families, accompany Dabao to play, and can also walk Erbao at the same time. In addition, a PM2.5 filtration system is installed in the building, and the indoor air circulation is very good.

Suitable for children aged 0-3, the space is a forest-like natural environment, with ten themed sections, including water and beach elements, tree houses, sunflower estates, orchards and castles.

Mongolia space is suitable for 3-8 years old, contains enlightenment exploration, technology elements, a bit like the old cow children’s exploration hall, the sense of interactive experience is very strong, play a day will not get tired. The creation space is suitable for older children over 7 years old, and the whole space is full of scientific and technological futurism, and a variety of fun technology interaction inspires children’s creativity.

Here’s a look at what’s going on, and the interactive projects in the animation area, some of which can’t be played anywhere else, can experience the foley, dubbing, and equipment top-of-the-line multi-purpose studio.

Mechanical maze is the most popular among boys, mechanical cars, mechanical switch walls, roller skating, small ball marathons are children’s favorites, need to create, play a circle down to feel the charm of mechanical technology.

The round farm in Mengspace is simply a miniature orange processing plant, picking, storage, transportation, cleaning, and witnessing the “growth process” of oranges.

Children like to play in the water, although many parks have similar hydropower factories, but here you can design different hydrodynamic by yourself, not only fun, but also more fulfilling.

: 158 RMB (1 big and 1 small morning session or afternoon session)

: No. 11A, Yuyuantan South Road

The good places to walk babies with a sense of technology in the imperial capital are basically these, and I think that each one is very fun, especially the robot that can cook, and a pair of manipulators are much more dexterous than me. Xiaoai below is waiting to see everyone’s messages, and talk about the high-tech you and the baby have experienced!











: B1 floor, Phoenix Center, Chaoyang Park South Road