Novel: Everyone has secrets, and his secrets cannot be told even by those closest to him

“It’s the first moon, not so much snow. The snow stopped last night and it only fell for just over an hour. ”

“Fortunately, the snow is not heavy, otherwise there would be another snow disaster.”

Li Yuxue could hear that it was Lu Xiafeng and Lu Qiufeng who were talking.

She turned her head and saw that there was no one next to her, and then she remembered that her mother-in-law slept here last night.

And before dawn, her husband Lu Yingjie came back and said to her: “Yuxue, I will be away from home for a few days. ”

Li Yuxue wondered where Lu Yingjie was going for a few days?

After she got up and washed, she wanted to go to the main room to ask Old Man Lu and his wife.

Who knows, through the door of the room, I heard Old Man Lu’s thunderous snoring.

She went to the kitchen, saw Chen Xiu, Wang Qing, and Deng Yu making breakfast, and asked: “Mom, Yingjie told me that I was away from home for a few days, and I slept too soundly without asking him what he was doing.” Do you know? ”

Chen Xiu looked up and said, “I know.” Last night, your father only learned from talking to Yingjie that last year Yingjie went to Jincheng for scientific expeditions and had been staying at the house of the restaurant’s previous account.

Your father mentioned Yingjie, you should thank people, Yingjie decided to go to Jincheng to thank people while the New Year was still in the New Year, and by the way, he was happy that he was married to you.

No, early in the morning, Yingjie told you and left the house for Jincheng. ”

Just now, Chen Xiu had already told Wang Qing and Deng Yu about this, and also clearly said that Lu Yingjie participated in the scientific expedition to eat and live at the homes of acquaintances, so he didn’t spend much money, let alone the family’s money.

Li Yuxue smiled and said, “Oh, it turns out that Yingjie went to Master Ma’s house in Jincheng.” ”

Chen Xiu asked, “Yingjie told you about the restaurant’s former account room Master Ma?” ”

Li Yuxue said, “I said that Master Ma taught him to settle accounts hand-in-hand, and he respected and thanked Master Ma.” ”

Wang Qing and Deng Yu showed a fawning smile at Li Yuxue.

Since knowing that Li Yuxue’s medical skills were more clever than the two Langzhong in the county town, and under the banner of Li Yuxue, he could buy medicinal materials at the cost price in the county medicine store, Wang Qing and Deng Yu looked up at Li Yuxue a few times!

As long as it is a person, it will get sick.

Major and minor illnesses have to take medicine, and if you don’t take medicine, you will die.

Li Yuxue can prescribe medicine, and there are ways to buy cheap medicinal materials.

Wang Qing and Deng Yu will no longer provoke Li Yuxue.

The house rules of the Lu family, the new daughter-in-law cooks for a month, today should still be Li Yuxue cooking, Wang Qing and Deng Yu saw that Li Yuxue got up late, and saw that Lu Yingjie was not at home, so they took the initiative to go to the kitchen to make breakfast.

Chen Xiu was afraid that Wang Qing and Deng Yu would say that Li Yuxue didn’t cook too late to cook, so she also came to the kitchen to help cook.

The four women cooked the meal, and when they heard that Old Man Lu was still sleeping soundly, they did not go to the main room to eat, and each of them stood in the kitchen with a bowl to eat.

Li Yuxue asked, “Did Yingjie have breakfast when he left?” ”

Lu Chunfeng lowered his head and said, “He warmed up the black-faced steamed buns himself and ate them.” ”

Li Yuxue said in her heart: Yingjie went to visit Master Ma, I don’t know what gift I took, I have sugar and yellow cauliflower here that can be used as gifts.

Lu Yingjie, who was remembered by Li Yuxue, wore a gray rabbit fur hat, a thick cotton coat, and a package on his chest, passed the sergeant’s inspection, entered the gate of Chengxian County, and came to the back door of a two-story restaurant called “Guest Come”.

“I’m Lu Yingjie, open the door.”

A young man in black cotton clothes with an ordinary appearance opened the door and was pleasantly surprised: “Yo, on such a cold day, you came from your house?” ”

“Is the owner there?”

The young man smiled and said, “Yes.” Yesterday, the owner also nagged you, saying that you are newly married Yan’er, and you must have forgotten us all. You come today without thinking. What gift did you bring us? ”

Lu Yingjie, who was several years younger than the youth, ordered: “I will tell the owner, you go and look at the door.” ”

The youth nodded and immediately turned around to go to the back door.

Entering through the back door is a backyard of more than 30 square meters, with stables, then two rows of rooms, each with four rooms, one row is the kitchen and utility room, and the other row is the residence and living room of the owner and the second child.

Lu Yingjie went straight to the room where the owner lived and knocked on the door: “Dongjia, I am Yingjie.” ”

The owner of “Guest Come” is Qu Dafu, Chinese New Year’s Eve eight years old, medium-sized, dark and thin, and a southerner.

A few years ago, Qu Dafu came from the south to buy a building in this place in Chengxian County, opened a guest and came to the restaurant.

People outside thought that Qu Dafu was a serious trader, who traveled thousands of miles from the south to the county seat of Jincheng in order to make money.

In fact, Qu Dafu is not a businessman, and the purpose of opening a restaurant is not to make money at all.

As we all know, Chengxian is the only place for Jincheng to go to the north, and it is also the closest county seat to Jincheng.

Most of the caravans and Fanbang people from the north will choose to rest in Chengxian for a day, and then enter Jincheng in the fullest spirit.

Qu Dafu’s real identity is the director of the information institute of the imperial court in Cheng County, and the official position is Captain Zhiguo on the seventh pin.

His task was to inquire about useful information in all aspects in Chengxian County and report it to the imperial court in a timely manner.

He is not interested in trading, so ten days have passed since the first month, other pubs and shops in the county have opened, and his restaurants and shops are still closed!

At this time, Qu Dafu was shrinking in the bed on the kang, holding a book with pictures and texts, and looked at it with relish.

Hearing Lu Yingjie’s voice, I was a little surprised, the county school did not open the door, the restaurant did not open, why did Lu Yingjie come back? “Come in!” ”

Lu Yingjie said loudly: “Boss, happy New Year.” ”

Qu Dafu saw Lu Yingjie staring at the book in his hand…

There have been countless similar scenes, but at that time, Lu Yingjie was not an adult, and Qu Dafu always hurriedly closed the book and threw it aside.

Now, hehe, Lu Yingjie is married, Qu Dafu finally does not need to avoid the collection of books, directly opened the book stall in his hand on the kang, smiled lewdly, and said: “This is a good thing, take it and give it to your New Year’s gift.” ”

Lu Yingjie took off the package and said seriously: “Boss, my eldest brother has inquired about the news about the silver mine. ”

It turned out that Lu Yingjie was also a person from the Chengxian Information Institute of the imperial court.

At the age of eleven, because he was born good-looking, smart, and had a good memory, he was recruited by Qu Daford into the information center.

At that time, Qu Dafu gave him the task of overhearing the conversations of caravans and unusual guests while making tea, pouring water, and serving dishes.

The other person is small, good-looking, and can talk, and the guest is defenseless against him.

When he was older, he found that he was illiterate and missed a lot of useful information, so he went to the county school to study, and naturally passed the children’s entrance examination again.

This is his biggest secret, and even the Lu family does not know.

When Qu Dafu heard the word “silver mine”, his two slitted eyes lit up, and he sat up and leaned against the wall, pointing to the kang and said, “Sit down and talk.” ”

Lu Yingjie moved the chair and put it next to the kang and sat on the chair, telling Lu Chunfeng about discovering the silver mine to steal silver from top to bottom, specifically which officials were there, and then put the package on the side of the kang, opening it layer by layer, revealing dozens of taels of broken silver wrapped in torn clothes.