How to dress girly? Follow Su Shanshan to learn to wear skirts, the college style is sweet and cool for you to choose

#Celebrity Styling Review Contest#

Summer is coming, you little fairies can finally wear a variety of small skirts, some of the various skirts with girlish feelings are called representative names, such as first love skirts, fairy skirts, etc., pure and cute skirts make the people who wear it more girly. Whether it’s a skirt, a short skirt or a long skirt, dresses, choose the right style to make you stand out from the summer crowd, let’s take a look at Su Shanshan’s doll dress.

Su Shanshan doll dress is so sweet, the light-colored puffy gauze skirt is well-behaved and cute, and the black hair is gentle. Su Shanshan wore this off-white doll dress, tulle texture sleeves and outer design, light and cute, slightly puffy skirt feeling, with her black shawl slightly curly hair, gentle and sweet girly feeling.

Tips: Although her skirt looks fairy, the overall design is very thin, except for the particularly thin little fairy upper body will be very fat, but it is recommended that sisters who are very thin and have small breasts wear it to wear her effect.

How to dress girly? Follow Su Shanshan to learn to wear skirts, the college style is sweet and cool for you to choose. As a young girl who participated in the women’s group talent show, Su Shanshan is very in line with the positioning of the girl group in appearance and dress. She looks sweet, and her private outfit is also a girly beautiful girly style. This gauze skirt is a doll’s design with large puff sleeves and lace cuffs to look childish and cute, the high-waisted skirt looks very slender legs, and her other outfits are also various styles of beautiful girl style, both preppy and sweet.

Doll skirt recommendation: pull down the waist line, loose design, fluffy skirt, is the classic design of the doll skirt. Some doll skirts even ignore the waist line to achieve the effect of the upper body full of childishness. The large A-line silhouette design is the essence of the doll dress. So there are many sisters that the doll skirt is suitable for. Large breasts and thick waist or buttocks and thighs can be well covered in doll skirts. The long doll skirt is suitable for tall girls and has a strong sense of flow. Short girls can try short doll dresses, which are super cute.

Fairy dress: Do you think that a fairy skirt must be a skirt with a yarn texture? In fact, the reason why it became a fairy dress is because of the light and flowing feeling after wearing it. Elements such as mesh, lace and ruffles combine to form the most classic fairy dress, romantic and elegant. The long fairy skirt is more flowing, and the blue slip starry sky skirt sways with the skirt as you walk, and the starry sky on the skirt is very dreamy. The long fairy skirt can cover the small thick legs well, as long as the upper body is thin and the waist is thin, the long fairy skirt is definitely the best choice.

There are many styles similar to this dress worn by Su Shanshan , let’s take a look.

First love skirt: The first love skirt is like the skirt worn when you first love, young and pure. A white dress, a white skirt that swings in the wind and a sweet smile, the white first love dress is the most heartwarming. The color is mainly white, the style is clean and simple, the pattern is less modified, both to have a girl’s reserved sense of elegance, but also to have a girl’s sense of youthful vitality, in addition to the pure white skirt, the light small floral skirt is also very first love, but pay attention to the simple pattern. The navy-style little skirt also has the feeling of a first love skirt.

Su Shanshan’s strap skirt is also full of youthful vitality, the white puff sleeve design is cute and lively, and the wide and thin strap design is more girly, playful. This design is also very stylish.

The beret with the plaid dress is quite preppy style, the blue plaid pattern is very pure and cute, the design of the miniskirt exposes the slender chopstick legs, and the tight skirt highlights the figure, taking into account cute and sexy. The black cropped denim jacket is even sweeter.

This JK uniform is very age-reducing, dressed like a high school girl, with a cute little dinosaur bag, showing the cuteness and eccentricity of a girl. With classic canvas shoes, it is super pure and full of school style.