Astound! The wool coat is giving! It’s going to be crowded here…

The weather in Guangzhou can never be decided

Just after a winter solstice like the summer solstice, you will soon have to wear thick clothes

It’s time again when there are not enough clothes to wear every year

So today I will give you an Amway article

If you don’t know what to buy or wear, please see here

This article is really full of benefits

No more nonsense

Get ready for this wave of welfare crit

Manufacturers dump goods at the end of the year

Choose from 10,000 items

Limited time all-sale sales

All losses! Root! Mad! Fling!

Wool coat

299 yuan

Buy one piece get one free!

The third floor of the Star Hotel

Designer Sale

Fan perks are coming

During the event


-You can get a shawl of 158 yuan when you arrive at the store-

From 24 December

Go into the store and scan the code

to pick it up

158 yuan shawl

(Limited to one per person during the promotion period, the activity is true and valid)

9 a.m. to 9 p.m

Distributed throughout the day, unlimited total

– Event Address –

(89 Linhe West Road, Tianhe District)

Take No. 11, No. 45, No. 183, No. 195, No. 209, No. 233, No. 551, No. 808, No. 810, No. B17, No. B20 and other bus lines to Guangzhou East Railway Station Bus Terminal, and it takes only 3 minutes to walk to Star Hotel.

Take Metro Line 1 and Line 3 North Extension to Guangzhou East Railway Station Exit B1, walk about 520 meters to Jingxing Hotel; Take the North Extension of Line 3 to Exit A of Linhe West Station, and walk about 490 meters to the Star Hotel.

The event is in full swing

December 24, 2018 – January 2, 2019

Hotline: 15547119310

“GTS” Sky Cashmere

Positioned in high-grade, high-grade cashmere clothing

Adhering to the simple and stylish, subtle and classic design style

With the essence of innocence and excellence

The whole game lost money wildly

Limited time purchase 299 yuan

You can receive a shawl worth 158 yuan when you arrive at the store

Double-sided tweed coat

Albaka coat

Llama velvet coat

Isn’t it easy to see so many coats?

Don’t forget this wave of benefits

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This article is promotional information, does not represent the position of this newspaper, the products sold by the enterprise is responsible for after-sales.

Wool coat

Buy one piece get one free!

The third floor of the Star Hotel

During the event

-You can get a shawl of 158 yuan when you arrive at the store-