The most romantic couple’s check-in place during the Mid-Autumn Festival – Huangshan Jade Valley (Lovers Valley), men hurry up to collect

Several Sheng sounds left in the moon, and Wanjia Xiao played the Mid-Autumn Festival

The bright moon gentles the reunion of life

Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese festival

It is Chinese day for family members to be reunited

It is a day when people who love each other get together and stay together

Since ancient times

Beautiful love requires a sense of ritual

and important people

Take a walk-and-go trip

Have a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival holiday

It’s a sweet ritual in love

At the moment you

Still thinking about how to surprise TA

Then come to the Huangshan Emerald Valley

“The end of the world, the moon is full of emerald valley”

Green mountains are the proof, green water is the medium

Meet your own romance in the Emerald Valley

Emerald Valley, nicknamed Lovers Valley, here is the beautiful valley of colorful ponds, but also the romantic valley of sweet love, here not only the Yaochi wonderland surrounded by mountains, but also many attractions full of romantic love atmosphere, the most suitable for couples to play in the Mid-Autumn Festival

Check-in 1: Baiai Monument

Location: Mom Beach

Only love is eternal, and under the Hundred Love Monument, you are promised a lifetime. Once, it was you who discovered the light in my eyes and walked through the fine time of life; In the future, let us continue to accompany each other and run to the coming Japan.

Punch 2: Lovers Bridge

Location: Flower Mirror Pond

The scenery of the Emerald Valley is beautiful and colorful, with the reputation of “Yaochi Wonderland”, “Green mountains and green waters, I am by your side…”, there is nothing happier than such a scene.

Walking hand in hand on the long lover’s bridge, lingering in the beautiful scenery,

Guard the son, grow old with the son.

It symbolizes the covenant of the mountain alliance and the eternal knot of one heart

Punch 3: Ai Ting

Location: Green Pearl Pond

If I can, I want to indulge in this tender little time with you.

Punch 4: Magpie Bridge

Location: Peacock Pond

Queqiao meeting,

The message is affectionate,

The hope is that the two loves are unswerving,

For a long time, you and I depend on each other.

Punch 5: Love Word Stone

Location: Love Word Stone

Love word stone, is the most romantic place in the Valley of the Lovers, where love is the seat, when sitting on the ground, blowing a cool autumn breeze, and then take a beautiful photo with the loved one, leaving a figure of love in the beautiful scenery. In the autumn season, with the blue sky and white clouds as the background, face the green mountains and green waters, and make a declaration of love.

Love full of Mid-Autumn Festival, love gathered in the Emerald Valley

Mid-Autumn Festival

Take the most important one to the Emerald Valley

Leave a blissful silhouette with a romantic trip

It is the sweetest ritual in love

And in this world, there is only you and TA, tender

Source: Emerald Valley Scenic Area