In addition to hairpins and headbands, it is also worth trying! The three most popular headbands are folded and put on a fashionable upup

Recently, hair accessories are really popular, especially hairpins, whether it is pearl clips or metal styling is the current trend, almost girls all over the world have started~ But at the same time that everyone is crazy hairpins, now Japanese women have set off another wave of hair accessories, that is, hairbands! Headbands are now also an indispensable fashion accessory! Here, Xiao Nan has also sorted out several popular styles that are currently popular! Put on a hipster upup!

Cute plain version

Although it is a basic model, the plain headband in pink and tender tones is really cute! And it’s also very easy to start~ Many hair accessories stores sell them. Whether it is plastic material, cloth material, or fine wide version, wave shape, all kinds of styles are very popular!

If a ponytail is slightly monotonous, wearing a headband will immediately increase the cuteness ♥

Pearl & metallic

It’s no longer enough to have pearl hairpins and metal hairpins! Now it’s fashionable to wear a pearl/metal headband~

Simply tying a ponytail or casually wearing a hairband is very good~ And it looks gorgeous but it is simple and textured to wear, and the two stacked ones are also very suitable, which is a must-buy hair accessory item this season.

Textured tortoiseshell model

The tortoiseshell model is also a basic plate for accessories! The tortoiseshell hairband is also very good-looking, and any of the above stacking is OK~ Because the color system is dark and similar to the brown hair color, it is a low-key and fashionable style, and when you see the texture of the Japanese girls, you know that you will never go wrong with choosing this one!

After hairpins, the trend of hairbands is back! After watching the girls’ demonstration, I really want to collect a lot (the desire to collect will be ignited in a second), and the next time I go shopping, I will buy it if I see a favorite style!