I look at the “type”! Winter men’s styling is recommended, handsome, personality, elegance all

Winter, what an exciting season! This is a season that is enough for you to show off your skills, let you use the season of dressing housekeeping, unlike summer is completely comfort-oriented, winter can make the look more visible and diverse, about collocation, indispensable multi-layered dressing, or the use of color tones to highlight their own style, you can use excellent pieces to add a stylish look and maintain warm functionality, style through the winter, as long as you grasp a few tips, eye-catching style men are not so difficult to bear!

A trench coat is naturally essential, and a long trench coat can bring grace and give you practicality and warmth.

Tweed trench coats and suits are classic combinations that have remained unchanged for thousands of years, and wearing them is equivalent to wearing an elite sense and gentlemanly demeanor.

Worried about a dull solid coat? Try a patterned style with a checked jacket layered over a black knit to accentuate your figure and style. Pairing with a hooded sweatshirt is also an option to highlight the mix-and-match style, and the suit and sweatshirt are cleverly combined to create a business casual look.

British style can still be worn playfully, a green beret is enough, it is the secret to make the whole body appear light.

Let’s return to the runway of the Fall/Winter 2021 menswear collection, whether it is the British style “Big Brother” Bureberry, or the representative of minimalism Jil Sander, or the hot structuralist Y/Project in recent years, all of them perfectly interpret the autumn and winter outfit of men.


Burberry plays with trench coats layering and utilitarianism, whether it’s a beige trench coat with a fur collar and a long shirt, visually creating a multi-layered effect that reduces boredom.

You can never go wrong with choosing a dark red checked coat that is understated and glamorous. On the other side, the black fur vest is stacked outside, and the low-key and restrained dark checked trench coat is still unique.

Who says men can’t wear skirts? Sleeveless shirt collar pleated skirts can still be full of style. Wear a black petticoat alone, a backpack with a high practical index, and preferably an umbrella on your back. Carry out the tangible pragmatism to the end.

Jil Sander

Minimalist outfits are increasingly admired, and simple designs, color blocks, and lines can outline a complete set of winter styles. Jil Sander gave an example.

a gray slanted tweed coat with mint green boots; a co-colored combination of reddish-brown suit and rose red underwear; The gray suit is neatly cut with a bright yellow sweater underneath; Or just a dark green and white turtleneck sweater… All make the winter style more than black and white gray.

Of course, if you want to highlight the texture, leather clothing is also a good choice. The black long leather jacket is cool, and it is layered over a turtleneck white sweater with mint green straight-leg pants and board shoes for a visually soft feel. If you want something different, you can try leather jacket + leather jacket, green long leather jacket with short black leather jacket, texture and eye-catching full score.


Let’s look at the deconstructivist Y/Project four-piece male set. The clothes are twisted at will, unusual threads, even extending into details such as pocket necklines.

For a better concave shape, double removable collar and cuffs; Swelling, wrapped double-breasted jackets, etc. all become alien. Every twisted piece such as a jacket, shirt, and pants can change state with a gesture or movement of the wearer.