Nobody debunks your colleagues’ scheming, does they? I got it


A popular saying goes like this:

You stand on the street for 5 minutes and you will feel that people come and go look the same.

Tired face, looking down at the phone, hurried, etc., being hammered by life super miserable.

But today, I would like to formally refute that point.

Even if you look a little longer, you can find out what they really are:

The man in the suit and leather shoes, socks and underwear are extremely colorful;

The bank sister with a serious face, the long hair on the back of her head was lifted, but it was actually an inch;

The white-collar worker who is holding a (meaningless) meeting, facing the computer, actually did not make an outline, but did an lift…

I call these somewhat rebellious people “local confrontation youth”:

They are quite wise in life, they accept the ordinary, but they do not accept the ordinary.

They follow the order, but choose to change slightly.

Life is a torrent, and they don’t let themselves be completely submerged.

They will always have a way to stay safely and happily in the life they want.

My computer desktop and screensavers:

“I don’t serve!”

The company does not let us wear casual clothes to work.

So I secretly wore kitten-patterned socks in my trousers.

A low-key rebellion that makes me happy every day at work.

My workstation is the best-looking one in the whole company.

Cartoon little fat cup, waist protector, holding up cat ornaments, homemade milk tea in the office…

Sitting here, I feel that I am the elite of the industry, and I am sorry for this position if I don’t grow into a business wizard.

The desk of the e-commerce dog is more like a second home.

The department especially likes to hold useless meetings, a small meeting in three days, and a conference every four days.

The theme of one meeting was “How to reduce useless meetings”.

I am facing the computer, not doing an outline at all, but doing an lift:

Do 10 at a time, and 20 sets in one session.

There is no point in meetings, and I think it is very meaningful to exercise the pelvic floor muscles.

In a PR company, my destiny is to live under the majesty of Party A’s father.

However, people who are alive always have to resist a little.

As soon as Party A replenishes the demand, I will go to the ant forest to steal his energy.

As soon as Party A changed direction, I took his chickens to work for me.

My daughter. Last week, I went to cut my hair and asked the barber to shave the hair on the back of my head.

The hair on top is like ordinary short hair,

Pick it up, super handsome.

Occasionally tie your hair up, and everyone who sees it has this emoji on their faces:

I, a serious girl in the eyes of my classmates.

Take a scholarship to get a tattoo, and the first time I got a tattoo that was not so small and fresh.

When my roommate saw it, he immediately called me “big brother”.

Showing the tattoo is Spider-Man, covering it up and returning to normal,

How happy!

I worked overnight at the construction site to make concrete (tóng), and read Mr. Zong Baihua’s “Aesthetic Walk” in the lighted place.

A bunch of old men asked me, “How can I read it?”

I replied: Because I think I stole this time.

I love the feeling of stealing time and reading hard.

I really like aesthetics.

Yesterday I got off work at 6 o’clock, and I rushed to take the bus to Yan’an East Road.

Nobody knew that I was going to a recital by Mario Alonso Eriero, the Prince of the Spanish Piano.

I work in the film and television production industry, and I usually don’t know music, but I like it from the bottom of my heart –

The one who dressed up to attend the concert.

It’s no longer that outfit for work;

It’s no longer the bus that commute to work;

Looking up is no longer forever the ceiling of the office.

My life is about to begin.

Senior graduation party, I was the host.

According to the convention, the leaders, guests and their titles are longer than one according to the host’s script.

I put aside the moderation and said directly:

“I’ve been named countless times in four years of college, anyway, I’m about to graduate, I’ll take care of my classmates.”

Tonight’s party begins to roll call, has the dean arrived? Has the secretary arrived? Has the director arrived?

Didn’t arrive? The secretary bothered to remember that he was late. ”

Applause rang out, and the principal, secretary, and teachers were very happy, but I heard that the director was a little unhappy.

At the graduation ceremony, the secretary and the dean both pulled me to take pictures, hahaha!

After 4 months of crazy overtime, I told my boss to quit without letting me take time off.

It took less than a week to sign up for a diving class. Ran to Malaysia to learn OW and AOW in one fell swoop and lived on a rig in the deep sea for a week.

Dive to the bottom of 30 meters every day, quiet to the sound of breathing and bubbles;

Accompanied by turtle shark storms;

Diving, eating, diving, sleeping, diving, listening to songs, basking in the sun…

When the subordinates suddenly learned that I was going to dive the next day, my face was full of black question marks, and the email reply was:

Sorry, I’m on vacation from xx to xx.

Since I can’t look at my phone at the bottom of the sea every day, I may not be able to reply in time…

Please make up the face of the customer and the boss when they see it hahaha.

I’m a girl who runs a sex toy store.

Mom and Dad were mad at that time, opening “this kind of shop”, saying it badly, and it will affect the future to find a partner and marry.

Anyway, they have been in opposition to each other for a long time.

Until now, they didn’t fully understand me.

I also don’t want to stiffen the atmosphere, I haven’t left my iron rice bowl, and I’m just doing a side job part-time so far.

But I want to break through the shackles of traditional concepts, which era is it, and I am still talking about “sex” color change.

I don’t like to regard ignorance as purity, ignorance as virtue, and prejudice as principle.

So far, it seems that the dream has come true well, and three stores have been opened.

Write at the end

I don’t know what you think, but I really like everyone in the story above.

Linguist Liang Yuchun has a saying that from eighteen to twenty-eight, that is the period when people age the fastest, because it is the period when he awakens from the illusion of gold and encounters the stubborn reality.

We have seen too many fierce and painful samples, but it is a small confrontation that allows us to live long and easily –

Eliminate a little boredom, vent a little dissatisfaction, burst into a little joy.

It can’t change the overall situation, and local confrontation is quite good.

You can’t change everything, make a little difference, and it’s also a breakthrough.

Giving life one more possibility is the most effective way for us to get better in the daily situation of being overwhelmed.

Written by: Big H

Responsible editor: Yuan Sanpoint

Vespers Hour:

“Jing, in the order, change yourself slightly.”

Change a little

Just a little bit free

Start today