Simple set as the base, absolutely satisfied

Can’t buy the right primer? It’s not that the suit that didn’t meet the heart water got into trouble, and if you were lucky enough to meet it, you wouldn’t be so confused. Because, most of the base suits that contract all the coats are taboo, especially for patients with severe lazy cancer, don’t miss it, one set is more versatile than the other, absolutely satisfied.

01 Although you don’t have to worry about the shape of the clothes you wear inside, it is better not to be too shabby considering occasions such as in a heated room where you need to take off your coat. The scale of the preppy style is well grasped, which will not steal the limelight of the coat and not lose its own characteristics.

02 The knitted two-piece set is probably one of the most common priming suits, no matter what style of coat it wears, it can be perfectly digested, and there is no sign of discomfort. Not to mention the caramel color, as a popular trend, how to wear it is very trendy.

03 Compared with the fire state of the caramel color suit, the red suit looks much more low-key, don’t look at the surface of a frivolous look, calm in the bones, year after year, fresh and classic, almost not falling off the fashion stage, super lining color, who wears who is beautiful.

04 If you are incompetent in driving red, you can choose the almighty earth color, whether it is an off-white sweater or a dark coffee skirt, it is permeated with a non-picky atmosphere, coupled with the beading and embroidery process, and the assistance of gold velvet fabric with its own glitter effect, it is difficult not to attract attention.

05 There is no doubt that this year is the outbreak year of blue, ordinary light blue, may not have the high-end texture of haze blue, but has the affinity that haze blue does not have, less gray tone harmony, but there is an indescribable comfort, it is suitable for the bottom.

06 A little more celebrity, the three-piece set with a slim fit and hips is also a good choice, when it is worn underneath, it is a low-key sweater skirt, and even, even the color is so bland that it is not worth mentioning, when worn alone, it is a star that shines enough to shine in the audience, and the sun and moon are eclipsed by the side.

07 Women who dress more casually can start with casual suits to complete their outfits. It may not have to be a skirt, more real, capable and stylish pants, is synonymous with warmth, really not, you can also wear another set of bottoms to ensure that you can’t freeze.

08 In addition to the advantages of various connotations, the suit has never missed a shot on the way to try to be a maverick, otherwise the green and gray, which are not related to each other, would not be combined for no reason in a harmonious way. Wear it under a plain coat, don’t mention too foreign.