Hey, use the same school bag as me, is it a crush on me?

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Dumb sauce thought of a song, milk tea Liu Ruoying’s “The Opposite Boy’s Room”, there is a lyric:

“I love that he loves music as much as I do

, I think he should be very kind and considerate

, I hope that the person in his heart has not yet appeared

, I was worried that he ate too much instant noodles. ”

When I listen to this song, I feel very much like the emotions of all my crushes in my student days. You will glorify him in your heart, try to make excuses for his shortcomings, and lean him.

Because you are not mature and rational enough, this kind of love can be so beautiful.

And want to be close to him without thinking too much about the future and responsibilities.

Every morning I go out with my school bag, thinking that with him in school, I won’t feel so tired from studying, I believe that feelings will make people brave, and work hard to get into the same university, young teenagers and girls!

1 Kumamoto bear backpack soft cute male and female student couple canvas bag

Cheap and cute Kumamon, two similar and different school bags, fashion trend contrast, the bottom of the backpack adds a layer of PU base, beautiful and clean, neat and easy to clean ~ carry on the shoulder, hand can be ~ double open zipper, fine leather pull head soft and atmospheric ~ the baby’s back is equipped with an oversized rear pocket, you can put a lot of books ~

2 Little Devil Little Monster Backpack Oxford Cloth Student Male and Female Couple Backpack Casual School Bag

It’s a glowing backpack, don’t believe it? Just turn off the lights at night and try, the little devil is glowing~ Will the timid sister paper be scared? Please protect your female tickets! Precision lathe routing, fine reinforcement! Wide comfortable shoulder straps, and the hand is completely wooden problem~

3. Tomb robber brother notes, backpack, open spirit male and female couple school bag, Oxford cloth backpack

“Use my whole life in exchange for ten years of your innocence.” How many people have been touched by this friendship, silently asking, is there love across genders? Please try to persevere, dumbly believe that you can always see the rainbow after the storm~ The capacity is super large, and there is no problem at all in putting down the books in class ~ Ultra-wide straps, thoughtful design~

4 smiley backpacks, new school bags for autumn and winter, couple backpacks

Every day, remember to keep smiling ~ brush the suede cloth label, the texture is upgraded. The contrast circle is full of printed body, and the bottom of the suede bag echoes the cloth label ~ light fabric, high-density polyester fiber, reduce the burden on the shoulders, good wear resistance, withstand the test, light and thin but bearing the weight without reducing ~

5 emoji school bag B station small TV couple school bag

Cute long grass emoji jun, carry it, feel cute ~ delicate fabric, exquisite hardware zipper, side pocket can put water bottle, double zipper protection insurance ~ firm strap corner, sturdy double shoulder straps, interior pockets, convenient and practical, sufficient capacity, books are all packed!

6 cartoon anime soft girl backpack embroidered m-bean school bag couple backpack

After eating this MM bean, let’s make a friend~ We must be together well in the future, do not quarrel and study well~ height and width 36*30CM, school supplies do not have to worry about not being able to put down~ There is no sense of violation when going out to play, the fabric is corduroy, super suitable for winter, super comfortable to touch ~

7 Japanese simple vintage corduroy solid color backpack couple backpack

It doesn’t matter if it’s not with the object, it’s the same style as your girlfriend, it’s also super suitable~ The bag capacity is very large, simple and versatile, and you can also carry it when traveling ~ Choose more colors ~ This one is tired of backing, change the back roar ~ The fabric is corduroy, so comfortable to the touch ~

8 leather hand block color block waterproof nylon couple computer bag backpack

This one has a bit of Korean and Japanese feeling, absolutely must be shared with you neutral style, both men and women are suitable for school, leisure, travel can be ~ Bags can have two styles, the first is to open the pocket directly, the second is to tighten the mouth of the bag. The place where the bag mouth and the shoulder strap are connected is fixed with genuine leather to strengthen the load-bearing strength of the shoulder strap~ The place where the bag mouth is opened is made of genuine leather with snap fastening~ It can be stronger and more practical!

9 Korean version letter BABY couple casual travel backpack school bag tide

A backpack that has recently exploded super is made of imported oxford cloth~ This backpack blinds others when going out with a super cool sweatshirt! The size can be made into a couple bag, and the large size can be made into a school bag~ The capacity is very large, super practical ~ travel, school, and can be carried anytime, anywhere.

10 Kimurai Hiroshi mm backpack street couple backpack ninja school bag

Throw away the baggage, throw away the troubles and sadness backpack to travel easily, and you must bloom your own posture when you are busy ~ Baby is changeable, let you have a new shape every day, hand-held, one shoulder, double shoulder three back methods Oh ~ detail processing, give you a different experience, comfortable hand-holding, quality zipper, high-quality fabric ~ children’s shoes are worth having~

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