How do ordinary people wear sweaters fashionably? It is enough to remember these points

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We did an issue last month

How to choose a pleated skirt

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The theme of this issue is: How to choose a sweater?

Sweaters are an item that everyone can’t do without in winter, but if you don’t choose the right one, it’s not only easy to wear plainly,

It may also appear bloated and unenergetic.

Without further ado, let’s answer the questions!

A total of 9 questions, some single choice and some multiple choice, click on the option will jump out of the analysis, let’s play together:

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1. Which collar should be chosen for people with large breasts, broad shoulders and thick back, which is thinner and not bloated? (Multiple choice)

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A. High neck

Choose carefully.

The high neck is also quite picky, especially the tight model, the upper body is wrapped tightly, and the big chest, wide shoulders, and thick back star people wear it is easy to look bloated on the upper body. If you have already bought it, you can use it as an inner layer. ▼

Choose a looser fit, and the upper body effect is relatively better. ▼

B. V-collar


Whether it is a large-breasted person or a thick star with wide shoulders, the V-neck is the least prone to error. Not only does it look thin, but it also lengthens the neck line and says goodbye to bloat in minutes. In addition, don’t choose too close-filt, looser V-neck is more friendly.

I have asked Xiao Yu, who has a slightly chubby figure in the studio, to demonstrate▼

C. Small round neck

Not really.

The small round neck is slightly bloated because the collar is relatively high, and it is not friendly enough for big-breasted stars. ▼

If you want to wear a round neck, you can choose a neckline that is 1cm below the collarbone and a larger neckline, which can make the whole person look slimmer.

2. Which shoulder line sweater is more suitable for narrow shoulders and round shoulders? (Multiple choice questions)

A. Sweaters with just the right shoulder line

Pick the right one!

Similar to the points of choosing a coat and suit mentioned earlier, narrow shoulders and round shoulders, the first choice is a sweater with a shoulder line and your shoulder width, which shows the most spirit. I have asked the studio narrow-shouldered star man Xiaojia to demonstrate▼

B. Raglan style sweaters

This style of sweater can also be tried. ▼

The raglan style has a bit of a shoulder-tucking effect, which belongs to a more spiritual hanging, and is friendly to narrow-shouldered stars. ▼

C. Sweaters in dropped shoulder style

Divided into situations~

Specifically, it depends on the design of the dropped shoulders and whether the drape of the sweater fabric is good.

Styles where the shoulder line is too far down, it is difficult for narrow-shouldered stars to hold. ▼

Sweaters with poor fabric drape and obvious bulges at the shoulder line are also styles that are easy to step on thunder, and it is easier to highlight the roundness and narrowness of the shoulders. ▼

There is a type of dropped shoulder that is possible, that is, the shoulder line is above the middle of the upper arm, the fabric is soft and drapes, and the shoulder line is smooth. Narrow-shouldered Xiaojia wears this kind of work that can also be easily handled. ▼

3. Neck short-star, which turtleneck sweater is not easy to step on? (Multiple choice)

A. Half-height neck


The half-high neck, also called the “pipe collar”, is a little lower than the high neck, just stuck in the middle of the neck, and has been on fire a few years ago. The half-height neck is very friendly to the neck star, which not only takes into account the warmth, but also makes the neck appear slender because it shows a little skin. ▼

B. Stack collars


The layers of folds at the neckline not only engulf the neck, but also make it easy to focus on the neck. It is more suitable for people with long necks and thin upper bodies, and can create a languid style.

Pay attention, wear a pile collar, remember to tie your hair up, more spiritual. ▼

C. High neck

To avoid!

The following kind of high neck is quite common, but it is recognized as weak in grooming, easy to appear that people do not have a neck, short neck star people choose carefully. ▼

4. Which length to choose for oversize sweater and higher utilization? (Multiple choice)

A. The length is at the waist

Lengths that are prone to idleness.

As soon as you raise your hand, the hem is drilled into the wind, which is more suitable for wearing when the weather is warmer. ▼

This short sweater goes this year’s super hot hot girl style, a little sexy, and friends who like this style can try it in autumn or spring.

B. Length at crotch position


This length is the least picky, the upper body is lazy and spirited, and it is friendly to the hobbits. The soft material can be worn alone or tucked in. You can also choose the crotch position a little up. ▼

C. The length covers the PP or longer

The utilization rate is not as good as the previous one.

Because it’s too long to tuck into your pants, the bottom is not selected correctly, and it is easy to wear it with a three-seven effect. ▼

But it also has its own personality, and the wide and long style can be paired with pencil pants and high-heeled boots, showing height and thinness. You can also play barelegs with the lower body missing and take the lazy and sexy route.

5. If you want to wear French style, which sweater is your first choice? (Multiple choice questions)

A. Striped sweater

That’s right!

Stripes are a classic French style. Many French bloggers love to wear striped pieces all year round, and it is OK to slim down and loosen it. ▼

This year, this loose striped sweater is also very popular, and the style will be more casual. ▼

B Fair Isle sweater

It’s British.

The name of the Fair Isle sweater comes from the Fair Isle in northern Scotland, which is a very typical British style item, literary and retro. Its patterns and colors are very rich, and there are many combinations of simple elements on the sweater, such as diamonds, snowflakes, etc., plus bold color matching, which is highly recognizable. ▼

C. Grandma-style sweater

You can select it.

Grandma-style sweaters generally have twisted elements, and most of them are V-neck, a little sexy, a little retro, very French, some French brands will produce this kind of item almost every year, it is not as difficult to match as imagined, wear alone, do underwear, both are suitable. ▼

6. If you want to wear a sweater for photos, which of the following colors is preferred? (Multiple choice questions)

A. White cable-style sweater

Photogenic choice!

The legendary “first love sweater” can inject a touch of freshness into the dull winter. The twisted pattern makes it look non-monotonous. ▼

B. Cricket sweaters


The neckline and cuffs of the cricket sweater have a striped design, with its own preppy style, plus it is generally a V-neck design, and it is also good to wear it alone to show the effect of thinning. ▼

C. Red slim crewneck sweater

The answer is No! Didn’t I expect it.

Although the red color is photogenic, it loses in the fit. The slim crewneck red sweater not only picks the figure, but also makes it easy to wear rustic, choose carefully. ▼

Choose a red sweater with a looser fit, it is still photogenic and eye-catching. ▼

D. Black/dark turtleneck sweater

Black and dark colors are easy to dull, photogenic is not so recommended, and it is easy to drown in the crowd when taking group photos. ▼

If you want to look photogenic in dark colors, you can work on accessories, such as adding a hat.

7. What kind of shirt is good for layering a crewneck sweater? (Multiple choice questions)

A. Basic white shirt

This is a pair of classic good CPs, the collar of the basic white shirt is more stylish, which can add some neatness to the lazy and casual sweater and look more spiritual.

When layering, you can expose the cuffs and hem of the shirt to increase the sense of layering. ▼

Some white shirts have soft collars, which look good with sweaters, but with a suit outside, it is easy to nest in the clothes and look stylish. Demonstration of the same shirt by Joey’s sister. ▼

B. Denim shirts

Worth a try.

The denim fabric is hard, and the sweater can just neutralize it, casual and handsome.

However, remember to choose a slightly slimmer denim shirt underneath, it will be more comfortable to wear. ▼

C. Streamer shirts

Silk streamer shirt, although the fabric is very soft, but the collar is more stylish, highly recognizable, you can try to match it with a crewneck sweater, it is quite special. Assistant chick Wang Yi loves to wear it like this~▼

D. Doll collar shirt

Yes, very age-reducing. I didn’t expect all four to be okay hahaha.

Special shirts such as doll collars and court styles are very suitable for layering with crewneck sweaters, which can add a different style to the basic sweater. ▼

8. If you want to wear an oversize sweater to work, which skirt is the right one? (Multiple choice questions)

A. Wear a straight leather skirt

Answer correctly.

The straight leather skirt goes well with the oversize sweater, and the soft and hard / loose and tight way is more fashionable. And the whole is a straight line, the height effect is good, I love to wear it this way~▼

B. Wear a pleated skirt

Good-looking, romantic and spiritual.

Pleated skirts are also great for work. However, because the hem of the pleated skirt is wider, it will be a little pressing, remember to wear a pair of shoes with heels ~ ▼

C. Wear an A-line skirt

Don’t wear a short skirt at work.

When you are leisure, you wear youth and reduce age, which is suitable for creating a college style, girly style, etc. ▼

D. Extra-long skirts

Not quite.

The combination of Oversize sweater and maxi skirt is very picky, and if you are not careful, you will wear it very draggingly, which looks very unspirited. ▼

9. Wear a basic sweater, which necklace to wear without going wrong? (Multiple choice questions)

A. Gold necklace

The best cp for a sweater is it!

Gold can add highlights and enrich the look, and wear sweaters in different colors without worrying about being overwhelmed. ▼

B. Silver necklace

More suitable for summer.

Silver winter wear, visually a little cold. And it is light in color, it’s good to wear a dark sweater, and when put it with a light-colored sweater, the sense of presence is much weaker. ▼

C. Pearl necklace

To add a touch of elegance, the length and pearl size should be well chosen.

For daily wear, it is preferred to wear beads that are smaller and longer at the collarbone position, which is simple and delicate, but also delicate. ▼

Long pearl necklaces are more solemn, and daily wear is a little too over, especially the kind of beads that are too large, easy to show old. ▼

D. Beaded necklace

The effect is average.

The beaded necklace is quite popular this year, but its material is light, more suitable for summer, and it is a bit of a “can’t stop” thick sweater. ▼

In winter, you can stack a gold pendant necklace for better results. Liu Wen’s body is quite beautiful. ▼

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Illustration: Erli, Negi

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