Chongyang Festival Science Popularization: Are elderly shoes an “IQ tax”? How to choose a pair of senior shoes?

October 14 is the Nine Chong Yang Festival at the beginning of the ninth month of the lunar calendar, which is a traditional festival of respecting and loving the elderly. In recent years, the concept of “elderly shoes” has been hot, and many children have also bought elderly shoes for the elderly to show filial piety. So is it necessary for the elderly to deliberately wear old age shoes, and are old age shoes an “IQ tax”?

“As the saying goes, ‘people’s old legs decline first’, the old people’s legs and feet are not so flexible, and a suitable pair of shoes is especially important for them.”

Zhou Deding, deputy chief physician of the Shanghai CDC, said that the monitoring data of the Shanghai CDC shows that 47% of the elderly cases clinically treated due to falls are caused by slips.

The damage caused by falls to the elderly is obvious, light cases cause soft tissue damage, dislocation, heavy cases can cause fractures, head injury, more serious even lead to the elderly loss of self-care ability.

Choosing a suitable pair of shoes plays an important role in preventing the elderly from slipping, and elderly shoes are not an “IQ tax”. What kind of shoes are suitable for the elderly? Zhou Deding said: “Compared with the price and aesthetics of shoes, the quality of elderly shoes is the most important. Be sure to choose shoes of qualified quality produced by regular manufacturers, and it is recommended that you buy them through formal channels. ”

Shoes are too tight, too soft, too hard, too high pass is not good, a pair of comfortable elderly shoes, to judge from the upper, body, sole, heel, shoe size and other aspects. First look at the upper, when choosing the upper, mainly look at whether its tightness is appropriate.

It is inconvenient for the elderly to bend over and tie their shoes, so it is best not to choose the lace model, but to buy a velcro or elastic band.

When choosing a shoe body, it is mainly necessary to look at its softness and hardness.

Shoes that are too soft to wear are comfortable to wear, but do not provide enough support and protection for the feet. Shoes with too strong a shoe body will affect the judgment of the foot on the ground.

How to tell if the softness and hardness of the shoe are suitable? Zhou Deding introduced a little trick: you can twist the toe of the shoe with one hand, hold the heel with the other, and twist the shoe with both hands in reverse to feel the resistance. Shoes that can be easily twisted and desexed are too soft, and shoes that cannot be twisted with a lot of force are too hard and are not suitable for the elderly.

Looking at the sole, the sole of the elderly shoe should have moderate slip resistance. From the perspective of material, the rubber sole has better anti-slip performance.

The sole pattern is deep and more, and it is pointed in different directions, and the anti-slip performance will be better.

However, if the anti-slip performance is too good, wearing it on the ground, it will feel like the shoes are sucked to the ground, but it will increase the risk of falls in the elderly.

The heel height of the elderly shoes should also be appropriate. The fat pad on the heel of the elderly begins to shrink, the ability to absorb the impact of the ground on the human body decreases, and if the heel is too low, it cannot provide shock cushioning; If the heel is too high, it will change the posture of the foot when walking, and it will also affect the center of gravity of the body.

Generally speaking, the height of the heel should be about two centimeters.

Finally, the shoe size should be appropriate, because the foot muscles and ligaments gradually become loose, the arch of the foot will become flat, and the shoe size may be slightly larger than when they were younger. As for what kind of shoes are the right length, Zhou Deding introduced a little trick:

After putting on the shoes, it is advisable to tuck a finger between the heel and the heel.

“In fact, only your own feet know whether the shoes are suitable or not.” Zhou Deding said that there are many advertisements for elderly shoes on the market, and it is not completely believed that when buying elderly shoes, it is best to take the elders to try them themselves.

Column editor-in-chief: Gu Yong Text editor: Gong Jiani Title picture source: Tuworm Photo editor: Xu Jiamin

Source: Author: Gong Jiani