Millions of sets, where are BLACKPINK’s clothes?

Just a while ago, there was a concert comparable to a “large-scale grass planting scene”, which came as promised in anticipation, that is, the BLACKPINK “THE SHOW” online concert!

As BLACKPINK’s first online concert, it received everyone’s enthusiastic attention from before the start of the performance, and the performance on the day was a constant topic, and the four sisters brought a total of 19 song performances, which were listed on several hot searches one after another!

Like Jennie writing a new rap for her solo song “SOLO”, and Gisoo rearranging Tove Lo’s “Habits”… All gave everyone a big surprise!

Not only is it singing and dancing, but the stage styling of the ink fans has also received great attention this time, 29 sets of gorgeous cross-dressing in 90 minutes, people are overwhelmed, who has seen it has to say that the wife is beautiful!

No, Sister Ba also took a deep look at the styling of BLACKPINK’s clothing this time, and talked to everyone about what niche brands were behind BLACKPINK’s concert!

“Red Rose on Earth” Jennie

Vintage celebrities decorated with velvet and black yarn

As soon as she opened, Ba Jie was amazed by Jennie’s vintage celebrity look, and the red velvet dress was from the niche brand THE BLONDS Fall/Winter 2016 collection, although the dress was not new, but it still did not affect Jennie’s shock at the moment of appearance.

Because this fashion brand from New York is recognized by many “music divas”, such as Rihanna and Katy Perry, “outdated stage suit”!


Coupled with Jennie’s choice to add a veil decoration for CHANEL’s spring/summer 2021 collection, the whole person is lined up more sexy and mysterious.

Immediately afterwards, Jennie changed into a Crop Top made of various Vintage T-shirts, then again, YG stylist’s cutting skills are really not covered, earlier the stylist showed everyone the ability to cut clothes freehand, this time to show exclusive skills.

Put the remade Vintage Tee on a waist chain and wear it on Jennie, and the smell of the hot girl will be instant!

The style of painting changed, Cool Sani turned into Sweet Ni, and a taro purple flower puff sleeve top with tonal sequin pants took the role of “Britney on Earth” very well.

In fact, this look also has great reference for daily wear, Jennnie’s puff sleeve top is from the GIUSEPPE DI MORABITO spring/summer 2021 collection, which was founded in Milan in 2014 by Italian creative director Giuseppe Modilabito.

Its biggest feature is embroidery craftsmanship and floral design, and the creative silhouette gives the clothing a three-dimensional, full, romantic and dynamic visual effect.

The main floral puff sleeve top is most suitable for the upcoming summer, the huge puff sleeves are very small, optimize the head-to-shoulder ratio, and most importantly, the front and back of the clothing are supported by fishbones, and it is more structured and stylish on the body, with a square neckline, the secret of right angle shoulders You can also get in minutes.

On the stage of the fourth song “SOLO”, Jennie interpreted the true meaning of “Red Rose in the World” with strength, although this set of Look was complained by many netizens that it was a red child, but it still can’t cover up Nier’s temperament!

This collider-red red child’s rose gown comes from Serbia’s niche brand Mihano Momosa, and features a large, three-dimensional carved design as the brand’s DNA.

Bows, swirling roses, these bloom on suits, each of which is a beautiful fairy piece, people can’t help but call for it.

In the next look, Nier wore David Koma’s houndstooth one-piece, and the waist was specially designed with a hollow hook to make Jennie’s originally thin waist more sexy and slender.

That’s not enough, Jennie’s last appearance in this bandeau dress is also full of highlights, still “processed” by the stylist, and the thought of this being “evolved” from Moncler down jackets can’t help but give the stylist a thumbs up, “YG Scissorhands” really lives up to its name!

Sexy little wildcat Lisa

The feathers and lace are also too “sha”

“Barbie in the world” Lisa’s appearance at this concert is not lost in the slightest, in the opinion of Bajie, there are many subversive looks appearing on Lisa, which can’t help but make people shine.

As a CELINE global brand ambassador, Lisa even chose to use the 2020 fall/winter series sequin dress as a “performance uniform”, with sharp eyes, typhoon that is called a “stable”!

Immediately afterwards, Lisa used the THE BLONDS dress to interpret three different fashion concepts of “gorgeous, sexy and sweet”, turning the concert into a fashion show.

Like this ostrich feather short skirt, it is the “villain” series of the 2019 collaboration between THE BLONDS AND DISNEY, AND THE PURE BEAUTY OF THE FUR LONG SKIRT SETS HER OFF LIKE A FAIRY, GORGEOUS AND GORGEOUS.

The hottest is this one, during the cover of Doja Cat’s “Say So”, Lisa made a stunning appearance in the THE BLONDS Fall/Winter 2017 lace sequin dress, with large curly hair and smoky makeup, interpreting femininity and sexiness to the fullest.

With a Limai movement in the dance, it was instantly stunning to the audience, and it was directly on the hot search, who can’t see it?


Last year’s “sleeve sweatshirt” planted by Lisa has not yet been bought, this year Lisa has brought you a new “sleeve skirt”, DAVID KOMA’s shiny long skirt with Alexander McQueen’s waist seal, want to have a return rate in the summer, so wear it is right!

Even simple black and white can be interpreted by Lisa to create a unique atmosphere, white Alexander McQueen with black CELINE leggings, exposing small edges is the most fashionable way for “female Dancer” to dress!

“Gentle little fairy” Jisoo

Tulle and prints are full of fairy air

As the “façade responsibility” in the team, this time Jisoo still takes the “temperament fairy style route”, and the gentle and simple fairy clothes are really suitable for her!

When he appeared, Jisoo’s choice of THE BLONDS dress was more elegant, from THE BLONDS Spring/Summer 2018 collection dress, with a touch of white covered with feathers and rhinestones, releasing the charm of BlingBling.

But the most extreme thing is the flower fairy look when Solo performs “Habits”, the purple atmosphere is simply too romantic!

The dress worn by Jisoo comes from the “fairy dress” brand HALEIA, from Turkey, HALEIA’s prominent feminine elements make Zhixiu’s sweet temperament more visible, and all kinds of tulle and prints are its specialty.

The flower heels under the feet come from Suger Thrillz, which belongs to a sub-line of the DOLLSKILL brand, and the brand style is mainly girly style full of macaron colors, although it is still quite niche in China, but many actresses in Japan and South Korea wear them at concerts.

Another look is ULYANA SERGEENKO’s pink waist seal skirt with black underwear, and the feeling of “Black Pink” when taking a photo is really strong!

Ulyana Sergeenko, a designer from Moscow, focuses on the effect of a corset to highlight the graceful, flirtatious beauty of women, elegant and retro.

The black and white look that Jisoo wears in the back is also from the masterpiece of “YG Scissorhands”, this white feather top is actually transformed by the wedding dress brand Bridal Kong, and it is also very skillful to change the grand wedding dress to only the crop top part.

Bridal Kong is still very famous in South Korea, unlike traditional wedding dresses, its wedding dresses are basically designed by local designers themselves, so the styles are trendy and unique, and many stars are willing to wear their wedding dresses when walking the red carpet.

“Cool Wild Rose” Rosé

Sequins and glitter diamonds come with a polished Buff

“Wild Rose in the World” Rosé Park Chae-young’s appearance in this concert can be described as cold and beautiful, her personal solo “GONE” has attracted much attention since the trailer was released, and #Park Chaeyoung solo # once occupied the hot search!

When she appeared, she wore a nude gauze dress and Martin boots sitting quietly in the cradle and singing, and it was not an exaggeration to say “fairy under the fan”!

As Saint Laurent’s “own daughter”, she wore Saint Laurent’s latest vest suit during concert rehearsals, and sweet roses can also be heroic.

For “Kill This Love”, Rosé in “All the Staff THE BLONDS” wore THE BLONDS Spring/Summer 2016 collection, and her metallic silver white set off her beauty even more.

Then, in Girl Crus’ explosive “Pretty Savage”, Rosé appeared in a sexy black and white girl group look, with a bandeau and diamond gloves from David Koma’s 2021 early spring vacation collection.

David Koma, a Georgian designer and former creative director of House of Thierry Mugler, knows how to show the power of the actress’s femininity through fabrics and tailoring, and his ready-to-wear clothes are like the exquisite sculptures on display in museums.

It is worth mentioning that Rosé also wore his denim jacket for the early spring 2020 collection in the trailer of solo’s “GONE”, and the sleeves are made of layers of feathers, combined with the tough silhouette of denim, wearing a cool and beautiful Rosé!

Rosé’s stage look this time is full of Bling Bling elements, and this Paco Rabanne’s sequined short dress is very dazzling.

However, this skirt did not escape the clutches of YG’s “scissorhands”, it was originally a short skirt with a straight edge, and the hem was cut into a rounded shape, which can highlight the long legs, and this method is also learned!

Xian Xian also has this HALEIA long dress, this “tulle flower” has become a super shaped shoulder on her, which is paired with a broken flower rose dress by For Love & Lemons, which is divided into crop bandeau and short skirt, and the instant “hot taste” is again!

Rosé’s final look is also playful, still a “one-size-fits-all” in the middle, and the heavy Moncler down top can easily show the shoulders.

The lower part has become a short down skirt, and the sleeves have become socks, do you smell full of Y2K! Anyway, Sister Ba is really on top!

After watching BLACKPINK’s concert, and unconsciously planting a bunch of fairy items, not perfunctory because it is online, 90 minutes to replace 29 sets of Look, people are addicted, the performance of the whole concert is very good, four girls with their super “pink style” to convey comfort and energy to everyone. In the new year, I hope everyone can do the same, shining ✨ with dreams and strength!

Responsible Editor & Design: Wang Wendu

Assistant: Maymay