10 yuan is vegetarian! Fuzhou Governor Canteen Full Guide

Today is the Chung Yeung Festival

To talk about the retirement life in Fuzhou

A cafeteria for the elderly is essential


Many places in Fuzhou have opened “canteens for the elderly”

10 yuan is vegetarian!

The elderly don’t have to worry about eating!

Where are the “elderly canteens” in the urban area?

Let’s take a look together –

Photographed by Chi Yuan

Drum Tower

The streets of “Elderly Canteen + School” are fully covered

Gulou District uses “Elderly Canteen + School”

It is a Gulou household registration and an elderly person who has reached the age of 60

Heart-warming meal service is available

At present, all streets and towns in Gulou District have been built

“Elderly Cafeteria + Academy”

For example, Jinjiang Hisashi “Senior Canteen + Academy”

By Hongshan Town Jinjiang Community with

Fujian Jiuhao Catering Management Co., Ltd. cooperated and co-built

Nutritious, rich in color and fragrance

Noon every weekday

Braised chicken thighs, braised eggplant, steamed fish, etc

More than ten kinds of dishes will be “boarded” by special car

From the central kitchen of the Jinjiang Hisashi canteen

Delivery to the elderly cafeteria for pick-up

Old people take out plates from the sterilization cabinets

Line up to go to the window to choose dishes and pay by card

“Academy” for the Elderly

Jinjiang Hisashi “Elderly Canteen + Academy”

Courses and activities are also carried out using positional advantages

The content covers lifestyle, baking and learning

Learn home-cooked food and learn Western food

Carry out convenient services on a regular basis

Nurture and improve everyone

Awareness of science, health and conservation

Hongshan Town Elders School

Distribution table of “elderly canteen + school” in Gulou District

Hurry up and collect it for the elderly at home!

(Data as of April 2021)


The company’s own elderly canteen

The 14th is the Chung Yeung Festival

Elderly people in the Majiu community of Luoxing Street, Mawei District

Get a good news:

It is located in the West Tiri House Community of Luoxing Street, Mawei District

Barilla Senior Canteen was officially put into use

This is also the horsetail area

The first corporate-run elderly canteen

Yesterday at noon

The reporter saw it in the Barilla Elderly Canteen

The old people came to the cafeteria one after another to line up for food

The dishes are vegetarian and nutritious

The old people ate with relish

“When I am old, my children are working in other places, and when I come here to eat, not only are there many people, but the meals are also very attentive to the tastes of our elderly.” Grandpa Ren, who lives in the Maji community, said.

The canteen is coordinated and promoted by the Mawei District Civil Affairs Bureau, relying on the existing elderly care service facilities in urban and rural communities. The canteen adopts the method of “government construction + enterprise operation and management” to provide three meals for the elderly. At present, the canteen is mainly for the elderly over 60 years old in the Mawei community, and only charges 10 yuan per meal.

“We have set up a set meal of ‘two meats, one vegetarian, one soup and one meal’ for the elderly, and for citizens under the age of 60, the market price is charged.” Lin Feng, head of the Barilla Elderly Canteen, said that in addition, they will also recruit volunteers to provide free home delivery services for Wubao households to solve their mobility problems.


Seek medical advice on the pairing of dishes

On the morning of April 19, 2021

Cangxia New Town Community Canteen for the Elderly, Taijiang District

After months of meticulous preparation

It opened in anticipation of the elderly

This is the sixth open elderly canteen in Taijiang District

Walk into Building 5 of Jiaheyuan in Cangxia New City

Cafeteria for the elderly

Neat and orderly dining area

Civilized Dining Instructions, Food Conservation Initiative

and the canteen management system are posted on the wall…

Tables, chairs, disinfection cabinets and other facilities are available

Plus a relaxation area and reading corner

The overall environment is spacious and bright, and the decoration is warm and comfortable

Wang Lulu, secretary of the party committee and director of the neighborhood committee of Cangxia New Town Community, said that the elderly canteen adopts the business model of “the community goes out of the site, the enterprise gives a little profit, and the residents participate in the volunteer service of the canteen”, and regularly provides a 10-yuan set meal of “2 vegetarian 1 meat and 1 soup + staple food buffet”, which is both economical and nutritionally balanced, ensuring that the elderly are full, eat well and eat at ease. In terms of weekly dish pairing, catering companies have also consulted the professional advice of doctors, and will make regular adjustments according to the actual situation.

Cangxia New Town Community Elderly Canteen

Every Monday to Friday


Priority is given to the jurisdiction

Over 60 years of age

The elderly provide meal services to the elderly with reduced mobility in the jurisdiction

All it takes is a phone call

, food will be delivered to your door.

At the beginning of the business, only cash will be accepted on-site, and online payment and recharge cards will be opened later.

According to reports, the civil affairs department of Taijiang District relies on the elderly canteens of the home care service centers in various streets to set up elderly canteens (at present, 5 elderly restaurants in Taijiang District have been opened to the public), Cangxia New Town Community Elderly Canteen is the first elderly canteen in Taijiang District led by the community this year, through the government to provide venues, residents to determine the service operator, the operator to invest in the construction of the elderly canteen.

The operation of Cangxia New Town Elderly Canteen will adopt the “canteen + school” model to strengthen the utilization rate of the venue, solve the dining problems of the elderly, and also provide various lectures and training services such as health care, recreation, sports and entertainment for the elderly, so as to enrich the daily life of the elderly.

Up to now, the construction of the elderly meal assistance in Yixin Building of the First Affiliated Hospital has been completed, and the catering operator is being agreed. Ninghua New Village of Ninghua Street and Yizhou Street Longevity Garden Elderly Canteen have been determined project locations.


Relying on the canteen to help the elderly provide meals for the elderly

Jin’an District takes

The model of “strength enterprise + central kitchen + community distribution”

Relying on Changqing West Park Senior Citizen Apartment

There is an independent canteen for the elderly

The construction area is more than 600 square meters

It can accommodate more than 400 people at the same time

The production line of the canteen

It can also feed 1,000 people at the same time

Elderly people who need to order meals

Available up to one day in advance

968869 by phone

Or make a reservation with the official account mini program

Canteen feeding model for the elderly

♥ Evergreen West Park Senior Citizen Apartment in the courtyard of the elderly fixed seat dining.

♥ Nearby elderly people can enter the hospital with their card to eat their own meals.

♥ Elderly people in the jurisdiction can order meals by phone or official account mini program.

♥ Elderly people in the community and community order meals in a centralized manner, and eat in a centralized manner at the community home-based elderly care service station.

In addition, an elderly canteen is being built in Xiangyuan Street, Jin’an District, which is expected to be put into use by the end of this year. At present, Gushan Town and Wangzhuang Street in the jurisdiction have achieved full coverage of community meal assistance, and strive to achieve full coverage of community meal assistance in Pingyuan Town Street by the end of this year.


Creating a “neighborhood activity space” for the elderly

Autumn afternoon,

Cangshan District Linjiang Street Calamus New District

It’s fun in the home day care center

The old people focused on playing chess and reading books

A happy smile on his face

“There is a cafeteria for the elderly, and there are often lectures, handicrafts and other activities, which makes our senior people’s lives convenient and fulfilling.” Chen Yibo, who plays chess here, said.

Elderly people eat at the home day care center in Calamus New District. (Photo courtesy of Cangzu)

The party branch of Calamus New District makes use of the position advantage of the home day care center to create a “neighborhood activity space” for the elderly, so that the elderly in the community can rely on and have fun. At the same time, stimulate the vitality of the “party building + Guanjian” brand, set up a care studio, give play to the role of “neighboring party building”, and mobilize more “five elders” to participate in the work of caring for the next generation around the goal of educating people.

According to the staff of the Fuzhou Civil Affairs Bureau

As of May this year, there are in total in the city

There are 163 old-age institutions of various types at all levels

There are 99 home-based community elderly care service centers

There are 470 home-based elderly care service stations

Home-based care centers in many towns

and home care service stations

They have become a good support for the “elderly canteen”

Photo courtesy of the Civilization Office of the Fuzhou Municipal Party Committee

The old man and the old man

For all the love canteens in Fuzhou


Source: Fuzhou Evening News