“The Legend of Miyue” Wei Meiren: King Chuhuai’s favorite concubine, who is beautiful and kind-hearted, was framed by Zheng Yi and brutally cut her nose

Heaven for God

– Bai Juyi

The sky can be measured, the earth can be measured, only the human heart can not be prevented.

But seeing that Dan Cheng was as red as blood, who knew that the hypocrisy was like a spring.

Advise the Jun to cover his nose and make the Jun couple a businessman.

Wei Meiren’s experience is all shown in Bai Juyi’s song “Heavenly Degree”.

A still from “The Legend of Miyue”

Wei Meiren was born in the Kingdom of Wei, after a famous family, her appearance was shocking.

At that time, the seven heroes of the Warring States: Qi, Chu, Yan, Han, Zhao, Wei, and Qinzhong, the State of Chu was the strongest. The other six countries all want to cooperate with the State of Chu and engage in cooperation. Qu Yuanli, the left disciple of the State of Chu, advised the Chu and Qin alliances, but the king of Chuhuai, Qi Huai, listened to the words of the minister Jin Shang and accepted the flattery of the Wei state.

King Chu Huai was lustful, and when he heard that Wei Guo had sent a stunning beauty to show his sincerity, King Chu Huai was fluttering and did not listen to Qu Yuan’s advice at all.

Wei Meiren was chosen by Wei Zheng, the king of Wei Dynasty, and became the only candidate to enter the Chu Palace. Wei Meiren had no choice and became a pawn in the conquest of the Chu kingdom by King Wei.

Because of her outstanding beauty and soft-spoken voice, Wei Meiren was favored by the lecherous King Chuhuai and became the darling of the three thousand beauties in the harem.

Wei Meiren is not only beautiful, but also kind-hearted.

Mi Yue was framed by Mi Yin and Chu Wei, locked up in an uninhabited secret compartment, and almost died. Fortunately, Wei Meiren passed by and saved Mi Yue’s life with Tu Ling.

Miyue is grateful to Dade and treats her as a good sister.

Flowers have no 100 days red, and people have no 100 days red. It doesn’t count early, and then it’s empty.

King Huai of Chu’s favorite concubine, Nanhou Zheng Yi, was jealous and as poisonous as a femme fatale. When she first entered the palace, she could become the favorite concubine of King Chu Huai in one fell swoop, and she was favored for many years, which shows her power!

The appearance of Wei Meiren broke her favored situation and endangered her status. As a woman in the palace, she knew her own needs, and she couldn’t let Wei Meiren take away her favor and status.

Zheng Yi is afraid that he will fall out of favor and be beaten into the cold palace to spend the rest of his life, this kind of life is more uncomfortable than death, so Zheng Yi is going to take action.

Zheng Yi listened to the “good strategy” offered by Zhang Yi and wanted to amplify Wei Meiren’s move!

King Chu Huai was born with body odor, which is what we call fox smell! The thoughtful Zheng Yi used the fact that King Chuhuai had a fox smell to make a fuss.

Zheng Yi deliberately set up with Wei Meiren, often chatting about home, sending Wei Meiren clothes dolls and the like, which made Wei Meiren, who had no relatives in the Chu Kingdom, feel very close!

Wei Meiren is too kind, thinking that Zheng Yi treats her as a good sister, Zheng Yi uses the trick of the master and servant to sing double reeds, telling Wei Meiren that although Wei Meiren is beautiful, but the ointment is inadequate, the nose is a little crooked, the king likes everything, but does not like her nose.

Since she was a child, people around her are sycophants, praising her beauty like a flower, but no one has ever said that her nose is crooked!

This made Wei Meiren fidget because of her “flaws”.

Seeing this, Zheng Yi knew that Wei Meiren had fallen into the trap set by himself, and pretended to support Wei Meiren: Just cover his nose when he sees the king.

Wei Meiren was very concerned about the “opinion” of the king, and she also thought that her nose was crooked in her heart, so she listened to Zheng Yi’s method of “covering her nose”. But she didn’t know that she had fallen into Zheng Yi’s conspiracy.

King Huai of Chu came to Wei Meiren’s palace, and saw that Wei Meiren had dimmed the light in the palace, and he was puzzled, and Wei Meiren was busy explaining: The moonlight is good tonight, if it is too bright, it will live up to the purity of the moonlight.

King Huai of Chu saw Wei Meiren holding a feather fan and covering his face, jokingly saying why it was so cool tonight, Wei Meiren replied: Because concubines like the four words of Miaomu. King Huai of Chu was more fond of Wei Meiren, and Wei Meiren “covered his nose” very well this time.

But after several encounters, Wei Meiren deliberately covered her nose, which made King Chu Huai uncomfortable.

He asked Zheng Yi, why did Wei Meiren cover his nose when he saw him? Zheng Yi said he didn’t know. Seeing that the second monk of King Chuhuai was puzzled, Zheng Yi explained: Wei Meiren is disgusted with the smell on the king’s body!

King Huai of Chu immediately became angry and ordered Wei Meiren to be executed.

Poor Wei Meiren still doesn’t know why she was tortured like this! It’s really a companion like a tiger!

She didn’t know that all this was Zheng Yi’s conspiracy! Wei Meiren is still too kind and has no scheming. In this deep palace, what sisterhood is deep!

Wei Meiren, who was cut off her nose, was locked up in the cold palace, could not bear such humiliation, and committed suicide. Wei Meiren, as a pawn, is irrelevant to the Wei Kingdom, and it is not worth mentioning to King Chu Huai!

At that time, women had a low status and could not control their own destiny at all. Women are used to marry and marry “Qin Jin’s good”, a problem that a woman can solve, why spend a soldier?

Do you think the end of Wei Meiren is inevitable?

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A still from “The Legend of Miyue”

A still from “The Legend of Miyue”

A still from “The Legend of Miyue”

A still from “The Legend of Miyue”

A still from “The Legend of Miyue”

A still from “The Legend of Miyue”

A still from “The Legend of Miyue”

A still from “The Legend of Miyue”

A still from “The Legend of Miyue”