Example of trouser structure design change: straight-leg pants

Features of straight pants: the legs are straight, the mid-range position is higher than the trousers, the waist is tight, the upper crotch and hips are more fitted, the left and right are symmetrical, its appearance is straight, the lower limbs are slender, the shape is beautiful, and the fit is fitted.

Style and specification description

The front piece is set with a live pleat, the front side stitched diagonal slip pocket, and the rear piece hip upper part is set with two provinces. A bodice, six belt pants at the waistband, and a zipper at the front crotch placket. A wide selection of fabrics can be worn in all seasons.

Clothing size series standard – women’s net size

Specification design

Trouser length: (0.5h height + 10cm) ~ (0.6h + 2cm) that is, 90~98cm

Waist circumference: 0~2cm with pine, that is, 68+0=68

Hip circumference: more close: 6~12cm with loose amount, 90+8=98cm

Crotch: pants length / 10 + hip circumference / 10 + 8 ~ 9 or hip circumference / 4 + 3 ~ 4 i.e. 27.6 ~ 28 .6cm or 27.5 ~ 28.5cm

Pants opening: pant cuff = (0.2H-3CM) ~ (0.2H+5CM) that is, 16.6~24 .6cm

Straight-leg pants differ from the basic drawing method

(1) The mid-range position should be moved up, that is, the mid-range position = (trouser length – waist width) 1/2 of the length.

(2) Because the straight-leg trousers have a large pant cuff, the mid-range can be the same size as the pants cuff.

(3) Because there is only one pleat at the front waist, the pleats should be slightly larger than 3.5cm, and the inward inclination curve of the front upper inseam line can be increased to 1.5cm.

(4) The slope of the slip bag can be selected, but the size of the bag mouth from the side seam remains unchanged, that is, the more oblique the bag mouth, the more the bag position is moved up.

(5) Due to the oblique placement of the slip pocket, resulting in the diagonal fracture of the structure of the front trousers, it is necessary to add another cut bevel material to the trousers, and the bottom part of the slip pocket should be connected according to the oblique line of the bag opening.

(6) There are two provincial roads in the back waist province, the saving amount is 2cm, and the back side suture is slightly arced inward.