What are the necessary equipment for cycling? One article to understand

Start by putting a picture of me riding my bike

Let me tell you about the equipment I need

The first is the helmet, whether it is a road bike or a mountain bike, it is a necessary equipment, and the most important equipment is not one of the most important

Then there is cycling clothing, cycling clothes I will basically wear every time, road bike speed will be relatively fast, wearing cycling clothes help sweat dissipation and breathability, cool and comfortable, cycling pants can also absorb shock, relieve pain, full tightness can reduce wind resistance

After that, it is the lock shoes, lock shoes I think in the urban area should not be worn, more dangerous, not unlocked it is easy to fall the car, outdoor cars are relatively few places can be worn, riding is very labor-saving

These big items are basically what I get every time I ride, and then there are some gadgets, computer watches, GoPros, masks, gloves, sleeves, and multi-tools

For sun protection masks, gloves and sleeves will definitely be brought, multi-functional tools will also be brought every time, afraid of any problems on the road, the computer is also, record speed and heart rate are quite good, GoPro is optional, when you want to record, you will take it