Can office keyboards and mice also work well and look good? Double Feiyan dual-mode keyboard FBK25 to get started, domestic products are cattle

Different consumers have different concerns when choosing keyboard and mouse tools. Gamers pay more attention to the sense of keyboard tapping and the atmosphere of lighting effects, while workers pay more attention to the practicality of keyboard and mouse, as a “face control” worker, when I buy keyboard and mouse, not only to pursue “easy to use”, “good-looking” is also indispensable, of course, the price can not be too expensive.

Under such conditions, it is not easy to find a satisfactory office keyboard and mouse. However, just as I was about to compromise, a product from the A4Tech Twin Flying Yanfei Era series caught my attention. Speaking of the brand Shuangfeiyan, I still have the right to speak, after all, the first gift I bought for myself after getting my salary was Shuangfeiyan’s mouse products. But I didn’t expect to see it for a few years, and the appearance of Shuangfeiyan’s products turned out to be so high, which was surprising and unexpected. After seeing the double flying Yanfei era series FBK25 multi-mode wireless bluetooth keyboard and FB35CS rechargeable bluetooth mouse set, I did not hesitate to place an order, this product fully meets my requirements for office keyboard and mouse, not only good-looking, easy to use and cheap, the price of more than 200s, simply too conscientious. Let’s share my unboxing experience.


I started the white version of the double flying Yanfei era series multi-mode wireless Bluetooth keyboard FBK25 (hereinafter referred to as the flying era FBK25), this set also has a set of black versions, personally I think, white is more simple and generous. The packaging of Shuangfeiyan FBK25 is very simple, without those bells and whistles, the packaging box is printed with brand name, model, product display diagram and performance introduction.

After opening the package, in addition to the body of the Double Swiftlet FBK25 keyboard, it is equipped with two decorative strips that can be used to replace the card slot of the keyboard. The keyboard is shipped with a silver-gray card slot, if you like a lively and bright color, you can replace the pink or green card slot, it will look more fashionable and younger. I personally prefer the pink card slot, and every day I enter the office and see this pink color, my mood will get better.

The size of this keyboard is not particularly large, 396mm * 145mm size, it is also very convenient to carry, and the weight of 446g can be thrown in the bag. Its power switch and 2.4G wireless adaptation button are designed on the top of the keyboard, which is also very easy to operate. The overall arrangement of the keyboard is compact and comfortable, and it also has a numeric keypad, which solves the problem of difficult input of numbers in the laptop, and the practicality is very good.

In addition, 1 AA alkaline battery, instruction manual and receiver are included in the box. The packaging of the mouse is even simpler, except for the manual, there is only one receiver and a data cable, there is nothing superfluous, and I like this clean and capable style.

Get started:

Although the keyboard of the Bluetooth + 2.4GHz wireless module is very common on the market, it is still rare to be able to connect the keyboard of 4 devices at a time, and the Double Feiyan FBK25 is such a existence. Because this keyboard is equipped with two wireless modules, it can achieve 4-channel connection, in addition to Bluetooth can connect three devices, the 2.4GHz module can also connect an additional device, which means that as long as you have this keyboard, you can switch back and forth between laptops, tablets, desktops and mobile phones and seamlessly connect, which is simply too practical for office workers.

It not only improves office efficiency, but also keeps users’ desktops tidy. In the upper left of the double Feiyan FBK25 keyboard, a storage slot is specially set up, it is used to place the mobile phone, as long as the mobile phone screen does not exceed 6.8 inches, the whole screen can be placed in the storage slot, convenient to better place the mobile phone, so as to achieve seamless switching in the process of office or entertainment, you can use which one you want, isn’t this the simple operation of “multi-device cross-screen”?

In addition, my favorite is the numeric keypad area of Shuangfeiyan FBK25, every time I use the notebook to make a report, I will encounter the problem of slow number input, and since I started this keyboard, I no longer need to enter numbers slowly one by one at the top of the keyboard of the laptop, and the one-handed operation can easily complete the number input, and the work efficiency has been significantly improved. A report that normally takes one hour to complete can now be completed in half an hour. Moreover, the design of the chocolate keycap also reduces the noise of knocking, and you will not feel sore hands after tapping for a long time, even if you work overtime late at night, you don’t have to worry about disturbing your family’s rest.

Of course, as a wireless Bluetooth keyboard, battery life is also a matter of great concern to consumers. Double Feiyan FBK25 keyboard has an intelligent power saving mode, a set of high-capacity batteries can last 12 months, such a battery life, what do you have to worry about? Of course, a good keyboard is inseparable from a good mouse, and the double Feiyan FB35CS wireless mouse chosen by the author is also excellent, and the combination of these two products is simply a “perfect match”.

First of all, the appearance of the double Feiyan FB35CS wireless Bluetooth rechargeable mouse is very high, and the contrast of silver and white is mixed and matched, which is advanced and stylish. It adopts an ergonomic design, the grip feels comfortable and fits, even if it is used for a long time, there will be no sore wrists, and the silent design really loves it.

Secondly, the FB35CS mouse is also equipped with a multi-function side button, which can be used to quickly turn pages when browsing the web or viewing documents, which can effectively improve work efficiency and relieve the pressure of the index finger. It is worth mentioning that this side button also supports customization, if according to your own use needs, through the software to set the side button function, this is quite intimate.

In addition, Shuangfeiyan FB35CS mouse can support up to 2400DPI four-stage speed regulation function, under different screen movement speeds, you can switch the most suitable DPI, the mouse will be more comfortable and smooth to use, perfect to achieve the effect of “pointing where to hit”.

Overall, Shuangfeiyan FBK25 Bluetooth keyboard and FB35CS Bluetooth mouse have a very good performance, not only the appearance is brilliant enough, the practicality is also very strong, the key is that the price is not expensive, domestic products are cattle!