Hua Chenyu is also too good! Long blonde hair with rose tattoos, seconds to become a rebellious melancholy prince

Hua Chenyu is a familiar singer, cute appearance and the same temperament as noble son, so that Hua Chenyu can always show a maverick side among many singers, in addition to being a singer, Hua Hua also often participates in the variety show “Ace to Ace”, and Shen Teng, Jia Ling, Guan Xiaotong and other artists contribute countless variety show jokes.

Recently, Hua Chenyu posted a selfie of himself on social platforms, dyed his long blonde hair, wore a black robe with a V-neck, and the rose tattoo on his neck was very eye-catching. It seems that for many years since his debut, Hua Chenyu has hardly dyed such an exaggerated hair color, and this time the blonde hair style is more fair-skinned, and if you look closely, you will find that this rose blooms around the collarbone, which is unique.

Looking at Hua Chenyu coiling a strand of blonde hair behind his ear, such hairstyles and movements are usually not common, and he didn’t recognize it for a while, his facial features under the side face are exquisite, like a beautiful boy who came out of a comic, and there is a huge petal tattoo on his arm, which looks very eye-catching, and the flower tattoo is very consistent with the temperament on the flower body, and this moment is like a rebellious melancholy prince.

After tying a low ponytail, Hua Chenyu stared at the camera, with a disdainful look in his eyes, looking very arrogant, sure enough, he is a unique singer, from hairstyle to makeup gives people a strong visual impact. I don’t know whether Hua Chenyu’s rose tattoo is a real tattoo or a tattoo sticker, and for a while polarized views appeared on the Internet.

Some netizens believe that Hua Chenyu himself is engaged in art, he can do whatever he wants, he is spontaneous and maverick, and there is nothing wrong with the shape this time, but it looks noble and elegant. Some netizens believe that as an artist, you should not get a tattoo, which may bring negative effects.

In this regard, Hua Chenyu’s side did not respond to anything, I think Hua Chenyu, as a public figure or adult, he should know what he is doing, be clear about his words and deeds, and will not deliberately label himself badly. This time, the blonde hair style looks very expensive, is there a new album coming out?

Rose tattoos aside, Hua Chenyu seems to really love long hair, and at several concert scenes, he looks very tasteful to see him with long hair. Sometimes in order to create a unique stage effect, he will pick up a strand of silver hair at the end of his hair, and the black and white feeling has a rock ‘n’ roll fan.

Wearing a plaid shirt, long black hair, and huge stud earrings, Hua Chenyu’s stage charm is simply handsome to a new height, every look and every movement is very lethal, like the return of the king, the aura is invincible, and the stage of the concert is his home field.

After changing into a white puffy blouse, Hua Chenyu opened his arms, a fairy fluttering temperament came to his face, one second he was a rock singer, the next second he became a gentle and jade-like son, each long hair style interpreted a different charm.

I have to say that Hua Chenyu is really good at playing, a boy with long hair can also be handsome like this, this time dyed with blonde hair, with a different kind of rose tattoo, this kind of melancholy prince style, how do you feel?

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#Brilliance Yu Long Blonde Hair Styling#

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