You read that right, that’s how mechanical watches are played badly

1. Wear a mechanical watch to play badminton

Mechanical watches are a kind of precision instruments, and their movements are composed of many small parts, which are very afraid of impact or vibration, because it is easy to cause parts to fall off. There was once a cousin who stopped directly because he played badminton twice in a row, resulting in a movement failure, so it is recommended that everyone please do not wear a mechanical watch when exercising.

In addition, sports mechanical watches are only sporty in appearance, and they are not really watches that can be worn to participate in sports, after all, they are still mechanical watches.

Second, wear a mechanical watch to take a hot bath

Many people like mechanical watches This is understandable, but it is somewhat difficult to understand when taking a bath without taking it off, maybe many people will feel that their watch is waterproof, so they are too lazy to take it off when bathing, here is a misunderstanding, waterproof is not fake, but not anti-steam, hot water vapor is almost pervasive, coupled with thermal expansion and cold contraction will accelerate the aging of the waterproof rubber ring.

It may be nothing once or twice, but over time the watch loses its waterproof function, and once the water enters the water the consequences are irreversible, in short, the mechanical watch should not touch hot water.

3. Wear a mechanical watch to play mahjong

It is estimated that many people will wonder, can you not play mahjong with a watch? Of course not, we are mainly talking about automatic mahjong machine, automatic mahjong machine belongs to a strong magnetic field object, and the mechanical watch is most afraid of the magnetic field, the magnetic field can be silently magnetized mechanical watch, and the accuracy of the magnetized mechanical watch will be greatly reduced, serious direct stop.

Therefore, it is recommended that in daily life, whether the mechanical watch is worn or placed, it must be away from various strong magnetic field objects, such as televisions, radios, stereos and so on.

Fourth, wear a watch and never keep a watch

Mechanical watch needs maintenance, this is a cliché topic, generally speaking, mechanical watches need 3-5 years to maintain once, mechanical watches in the long-term use of parts wear, lubricating oil stain, if a long time do not maintain the watch state can only be worse and worse, proper maintenance can not only keep the watch in good condition, but also can effectively extend the service life of the watch.

5. Long-term opening of the timing function

Chronograph is also a popular watch type in recent years, but many people do not know much about this watch, and there are even misunderstandings. For example, the wrong chronograph hand as a second hand long-term use, to know that the timing is a complete set of gears, long-term opening will inevitably accelerate gear wear, increase the failure rate, but also easy to lead to insufficient power of the watch.