Mine big brother installed performance small steel cannon! Portable small host 5700G installed sharing

I remember that I have loved DIY computers since high school and enjoyed the installation process.

The university read the magazine “Microcomputer” and saw that it taught you how to mine bitcoins with a computer, and I didn’t take it seriously at that time, looked at Tu Yile, didn’t expect it, and cried

Coach, I want to learn mining

Having said that, over the years, I have helped my friends and relatives install many desktops, and I have installed many of my own computers. AMD platform from Athlon to Ryzen, Intel from E3 entry to 11th generation Core, all tossed over.

The favorite machine also changed from the original big host, to MATX, and then to today’s ITX, like the new type, like the small steel cannon. The following applause invites today’s protagonist to appear

Positive view

Introduce the following configuration:

CPU:AMD R7 5700G

Motherboard: MSI MPG b550i gaming edge Wifi

Heat dissipation: Limin AXP90-X47 changed to Owl NF-A9x14 fan

Memory: Zhiqi Halberd DDR4 3200 C16 8G*2

Hard disk: Kaixia RC10 1T*2

Power supply: Yiheng 7025B 250W small 1u

Chassis: 99 gold chassis bought by TB

Full package

Some people must ask, isn’t the 5700G to be paired with high-frequency memory? How to get on the Halberd 3200, in fact, because the memory is idle, the hard disk is also idle, let’s use it first.

As for the FSP Group MS450 seen in the picture, it is because I bought another chassis solution, the 7.5L overclocked Trihummingbird ITX chassis with the SFX power supply.

This larger hummingbird can be fitted with a dual-fan graphics card

Speaking of this 4.3L small host, the interior is very compact, the motherboard recommends not to screw first, first connect the wires and then tighten the screws.

Internal diagram

All wires are connected

This fan is almost covered

The motherboard interface is complete and has a front Type-C port

You can see that there is basically no capacity after installation, and a 180mm full-height card can be inserted in the back, but my 5700G is installed in this small chassis, and I never thought of installing a graphics card again. Without a graphics card, the free space can be used to put the hard disk.

No problem to install a hard disk without a graphics card in the back

Close the test machine

Light up once

Take a simple test with software


This Zhike is so faceless that it can’t be measured


This 5700G is 2099 dog east buy, 8 cores 16 threads, three slow than 5800X cut in half. On the whole, it is still close to 5800X, with more core graphics, which is a little valuable in the current era of soaring graphics cards. Built-in vega8


The frequency is a bit low

Kaixia disk was bought at the beginning of the year and wanted to use the P disk to mine Chia coins, but it collapsed not long after it was mined, and it has been idle without opening the package.

Because only PCIe 3.0 is supported, these two pieces of Kaixia are also enough.

Test it with the new version of Entertainment Master, let’s take a look

The score is not high (more than 1 million points per capita)

In standby mode, the CPU is about 50 degrees, the chicken is roasted, the CPU temperature is 71 degrees, and more importantly, at this time, the CPU fan that comes with Limin has reached 2600 rpm and took off! It’s really a big wind noise. The GPU temperature fluctuates at 58 degrees

Temperature aside, just this airport noise, decisively change!

The cat fan started

Second-hand East bought, arrived the next day.

Owl fan NF-A9X14

Change it on

The first cat fan in life

The appearance has improved again

The dogs also smell owls to join in the fun

Just like the tighter ones

Re-roast the chicken, to be honest, the temperature difference is not much, but this noise, the cat fan wins!

I would like to call you the strongest

Capped, finished, and finally posted a few pictures

The wings of freedom bought online are ugly

I usually play lol, civilization 6 is the mainstay, occasionally play Lao Roll 5, fairy sword or something. Genshin Naka painting is playable. If this article is liked a lot, I will write another article about what this ITX can do.

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