Sure enough, wearing a down jacket is still the most compatible with “small leg pants”, foreign age reduction and thinness, who wears who knows

Relying on warm clothing to stay alive is a must-have operation in winter. Although everyone is a fashionable elf who loves beauty, basic warmth operations must be prepared. When winter comes, all kinds of coats become everyone’s favorite things, and if you want to say what is the most resistant and can survive the cold winter, of course, it is a down jacket.

Down jacket for friends in the north and south are indispensable warm artifacts, the climate in the south is mainly wet and cold, cold is also fatal, and friends in the north is not to mention, a whole winter almost rely on down. So how to match down, is the most classic? Of course, the skinny leg artifact – small leg pants!

Although small leg pants are a relatively basic item, they play a role in many clothing matches, especially when matching some long and large tops, or pedicure shoes, you need to use small leg pants to play a better wearing effect. So when it comes to what is the best item to match with a down jacket, it is still necessary to be small leg pants, wearing foreign style and youthful, full of age-reducing effect.

And the combination of down jacket and small leg pants is not a single form, don’t look at the basic items, but the combination between them can change a variety of wearing methods, from the style and length of the down jacket, to the length of the small leg pants and the combination with shoes, can make you conjure up a variety of foreign effects.

How to wear “small leg pants” to look good?

The first point: list the body types that are suitable for small leg pants

(1) Strawberry-shaped body: wide shoulders and thin legs

Strawberry-shaped girls, when wearing small leg pants, can just highlight the slender lines of their slender legs. Girls of this size, with loose down jackets and small leg pants, just achieve the true sense of promoting strengths and avoiding weaknesses, shoulder width can be covered by a spacious jacket, and thin legs are expressed through small leg pants.

(2) Three and seven points ratio thin and tall

The ratio of three to seven points is that the upper body is short and the lower body is long, and the overall highlights are concentrated in the position of the legs. The proportion of leg length occupies most of the body, and the whole person looks tall and long, if it happens to be a girl with a relatively thin skeleton, this figure with small leg pants is simply perfect!

(3) The leg shape is straight, no bending

There is no need to pay attention to being too thin, but the leg shape is not significantly curved, and the overall visual feeling is a straight leg, which is also very suitable for wearing small leg pants. This straight leg shape, wearing small leg pants, can outline the line, giving people a better visual sense.

The second point: smart lightning protection area

For people with poor legs or thick legs, how to wear small leg pants? It’s not that you can’t touch the small leg pants at all, and you have to give up these pants. If you can recognize the shortcomings of your legs, you can borrow a down jacket for the upper body, or shoes for the lower body to improve, which can also be covered.

Tip (1): The length of the down jacket should be selected

Avoid short models and prefer mid-length models

A short down jacket has a disadvantage, that is, it is not suitable for people with wide hips and thick thighs. Not covering the buttocks, or just covering the length of the buttocks, are all styles that directly expose the shortcomings of the legs, it is easy to appear that the butt is large and the thighs are thick, and the whole person looks short and fat.

And choosing a mid-length down jacket greatly reduces this embarrassment. The mid-length down jacket successfully covers the thicker parts of the hips and thighs tightly, and the legs left are relatively slender parts, which naturally look good with small leg pants.

Tip (2): Small leg pants avoid direct galoshes, it is recommended to score nine

In order to play a warm role, many girls directly choose small leg trousers when wearing small leg pants, or directly put on a pair of boots that can directly stuff small leg pants into the shoe barrel, originally thought that it could create the effect of straight and slender legs, but did not expect that there was no excessive gap in the wearing method, more thick legs.

The effect of wearing cropped leg pants is completely different, whether it is paired with casual style sneakers or tough boots, there is white space at the anble, which can be visually high.

Upgrade improvements:


If you like girls who wear trousers with small feet, shoes can be selected directly

Long boots

Pair it with small legs that fit seamlessly into your boots, which in turn lengthen your legs and define your legs, which is completely different from the stacking effect of booties.


If the leggings are too long, you can choose

Pull up a layer of trouser legs

, so that the trousers instantly become a layered style, but also become a nine-point length, so that when matching shoes, especially booties, the whole leg will not be buried in the shoe.

Master the matching rules of “down jacket + small leg pants”

Rule 1, bright color + classic color

The color of small leggings is generally the classic black and denim elements, because these two colors are the most versatile, and they are the least error-prone when paired with tops of various colors. Choose a brighter down jacket to increase the sense of vitality, and match the classic color of small leg pants, which will not exaggerate and reduce age.

Wearing method 1: red down jacket + black small leg pants

The fiery red down jacket is particularly eye-catching, and in the cold winter, it is like a warm flame, lighting up the silence. Do not seize the limelight of red down, directly match with the most basic black small leg pants, youth and age.

Wearing method 2: color-block diamond down jacket + black small leg pants

The color-blocking diamond check pattern is bursting with vitality, and the colorful colors are particularly eye-catching at a glance, and they have already occupied the limelight in terms of color. The mid-length fit is paired with black leg pants, which fully express the slenderness of the calves, with a girly feeling and a good figure.

Rule two, loose + tight

The elastic rule is one of the must-wear methods in winter, the down jacket on the upper body is loose and thick, and the pants on the lower body are small leg pants that fit the body to show off the figure. The wide + wide wearing method is easy to appear fat and short, and the full-body slim wearing method also appears to have no layering, which is easier to expose the short board of the body.

Rule three, more + less

Wearing thicker in winter is the norm, and the inside of the down jacket jacket can also be paired with some warmer sweaters, or choose to layer it more abundantly. After the upper body wears more elements, it is enough to choose simple single leg pants for the lower body. Avoid thick color on the lower body or too much stacking of pieces.

Wearing method 1: down jacket + jacket + undershirt

The bread-fit down jacket can also be layered over a slimmer jacket, and the coats of different thicknesses are layered together to achieve a modern feeling of layering. The underwear is a close-fitting and comfortable undershirt, layer by layer from thick to thin, not only foreign, but also warm.

Wearing method 2: down jacket + sweatshirt + fart curtain

A long down jacket with a sweatshirt with a fart curtain design and shark pants that are especially popular this year, to achieve the classic feeling of thinness that disappears the lower body. This superposition method accurately grasps the law of how much to wear, decreasing from more to less, and achieving the purpose of slimming legs.

Down jackets and leggings sound simple, but there are also many ways to wear them that can be changed at will. Match according to your body and favorite style, don’t look at two simple pieces, you can also wear the beautiful scenery of winter.