A pair of “light-colored jeans” goes spring and summer! The basic model is versatile and simple to wear, so that it is refreshing and clean

Spring girls wear elegant and ladylike skirts, but when wearing simple pants, they don’t have to worry about walking away, and the activities will not be bound and limited by clothing, and they will obviously feel lighter and more comfortable.

Light-colored jeans are fresh and clean, and they are a practical basic item, and casually put on a white T-shirt to be refreshing, clean and simple. Especially in spring and summer! There are also many ways to wear light-colored jeans that are simple and refreshing and clean. How everyone matches, let’s take a look together!

1. Blue vertical striped shirt + white bottoming top + light jeans

In spring, blue outfits have a sense of freedom and freshness, and the combination of white pieces is clean and bright, enough to give people a bright effect. A blue vertical striped shirt with a pure white bottom top, which has a sense of layering, and the color scheme is very simple and clean.

Wear it with a pair of light-colored jeans that drape strongly for a casual feel. The outfit is simple and comfortable and very youthful, giving people a sense of relaxation without burden, which is very comfortable and eye-catching!

2. Short small fragrant jacket + white shirt + wide-leg pants

“White shirt + wide-leg jeans” is a classic combination that you can’t get tired of wearing it. Simple and generous and fast and convenient, wide wide-leg pants can modify the leg line when worn on the body, and girls with thick legs can wear wide-leg pants to “promote their strengths and avoid weaknesses” for their own body problems.

High-waisted wide-leg pants appear high on the upper body, and they are also super imposing when worn. A basic white shirt paired with light-colored jeans is casual and neat. Wearing a short little fragrant coat also adds a sense of elegance and sophistication.

3. Lilac suit + white knitted bottoms + light-colored flared pants

The basic solid color suit, simple and clean, easy to wear and easy to control every day. The suit is a very healing soft lilac, and it is also gentle and ladylike when worn on the body, and the temperament is very gentle and idyllic. Layered over a plain white knit undershirt, it’s decent and generous.

The pants are paired with a pair of light blue flared jeans, and the color is super fresh and clean. The small design of the flared pants is also very highlighted, with a little retro charm, very personal. A light-colored outfit is refreshing and clean, and the eye is full of points.

4. White shirt + rolled jeans

The basic white shirt is paired with a pair of light-colored rolled jeans, which are clean and sophisticated, and the simple fit is full of texture. Layer a black and white striped sweater over to add layers to your outfit.

If you feel that the simple and fresh blue and white color scheme is too monotonous, you can also use some bright colors to embellish. With a delicate and small red bag and red single shoes full of French style, the look has both highlights and the overall sense of atmosphere immediately comes up.

5. White coat + light blue jeans

The color of the white little fragrant coat is pure and clean, and it has a pure girlish temperament when worn on the body, and it looks soft and sticky and delicate and cute. The exquisite workmanship and simple colors look very high-quality.

With a pair of light blue jeans, casual and casual, full of youthful vitality. Wearing a pair of small white shoes, a simple blue and white outfit is refreshing and clean without losing the sense of delicate and noble, very attractive.

6. Light gray sweatshirt + light jeans

The sweatshirt loved by the lazy party, the comfort of the upper body is completely unspeakable. The simple sweatshirt to wear every day is also super convenient. Wear a light gray sweatshirt with super versatile colors, and the bright green and blue letter logo adds highlights and fashion trends to the outfit.

With a pair of light-colored jeans, the combination of low saturation is more textured, and a casual sports-style sweatshirt is not only light and comfortable, but also very stylish and personal, very young attitude.

7. Light-colored denim jacket + white T-shirt + light-colored skinny jeans

Wearing denim is also super cool, and if it is very suitable for dark retro denim in autumn and winter, it is very suitable for light color refreshing style in spring and summer. The light-colored denim jacket is layered over a white T-shirt, fresh and clean.

The pants are paired with a pair of light-colored skinny jeans, and the high-waisted and close-fitting style and high-stretch material make it look thin and tall. Dressed with denim elements, the collision of colors and materials is full of layers. The overall refreshing and clean cool feeling is very fanciful.

8. Blue knitted cardigan + white T-shirt + light slim straight jeans

Slim light-colored straight-leg jeans, the upper body raises the hip line and shows the legs and long legs, which can define the curves of the body. Simply paired with a white T-shirt looks very refreshing and clean, simple and generous. Wear over a lightly colored blue knitted cardigan.

The soft and sticky material and soft color make it very gentle. The jacket and pants are blue, and the matching of the same color looks very harmonious overall. Wear a pair of light and comfortable little white shoes, look gentle and temperamental, you can travel out on the street, daily practicality is super high!