Crowdfunding ranking: Eco-friendly bags that can fit in your pocket, ultra-light and ultra-portable for daily use

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As an environmentalist, geek Jun wants to bring his own eco-bag every time he goes to the supermarket, but he forgets it every time. After all, environmental protection bags are inconvenient and not cool, and they are much more convenient than plastic bags.

To make shopping bags more portable and convenient for daily use, TipTop Things from Hong Kong designed a super mini shopping bag Nanobag 2.0.

Nanobag 2.0 has a clean look and comes in a variety of colors, like this:

Looking at the big shopping bag, but the folded size is super small, only one-third the size of the palm of the hand:

After opening, the capacity can be not small, the maximum space can reach 18L:

Waterproof nano-coating protects against splashing water:

The eco-friendly bag is very light, only 22 grams, with super soft ripstop nylon fabric,

Can be folded at will, quickly compressed, and put in your pocket:

Perfect for everyday use, no more carrying large shopping bags.

The wide and wide carry design allows for more even weight distribution, which is convenient to carry on the shoulder:

In addition to the handheld version, Nanobag 2.0, there is also an upgraded version of the backpack strap Nanopack.

Also with ultra-light, portable features.

Nanobag 2.0 design is very daily, for the current environmental protection life provides a very good creative solution, geek jun also want one~


Nanobag 2.0

It is crowdfunding on Kickstarter for an early bird price of HK$71 (about 62 RMB), which is currently available


People support, raise together


RMB。 If all goes well, expect in




Monthly shipments.

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