2021 Babysitting Worker (Level 5) Exam Questions and Nursery Worker (Level 5) Homework Exam Question Bank

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The 2021 Nursery (Level 5) Exam is a theoretical exam topic for students who are preparing for the Nursery (Level 5) Operation Certificate, and the monthly update of the Nursery (Level 5) Homework Exam question bank wishes you a smooth pass of the Nursery (Level 5) Examination.

1. [Judgment question] If the vaccine cannot be injected in time due to many factors, the rabies vaccine should be used in accordance with the principle of “early injection is better than late injection, and late injection is better than no injection”. ()( √ )

2. [Judgment question] Water is the main component of human cells, the older the age, the less body fat, the larger the proportion of water. ()( × )

3. [Judgment question] In order to cultivate playmate relationships, whether infants and young children want to, it should be mandatory to share food or toys. ()( √ )

4. [Judgment question] It is not necessary for nursery to understand and master the basic knowledge and methods of anthropometry. ()( √ )

5. [Judgment question] Fish bones embedded near the tonsils, you should drink some vinegar to soften the fish bones, or swallow the hair ball, choke the fish bones. ()( × )

6. [Judgment question] The imagination of infants before the age of 3 belongs to creative imagination. ()( × )

7. [Judgment question] Infants and young children cannot be vaccinated against tetanus when they have fever. ()( √ )

8. [Judgment question] Because the carpet is soft, it is conducive to babies practicing walking. ()( × )

9. [Judgment question] After cleaning the buttocks for the baby, the buttocks should be exposed to the air for 10 minutes, and then replaced with clean diapers. ( × )

10. [Single choice question] Supplementary foods are added and supplemented with other nutrients according to the increase in the demand for various nutrients at different stages of infants’ growth and development. ( B )

A. Main foods

B. Supplementary food

C. Add food

D. Supplementary food

11. [Multiple choice question] Making food for babies with their own hands is more secure. ( A )

A. Security

B. Quality

C. Nutrition

D. Hygiene

12. [Single choice question] The principle of teaching and training is ( ( B )

A. The principle of standardized operation

B. The principle of standardizing operation and the principle of linking theory with practice

C. The principle of interaction and the principle of teacher-student interaction

D. Principles of dictation and operation

13. [Multiple choice questions] The content that does not belong to the precautions for the preparation, design and implementation of individualized teaching plans is (). ( B )

A. The design of the game should start from the local, local and individual conditions, and combine the actual situation of the baby

B. Compile the game in accordance with the parents’ requirements

C. In compiling games, it is necessary to consider the developmental value of the social field for infants and the physical and mental characteristics of infants

D. The implementation of the game should be guided by the goals in each field proposed, combined with the baby’s development level, experience and needs

14. [Single choice question] The water loss of the human body accounts for more than 5%~10% of body weight can be judged as (). ( B )

A. Mild dehydration

B. Moderate dehydration

C. Severe dehydration

D. Water poisoning

15. [Single choice question] Families with children with asthma should pay attention not to raising small animals, avoid fluffy toys, carpets, straw mats, etc. because these items may cause ( ( C )

A. Air pollution

B. Hepatitis

C. Allergies

D. Suffocation

16. [Single choice question] Causes of night terrors in 6-month-old infants and young children ( B )

A. Excessive tension during the day

B. Disorder of sleep physiological process

C. Nightmares

D. Indications of disease

17. [Single choice question] Drinking plain water can not only meet children’s physiological needs for water, but also provide them with a part (). ( A )

A. Minerals and trace elements

B. Protein

C. Fat

D. Carbohydrates

18. [Single choice question] Occupation concentrates on the three major elements of social relations ( D )

A. Name, right, benefit

B. Responsibility, responsibility, benefit

C. Truth, goodness, beauty

D. Responsibility, right and benefit

19. [Multiple choice] () is three different areas of life with different moral standards (B)

A. Ideological morality, family virtues, social virtues

B. Professional ethics, family virtues, social morality

C. Professional ethics, political morality, social justice

D. Professional ethics, family virtues, scientific morality

20. [Single choice question] Professional discipline is the code of conduct of enterprises, and professional discipline has the characteristics of ( A )

A. Clear prescriptiveness

B. High degree of compulsion

C. Universality

D. Voluntary

21. [Single choice question] As an important content of professional ethics, love and dedication refer to employees ( C )

A. Love your favorite position

B. Love rich positions

C. Strengthen professional responsibility

D. There should be no more career changes

22. [Single choice question] The functions of corporate culture do not include ( ) ( D )

A. Incentive function

B. Guiding function

C. Integration function

D. Entertainment functions

23. [Single choice question] The parts where the temperature of a sick infant is measured are the armpits, mouth, (). ( A )

A. Anus

B. Fingertips

C. Ankle

D. Nasal cavity

24. [Multiple choice question] The correct way to bathe the baby is ( C )

A. Undress first—- gently put the baby into the tub —- put water in

B. Undress first—– put in cold water—– put the baby in the bathtub —– put hot water

C. Test the temperature of the water —- undressing—– pour the baby into the water —- pour the bath gel into your hands— evenly apply it to the baby—- wash it with water

D. Put the baby lightly into the water—- coat the baby with dew—- and fill the tub with water

25. [Single choice question] () and so on are widely available protein A ( A )

A. Animal oil, sesame oil, peanut oil, rice, dried fruit, corn

B. Eggs, milk, lean meat, fish, soy products, wheat, rice, dried fruits, corn

C. Cream, fish oil, milk, vegetables, dried fruits, coarse

D. Cereals, roots, sugar, lean meat, fish, soy products and wheat

26. [Multiple choice] (), which can guide infants to understand natural phenomena. ( B )

A. Distinguish the weather by observing the surrounding environment

B. Distinguish day and night by observing the stars

C. Understand the weather by observing the sun

D. Distinguish day and night by observing the sun and moon

27. [Multiple choice question] Babies often () express their perceptions and needs. ( D )

A. Pronunciation

B. Gestures

C. Spoken language

D. Facial expressions, body movements and crying and laughter

28. [Multiple choice] () is the order in which unit teaching activities are carried out. ( D )

A. First determine the weekly teaching activities, then determine the unit, and finally formulate the teaching plan

B. Determine the unit first, then formulate the teaching plan, and finally determine the daily teaching activities

C. Formulate the overall teaching plan first, then determine the teaching activities, and finally determine the unit

D. First formulate the teaching plan, then determine the unit, and finally determine the weekly teaching activities

29. [Multiple choice question] Individual speech is mainly through ( ) ( A )

A. Organs of speech and hearing

B. Digestive organs and urinary organs

C. Hearing organs and visual organs

D. Respiratory organs and digestive organs

30. [Multiple choice] Infants within () should systematically consume cereals, beans, poultry, meat, fish, liver, eggs, milk, vegetable oils, dark vegetables and fruits to meet the needs of infants’ brain cells and body development. ( A )

A. 1 year old

B. 8 months

C. 6 months

D. 4 months

31. [Multiple choice] () Activities should include short-term goals for each baby. ( B )

A. Freedom

B. Groups

C. Non-teaching

D. One-on-one teaching

32. [Multiple choice] () time is the time for the baby’s single word pronunciation. ( C )

A. About one and a half years old

B. About two years old

C. About one year old

D. About two and a half years old

33. [Multiple choice question] is one of the main problems of emotional occurrence in infants and young children. ( B )

A. Dependency

B. Crying

C. Waywardness

D. Overbearing

34. [Single choice question] Infant breathing characteristics: (). ( A )

A. Infants and young children have a faster respiratory rate, and the younger the age, the faster the respiratory rate

B. The respiratory rate of infants and young children is faster, and the younger the age, the slower the respiratory rate

C. The respiratory rate of infants and young children is slower, and the younger the age, the faster the respiratory rate

D. Infants and young children have a slower respiratory rate, and the younger the age, the slower the respiratory rate

35. [Multiple choice question] The main form of thinking produced by infants and young children in the 1~3 years old stage is (). ( B )

A. Embryonic thinking

B. Perceptual action thinking

C. Specific image thinking

D. Abstract logical thinking

36. [Multiple choice question] What does not produce calories in the diet are vitamins and (). ( C )

A. Fat

C. Minerals

37. [Multiple choice question] Lack of human fat will cause (). ( B )

A. Rickets

B. Fat-soluble vitamin deficiency

C. Anemia

D. Obesity

38. [Multiple choice] is the correct way to establish a good attachment relationship with an infant. ( C )

A. Fix one person with older children

B. Meet all the needs of the baby

C. Caress, look at the baby, talk and play more

D. Do not pay attention to any activities of the baby

39. [Multiple choice] () is not a method of infant development assessment. ( C )

A. Developmental diagnosis method

B. Developmental screening method

C. Traditional assessment method

D. Observation and evaluation method

40. [Single choice question] In professional ethics activities, do () to customers in line with the specific requirements of language norms ( C )

A. Meticulous speech and repeated introduction

B. The language should be fast and not waste guests’ time

C. There is no taboo when there is an honorific title

D. Serious language and self-esteem

41. [Single choice question] The heat energy provided by food should reach the total daily heat energy (), so it is called a staple food ( B )





42. [Multiple choice question] The position of the head of infants and young children when nosebleeds should be, lower their heads and pinch the sides of the nose wings with their fingers, and the more suitable time is (). ( D )





43. [Single choice question] Opening the window to breathe air is the main way to keep the air in the baby’s room good, in addition to ( C )

A. Regularly sweep and diversify some flowers and plants

B. A variety of flowers and plants are conducive to purifying the air

C. Pay attention to greening during regular cleaning 

D. Just pay attention to greenery

44. [Single choice question] After weaning, infants can start a daily ( ) meal system after gradually adapting to various complementary foods ( B )

A. Three meals and three points

B. Three meals and two points

C. Three meals a little

D. Two meals and two o’clock

45. [Multiple choice question] Vaccination should not be given when hungry on an empty stomach to avoid serious reactions such as (). ( C )

A. Convulsions

B. Allergies

C. Hypoglycemia

D. High fever

46. [Single choice question] Individual teaching plans for infants can be implemented through ( ) ( D )

A. Expert lectures

B. Speech Forum

C. Extracurricular groups

D. One-on-one individual teaching, group teaching, group teaching

47. [Multiple choice question] Fetal head occupies the length of ().( A )





48. [Single choice question] Adapt to the environment of infant life ( A )

A. It is conducive to the healthy growth of infants

B. It is conducive to infant sleep

C. It is conducive to infant exercise

D. It is conducive to infant metabolism

49. [Multiple choice] Calcium deficiency may cause ( ) ( A )

A. Rickets and tetany

B. Hemocytopenia, resulting in anemia

C. Short stature, pica, loss of appetite, poor wound healing, etc

D. Leukemia, mental retardation, stupidity, etc

50. [Single choice question] Minerals and trace elements that are easy to lack and have a greater impact on infant development are () and so on, (A)

A. Calcium, iron, zinc, iodine

B. Calcium, iron, phosphorus, copper

C. Potassium, magnesium, cobalt, bowl

D, cobalt, fluorine, zinc, sulfur

The above is the 2021 Nursery (Level 5) Exam Questions and the Nursery (Level 5) Homework Exam Question Bank. Support accurate infant care worker (level 5) examination questions in all regions of the country, and support safety qualification certificates, special operation operation certificates, vocational skill appraisals and other work question bank exercises.

B. Protein

D. Carbohydrates