Crazy heartbeat! 20 versatile and affordable bags, spring back is also too suitable

Hello wives, here is your cute child~

Let’s just say

“Cure all diseases”

That’s right! I found that the road to buying bags really has no end, and this is not that I have put in two more bags in the past two days~

After all, spring is coming, in addition to spring clothes to buy, buy, buy, bags, but also to change new ones~ People like me who are more enthusiastic about styles,

Buying bags is basically more affordable, so it’s OK to wear clothes!

Today I will share with my sisters the beautiful bags in the shopping cart! I also intimately divided the treasures

Sweet fairy, daily commute and cute fun,

Let’s see which one you like the most~

First of all, it’s the sweet little bag I love too much! Like me, I like Korean girly style or sweeter girls, so it’s very suitable

Small lace, bows, pearls

Such elements~

In the choice of color is also based on

Morandi, Macaron

This kind of light color is the main color, and it looks great with a small skirt!

Spring and summer is to carry this little fresh bag!

Full of spring vitality~

Help me! This mini canvas bag is also too good-looking! There are a lot of small fresh colors suitable for spring, and it is very sweet with ruffles~

Perfect for wearing a small skirt!

This mini bag has

Baby pink, baby blue, white

Three colors, each one is very versatile! Spring is this bright color~

The bag can also be used for two purposes, usually wearing a skirt directly in hand, and also giving a shoulder strap diagonal span~

It’s miniature but super packed!

This bag belongs to yes

Sweet + Spice Girls

combination, sweet and cool!

White bow with metal chain, but with pearl panels, it looks even sweeter~ black is a pure metal chain, cool and balanced by a bow!

This bag is even more miniature, basically can only be used to hold “cute” hh~ In fact, the keys and lipsticks necessary to go out can be installed!

The colors are goose yellow, rose pink, and Klein blue, and the colors are more eye-catching!

The bag design is relatively niche and unique, suitable for sisters with personality!

Antique really yyds!

Vintage embroidery with pearl chain has a taste! Wear Hanfu or cheongsam to travel, and bring it is the finishing touch~

I liked this bag at first sight! Order now! Its material is very special, it is wavy quilted with laminated PU fabric,

It can be waterproof, so it is very resistant to dirt~

The fabric is also


Just like the feeling of pearls ~ with red cherry elements, the feeling of retro sweetness and cuteness comes~

Many sisters must have entered the workplace,

Bags for commuting

In fact, you don’t need to be too bells and whistles, you just want it

Simple and fit!

Tote bag

It is very suitable for workplace sisters to carry, especially if you usually need to bring more things, tote bags can be packed and are also very fashionable and easy to match!

Because it is necessary to have temperament and a capable feeling, the style will be relatively simple,

The color matching is basically black and white, khaki~

For those who usually bring a lot of things, this tote bag is very suitable for you! The soft leather material texture is very comfortable,

Books, materials, water glasses and everything else!

This baguette bag we just say one word “premium”! Minimalist design

Simple but not monotonous

On the contrary, there is a particularly high-end texture, and it is really excellent with a suit~

Sisters who prefer a sense of design, choose this pea bag directly! The irregular design is like a big pea, and it is a little cute~

The body is minimalist but also designed!

Black will always be classic and will not go out of style ~ Simple buckle envelope bag that can be carried all year round!

With a shirt, you have the feeling of a Korean temperament young lady!

How can spring not have a green bag? Whether it’s dark or light, it’s so good-looking! The white model is also very versatile~

And the tote bag type has a large capacity, which is very suitable for sisters who bring more things or go to class!

The leather is oil wax skin, which looks very big brand texture~

The bodice of this bag is very recognizable, full of retro but stylish, and it will be very old to wear with it! The body of the bag feels so good that it blows

Texture fabric, exquisite super brand~

Fall in love with this green in a second! So fresh! The whole bag is light and lazy, with a faint gray mist green, which is amazing!

On her back, the heroine of the rich and precious flowers in the world!

Spring is coming, all sorts of bells and whistles

Funny bags

It can also come in handy~ Especially when going out to play, simple clothing with a fun bag is very different!

And the funny little bag is also more unique, like

Food styling, fruit styling

La, can invisibly highlight our girlish heart~

There are also those that have been more popular recently

Beaded and crochet bags

Sisters can also buy material packs and try them out, the small packets they make are really fragrant!

This small bag can be used as a pen bag, cosmetic bag, and carry some small things with you to go out!

The corduroy material is very smooth to the touch, sticky ~

The handmade crochet bag that has been popular in the past two years, the wife is cute! But after all, it is a purely handmade work, and the price gap between the material package and the finished product is quite large.

Skilful sisters can buy material packs to try it~

What is it like to carry a phone with you?

The return rate is super high

The retro phone shape patent leather bag back on the street is also too eye-catching!

Silicone bag sisters should rarely see it~ SpongeBob’s bright yellow is super suitable for spring, and

Silicone material without scratches, dirt-resistant and easy to clean,

The back is still very light, which is very suitable for carrying out to play~

Sisters with girly hearts, oversized bows straight get! The large size will be more exaggerated, so if you want to be low-key, you can choose the small one~

This bag also made different colors, because it is a special-shaped bag, the capacity is not very large, but the daily belongings can be placed,

In short, beauty is it!!

The colorful jelly beaded bag is also too personal!

There is basically no possibility of bumping bags when you back out of the street~ The translucent texture looks great in the sun, which is very suitable for spring outings or wearing small skirts!

This one is also available

DIY material pack

Drip, sisters who can do handicrafts can knit a unique one by themselves, and the price is more cost-effective ~ Quietly tell you that I entered a ready to play by yourself!

This hamburger shape is too suitable for foodie sisters~ For different matches, it can be crossed diagonally and handheld, and the shape is also cute!

Cute student party sisters must enter!

Wow, it’s really cool to visit a lot of bag shops at once! Sisters, let’s chop hands with me~ A beautiful spring is indispensable for a versatile bag!