Summer basket handbags are suddenly a hit! European and American women can really play, so that they can become fashionable

For summer outfits, many young ladies must have already purchased the same, but I’m afraid you still dare not go out now, why? It must be because the bags in your wardrobe are a little “old”, hindering your face, don’t want to match new outfits, if you are still struggling to find a bag with a rich personality, Sister Mei recommends five bags for you today, definitely let you in this summer, new tricks!

LOOK1: “Vegetable Basket” handbag.

The design of this handbag in this photo is inspired by the “vegetable basket”, but the fabric of the body is replaced with khaki cotton and linen to make the surface look more textured and at the same time more stylish.

Different from the previous “vegetable basket bag”, the cotton and linen woven fabric used in this bag is rougher, but this can better reflect the fashion sense of the collocation, and blue cotton and linen balls are added to the top of the bag, making the flat bag look a lot more three-dimensional.

LOOK2: Semi-round handbag.

There are many colors and styles of semi-circular handbags, and the semi-circular handbag in the photo is designed in a pale pink color, and the rectangular cutout lines make the body look more spacey, and the sense of fashion has also increased a lot.

Different from the setting of the previous semi-circular handbag, the color of this semi-circular tote bag is dark coffee, and it still adopts a rectangular cutout body design, and the wearer wears a white slit dress, and the upper body matching effect is particularly personal.

If you want to match the semi-round handbag to be more fashionable, we can be like the young lady in the photo, with a cotton and linen hollow skirt on the lower body, and the hollow fashion elements are reflected in the two aspects of the body and skirt, which will raise the overall effect to a level.

Different from the design of the previous semi-circular handbag, this handbag belongs to one of the branches of the semi-circular handbag, called “” boat-type handbag, this style of bag looks more artistic, in terms of color selection, we try to choose apricot yellow or khaki color.

LOOK3: Bucket tote.

The barrel-shaped handbag belongs to this year’s new style bag, as the name suggests, the shape of the bag is designed into a round barrel, which allows us to match more fashionable, and this style of bag is versatile, suitable for most summer wear.

The young lady in the photo is wearing a dark and light striped dress, the stripe design of the upper part of the skirt is relatively wide, and the lower body is more delicate, from the first glance of the vision, it will form a very strong sense of layering, plus with a bucket handbag, making this outfit more distinctive.

LOOK4: Case tote.

Life is full of fashion, the design style and elements of the bag are also endless, the young lady in the photo is carrying a box-type handbag, the overall design of the bag is a three-dimensional rectangle, adding a variety of color woven materials, it seems to make the bag more colorful.

If you are sexy and introverted, Sister Mei recommends that you do not choose to buy a colorful box-type handbag for yourself, but buy a handbag of this solid woven material in the photo, “coffee + light khaki” makes the body look quiet and stylish.

Box-type handbags can be changed according to their needs, for example, we can replace the handstrap with a shoulder strap so that the bag can be carried on the shoulder, and we can also add cute and quirky decorations to the handbag to improve the fashion of the bag.

Matching guide: The upper body is wearing a simple casual style white long-sleeved shirt, which can be knotted when wearing, the lower body is matched with a regular style checked slacks, and a box-type handbag is carried on the shoulder, which is very simple fashion and very literary style.

LOOK5: Round handbag.

Compared with box-type, semi-circular handbags, round handbags will be more recognizable, and it is easier to be accepted by many young ladies, and the matching aspect is also very casual, such as the young lady in the photo, the whole wearing a polka-dot dress, with a round handbag, there is no “noise”.

Matching guide: Wear a loose style shirt on the upper body, the color is preferred white, denim blue, the lower body is matched with a pair of light cyan slim jeans, and a round bag is carried on the shoulder.

Sister Mei said that round bags belong to versatile bags, we can not only wear them when matching light-colored jeans, but also when wearing suspenders, but with suspenders, the top should be as sexy as possible, otherwise the sense of picture will feel “unspeakable”.

Fashionable bags as an indispensable part of the life of the little sister who loves beauty, we usually choose to buy, try to choose more versatile bags, so that not only can save resources, but also a pack of multi-matching, save time and effort, and save money!

Summer basket handbags are suddenly a hit! European and American women can really play, so that they can become fashionable