“Platform boots” are popular, versatile and fashionable, and this autumn and winter they are worn like this, which is particularly temperamental

Introduction: Are you still using Martin boots as the best match in winter, this year’s most popular platform boots can be another wave of fashion trends, knowing how to skillfully use clothing to present femininity is an excellent interpretation of fashion!

With the difference in fashion trends, the difference between each woman’s aesthetic ability and fashion taste, when choosing clothing items, we should pay attention to improving the overall advantage.

For example, modifying the curve of the body, outlining the waistline, highlighting the aura, and elegant temperament are all very good choices!

Popular elements are always sought after by the public, but also pay attention to suit themselves is the most important, the strength and avoidance of the short dressing skills are the most rigid need, followed by the exquisite strength brought by the details, all say that details determine success or failure, fashionable women must not only learn to chase fashion steps but also maintain elegance,

“Platform boots” It is popular, versatile and temperamental, quickly put the Martin boots aside.

Platform boots advantage

Increase body proportions

Compared with the general boot style platform can enhance the overall body line, the high advantage of platform boots is also very fashionable when paired with fashion items, such as straight pants, lamb wool coat, under the premise of modifying the body line can also perfectly interpret the trend!

Create an aura queen

A platform boot that’s just right can create a strong feminine aura, and the height of the platform is not only the best choice to show off the proportions of the body, but also to match the ankle-length piece to instantly show off the domineering queen style, and finally some accessories to choose from.

Eye-catching and beautiful accessories can often reflect good style strength,

For example, the matching of silk scarves, the embellishment of metal accessories, and the decoration of the bag belt are all good things worth buying, and they and platform boots can work together to create a feminine high-end temperament!

The style of platform boots

Thick-soled Martin boots

Platform boots come in a variety of styles, and each style design goes with different clothing, and the Martin boots style platform boots can be done to a great extent

Increasing the proportion of the body is more advantageous than the general flat bottom.

Whether it’s white or black versatile, platform Martin boots can win the favor of women and become an indispensable item in clothing matching, plus the advantage of being able to define the ankle instantly beats other styles.

Thick-soled Chesir boots

The last platform boots to introduce to you is the Chesir booties, this style is also the most versatile and fashionable, whether it is with leather pants or jeans is a very good choice, or hip cover suits, knee-length coats, cotton clothing can be perfectly combined with thick-soled Chesir booties, different heights also mean different strength,

For example, the smart and smooth ankle height can well outline the calf line, enhance the personality charm and help women create a sense of fashion!

Platform high boots

In the height of the boots, we must pay attention to the fact that too low a height does not present a great advantage, and too high will be too exaggerated, which will lower the overall temperament. Often the right thickness can make people more fashionable.

Secondly, is the style of the boots should also be the right choice, want to achieve the effect of thin and tall, do not forget the great advantages brought by tall Martin boots, coupled with the design of the thick sole, the leg area modified by the high tube is more extensive, and the length of the knee can not only modify the lack of leg shape, but also make the calf more slender!

Dressing demonstration

Pairing of platform Martin boots

Thick-soled Martin boots can also be used well with fashion items, whether it is using black straight-leg pants for a better effect, or denim leggings to outline the excellent leg shape is very good.

Secondly, it is more necessary to promote the effect of strengths and avoid weaknesses in the choice of tops, and hip covering styles can often achieve this effect.

Then use some fashionable elements to set off the momentum, such as lattice elements, stripe elements, cotton and linen elements, velvet texture elements are worth trying, whether it is the concept brought by the suit or the elegant temperament presented by the coat, as long as it is just the right combination is enough.

The overall effect tends to be more feminine-oriented, and the simpler the fashion opinion, the more the piece can highlight the excellent temperament, such as the age-reducing girly effect of denim jumpsuits, and the platform Martin boots can also be used.

The advantage of the thick sole increases the proportions of the figure, plus the denim jumpsuit exposes the ankles by pulling the legs, and the waist tie design perfectly frames the waistline, and the premium color scheme of denim blue and black boots is also part of the details.

Pairing with platform boots

High boots are very popular with women this winter, whether it is using the lower body missing, or a hip cover jacket with leggings is a very good fashion display, then if you want to perfectly combine the advantages of the two, you can choose a hip cover suit to match.

It is a great help for women with pear-shaped body and apple body, and when the belt is cleverly used to raise the waistline, the thick-soled high boots can present their maximum effect, and the overall effect can be perfectly improved visually.

There are also many styles of platform boots, including knee-length, over-the-knee length, and below-the-knee length. If you want to highlight the handsomeness, but not the personality but also the unique feeling, you can skillfully use the sub-knee model to set off, and perfectly present the overall excellent effect in choosing a neutral coat.

For example, a dark gray knee-length coat can be perfectly combined with thick-soled knee boots, one to enhance the aura and the other to modify the leg shape, and the combination of the two will create the most eye-catching strength.

Matching of thick-soled Chelsea booties

Chesir boots have high requirements for pants, and women should pay attention to the choice of pants if they want to match thick-soled Chesir boots. The corset pants that can play the same effect are the best partner, loose and moderate pants, the fit, not only can cover the lack of excessive thigh fat, but also can use the waist cut to create the effect of perfect curves.

At this time, choosing a gentle and fashionable sweater to soften the overall effect of an overly personal is excellent.

Fashionable women know that booties and dresses can present a very elegant and glamorous charm. Just like the freshness and femininity brought by the thick-soled Chesir boots with a floral dress, the calf line is just right to expose the charm and eye-catching, so it is also very good to match in the cold winter.

Whether it’s accentuating intellectual temperament with a knee-length tweed coat or a horn-buttoned coat highlighting the preppy style, thick-soled Chesir booties can go a long way.

Fashion summary

First, in fact, no matter what kind of fashion trend, we must not forget the highlight of the advantages when choosing, whether it is the belt to enhance the waistline, the boots to modify the ankle, highlight the aura is very good!

Second, elegant women must remember that when choosing platform boots, they pay great attention to its height, and first of all, they must choose according to their actual situation, for example, legs that are not straight can use high-barreled platform boots to cleverly solve the shortcomings!

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