Milk chocolate may have no milk, no chocolate? Milk, chocolate has been trapped in “replacing” door

Recently, there is a “ingredient double bid” incident of Dream Dragon Snow Cake in place of animal grease, followed by Haagen-Dazs because of false propaganda chocolate ice cream ingredients, it was hot, last July, The ingredients of the pre-sale moon-shaped ice cream products are described as “chocolate skin” in a network flagship store, but the actual ingredients are “substitute cocoa”. Due to violation of the relevant provisions of the “People’s Republic of China Advertising Law, the Shanghai Pudong New Area Market Supervision Administration is ordered to stop issuing illegal advertisements, and is imposed on RMB 10,000.

There is a vegetable oil instead of milk, and there is a “invisible protuble” in the food ingredients in the food ingredients? What is the difference between this middle? What is the impact of these “parity alternatives”?

Can you replace it, nutrition?

According to the national standard GB / T19343-2016 “Chocolate and chocolate products, cocoa-grease chocolate and substituteable caps chocolate products”, chocolate is the main raw material with cocoa butter, cocoa block or cocoa liquid block, cocoa oil cake, cocoa powder, etc. Add or add noncommitted, sugar, dairy, food additives and food nutritional enhancers. Products that are less than 25% of the chocolate ingredient should not be called chocolate products, and the product that can be added more than 5% should be named substitute cocoa. Chocolate.

Cocoa butter to pure cocoa beans as raw materials.

The generation can cocoa but can be only one word, which is it from?

Cocoa butter derived from non-cocoaic vegetable grease. In contrast, it is affected by factors such as cocoa production, and the price of cocoa butter can be 5-10 times higher than that.

Director of the Science and Technology Department of CIS Food and Nutrition Information Exchange Center, China Internet Joint Rumor Platform Expert Committee, Zhang Guangfeng, said that in hardness, texture, gloss and cocoa, but in nutrients: “They are all Fat, but there are some natural, such as polyphenols, such as polyphenols.

It can be said that can be cocoa but can become a flat-price substitute for cocoa buta, but from nutrition, it can not even produce some risks.

Yan Guangfeng pointed out that the cocoa butter is made of vegetable oil hydrogenation, which may result in trans fatty acids.

How do I know the trans fatty acid in the dispenser?

Chief Physician, Department of Endocrinology, China University Hospital, Department of Clinical Nutrition, said that there is a lot of “continite” hard injury. For example, the real milk has a high quality protein, which also contains a component such as vitamin, and the usual “continite” of the milk is generated in the process of plant oil hydrogenation, and if the intake is superior to affected the body.

When which raw materials appear in the ingredient table, it means that the trans fatty acid is?

In this regard, Yan Guangfeng said that the main source of artificial trans fatty acid is the hydrogenated vegetable oil, and the hydrogenated oil fat in the form of expression in the food tag ingredients is: hydrogenated vegetable oil, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, hydrogenated palm oil, hydrogenated soybean oil, plant flesh oil , Artificial cream, artificial butter, plant cream, plant fat, peg, etc.

Unlike trans fatty acids, there is no so-called “good fat” in food? Have you seen these? Compared to intake of fat, the right amount of principles are more important. Yan Guangfeng pointed out that after all, fat is energy, and it is not good. China Resident Dietary Guide suggests that adults take 25-30 grams of cooking oil every day.

Reporter: Peng Yuji

Source: Voice of China