Supermodel Bella Cannes rushed to bottom, this new trend, do you dare to follow?

Supermodel Bella, known as “Red Carpet”, is very loyal to dressing style. For example, on the red carpet of the Cannes, this set of metal signs, dotted dress skirts, bruzzy design, and eye-catching, and very lined up.


There is also a white silk dress, very highlighting the body curve, wearing a luxurious and sexy, really not the title of the red carpet.


More than red carpets are colorful, usually, the street shooting is also the best to make the individuality and highlight the body. For example, with your friend Kentol Jenna, you appeared in the street, friends wearing a pink tight sling short skirt, metal gloss is fashionable and sexy. Bella wears a bottoming tight shorts to match the stomach short T, foot a pair of PVC high heels, it is more sexy than the friend? It turned out that this the most personality leather bottoming shorts, really highlights the body curve, just in the middle of the thigh, if not the long legs really don’t know what effect can wear. And this personality is also completely fired by Bella!


For example, Jin Kardashi, which is known for the sexy hips, is also a tight shorts like leggings. As for the problem of wearing, we don’t make judgment, anyway, it feels The feeling of the wearing leggings. The plump figure is matched with a bowl of harass, it seems a bit bloated.


And this look is a bit awkward shorts, there is a fire? Look at these street shooters know.


Plaid suit with Beret, a Messenger bag, foot hip high heel shoes, look very retro feel. With a bottoming tight shorts, it has to be boasting the body is good, and this seems to be particularly personal.


This look looks more harmonious, with a general T-shirt, and white alphabet design on the edge of shorts, it seems to compare sports handsome cool.


Such a complete set of sports winds, feel like being popular, popular, short-haired yoga trousers.


If you think that the style of making your tight shorts is wrong! Take a look at Kardashian dressing, not limited to in formal occasions.

Whether it is high heels or casual shoes, leisure wind or fashionable winds can be mixed with a feeling. Be


Look at the tide people out of shorts, and the characteristics of other thin shorts that we originally emphasized! Such a firming effect, if the leg meat is more meat or not tight, the meat is estimated to be a swim ring!


However, a little sister is like it or can wear, and it is not so embarrassed to cover your ass, it feels not so embarrassed, but the individuality will be reduced. I don’t know how you look at this new trend? Do you dare to follow the style? Anyway, I still don’t dare to try it!