SNP mask Chinese call what Sneop mask knows

What is the Chinese name of the SNP mask? Many sister paper only knew that South Korea has SNP mask, but I don’t know what the Chinese name of the SNP mask is, and I don’t know which SNP mask is best used. Let’s know this brand of SNP today, and solve your confusion ~

snp面膜中文叫什么 斯内普面膜了解一下

What is the Chinese in SNP mask?

The SNP mask is called “Snep Mask”. The reason why this mask is called Sinneu mask is also determined by the clutch of the mask brand as the first letter of Chinese Pinyin. Korean SNP English full name is Shining Nature Purity, indicating that 邂逅 光彩 自然 is natural and pure.

snp面膜中文叫什么 斯内普面膜了解一下

SNP bird nest mask evaluation

SNP bird’s nest reservoir mask paper is silky, the ability to adsorb the essence is better (holding SNP bird’s nest mask, the mask essence will not flow down), the new version is applied to the face. Many sisters Feedback: Using the SNP bird’s nest mask will not make you feel bored, and the mask paper is more comparative, the essence is more enough, it is a hydrating mask that is worthy of price.

SNP collagen mask evaluation

The mask is soft, it is very comfortable, the essence is not much, but it is good. The overall use sense and blue model do not differ much, because moisturizing ingredients (buta glycol, glycerol, hydrolyzed collagen, adenosine, trehalose) are relatively abundant, and immediately reduce the dry lines of the eye.

snp面膜中文叫什么 斯内普面膜了解一下

SNP animal mask evaluation

The animal mask of the SNP family is popular, and the official introduction, the different animal masks corresponds to different effects: water echo – hydrating, panda – whitening, tiger – anti-wrinkle, dragon tiger – calibration, but this mask paper adsorption essence is poor, The mask paper is very thick. If you open it, you will smell a large shares of fragrant smell, and it is faint that the feeling of feelings is doped with some scribbles. When it is, it seems to have a layer of gas-absorbing film, and do not pay attention. Therefore, this mask is also a fun, and the experience is not good.