shaffer bop parts

shaffer bop parts

Jan 01,2022

Find durable and best quality shaffer bop parts at affordable prices only at To improve the efficiency and quality of cementing, shaffer bop parts are vital pieces of equipment, which is why you must not compromise on their quality. It seals the casing to the wall completely, and the whole job would be unsuccessful if the casing touches the hole at any part.

On, you can find a wide range of shaffer bop parts, which is a key element in ensuring that the cementing quality is optimum. It does so by stopping mud entry and substandard isolation of zones. There are basically four sizes depending on their shapes. The bow spring is most suited for vertical wells and because of its flexibility, it can go through narrow holes. The rigid types are made using cast iron or steel bars, which means they’re perfect for a specific size. 

The semi-rigid types combine the property of the bow springs and the rigid types. They can be compressed like the bow springs while have high restoring forces like the rigid types. The mold-on blades are made using carbon fiber and ceramic materials and can be readily applied to the casing surface. Restoring force is an important criterion that decides how effective a shaffer bop parts is going to be.

At, you can get the solution to all your needs in one place easily and swiftly. All the shaffer bop parts are sold by verified sellers, manufacturers and suppliers, which ensures that you always get the maximum satisfaction.