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The ribbon is a kind of print consumables we are more familiar. The composition of the ribbon is very simple, which is made of soaking of nylon silk as a raw material. The working principle of the ribbon is to utilize a dot matrix in the needle printer head or the letter collision in the English typewriter, to the impact of the print ribbon, produce a printing effect on the printing paper.

First, what is the ribbon?

The composition of the ribbon is very simple, which is made of soaking of nylon silk as a raw material. A good ribbon, the base should be durable, the elastic force is large, and it can’t printed for a long time. Its performance is mainly the surface of the base surface, the fiber neutral without convex, and the latitude latitude tissue is uniform, and the cut is straight and uniform, cavity. Touch with your hand: It is so delicate and delicate, there is a smooth feeling. Raising is good, and the recovery is good. The bad ribbon is broken, the hand feels hard, the cut is uneven, the edge is poor, the flexible flexibility is small, the recovery is poor, the print is typically jocked, and it is easy to get the needle. , Cassette and other phenomena.

Second, the difference between ribbons and carbon strips

The carbon strip is a special consumable of barcode machine, which covers a layer of carbon powder. When printing, printhead hot toner is transferred to a sticker, which is called thermal transfer mode, and the ribbon is generally generally universal printer. Needle printers common consumables, ribbons are used with needle printers, it is cloth! The carbon tape is used for the fax machine! The carbon strip is a belt of the fax machine, which presents a roller shape. The ribbon is cloth.

Third, ribbon classification

From the principle of printing, the current ribbon is mainly divided into a traditional striker color band, and three types of thermal transfer colors are gradually appeared in the later stage. The former is mainly used in the needle printer, English printer, card card and attendance machine and other office equipment. The thermal transfer color belt is mainly used for office equipment such as fax machine and barcode. The hot rise of China is used for thermal lifting printer and digital printing. Like machine and other office equipment.

1, wax-based carbon belt

That is, the wax and carbon black (assuming as a black carbon band) as the main material, as the product of the coating material. Wax is the most economical and inexpensive carbon tape, mainly used for general paper printing, using wax-based carbon belts must be paid to the mating of paper, and the wax-based carbon band is suitable for the surface hand feels slightly aggregated. Not applicable to the surface of the surface, such as a PET material. Wax-based carbon contracts occupy a share of about 70% of the market, which is commonly used in large paper labels such as Matham.

2, resin carbon tape

If the printed information must be able to solvent anti-high temperature, etc., for chemical product packaging, or high temperature to high temperature, used for electrical heat generation, or must be printed on special PET and other chemical finished products, it is recommended to use a resin carbon tape Because the ingredients of the resin can reach the above requirements, this carbon band is usually high, but the printing effect is still necessary to meet the paper / print media to achieve the best print level.

3, mixed carbon tape

That is, the wax and resin are mixed as the main material, as the product of the coating material. The proportion of mixing changes as needed, mainly used for materials with smooth surfaces, generally suitable for use in more stringent products, such as normal consumable products, their performance is combined with two carbon strips Benefits made.

Four, ribbons purchase

1, ribbon tape base

In general, the ribbon tape base is woven with nylon silk as a raw material, and its quality directly affects the life of the ribbon and the ability to penetrate the ink. At present, the tape of the printing ribbon sold in the market is divided into nylon 6 and nylon 66, the difference between the two is different from the chemical composition of nylon.

2, ink

Of course, the ink is also quite important. The good ink particles are small, which will not cause blockage juncture. The fluidity is very good, the pH is very uniform, the adsorption is strong, good moisturizing, durable, and printing slow.

3, interface

We know, the port of the good ribbon is flat and narrow, the error is relatively small, the degree of hardening is very light, and it does not happens when printing; the interface intensity is large, and the tensile strength is also strong.

4, quality of service

In addition to the quality of the ribbon itself, I feel that the quality of service quality of the ribbon is also quite important.

5. How to change the ribbon

1, you open the front and rear cover of the tape box, look at the channel where there is no gear, A: straight: indicates that the selected ribbon is maintained, B: It is necessary to turn the ribbon to pass, indicate The selected ribbon must be partially reversed.

2, select the color band core, generally the core package will have a plastic film, first carefully, to take the upper and lower paper box (otherwise the core will be spread), there will be an arrow on the carton, arrow generally faceless gears On the side, the core buckle will be buckled in the bottom case (in the lower box), and then drag out the paper in the bottom of the core, carefully take the top of the paper.

3, finishing the core, pulling the core (one side without gears) pulls a portion, according to the previously checked (step 1) channel, plug, press the shrapnel.

6. Printer color belt maintenance

1. We must learn to keep the ribbon of the printer “forever” keep moist.

2, we want to skilled the paper thickness regulator to ensure that the printer’s printhead and the surface of the print paper are always at a suitable distance.

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3. When you usually use the printer, learn to give a ribbon “surgery”.

4, we need to learn to supplement “energy” to the ribbon of the printer. That is, the ink on the printer tape.

Seven, printed color belt fault handling

1. The tension of the strip break – the tension of the ribbon is too large, and the slitting line or the hammer is broken and the strip is broken. In the former case, the fracture portion can be cut off and sew well; the latter case is only necessary to replace the ribbon.

2, the ribbon is briened by the edge of the card – ribbon, and it is easy to entangle the color pulley after the hair, resulting in a strip of the carrier, and the ribbon cannot normalize the tape cartridge. The solution is: First open the printer cover, open the ribbon arm with the hammer, and pull the ribbon gently pull back in the tape end of the strip cassette, then colored with the hammer. Handle, turn on the power, the machine will be replaced with the ribbon cassette after the self-test.

3, ribbon active wheel drive belt wear or break – this fault is due to the excessive time of the drive belt or the character chain friction drive belt. The solution is to adjust the position of the character chain, so that it is no longer frictionless; if it is broken, please replace it.

4, ribbon motion sensing signal interrupt – check whether the tape motion sensing signal line has been damaged, if the signal line is changed, then check the ribbon motion sensing signal line at the J6 socket on the interlocking plate. Whether it is damaged or exposed, please replace or insert the signal line.