These more than 400 kilograms of big motor carriers are actually unhappy.

What kind of motorcycle is to be said to be a good car, we must first meet this condition, in addition to this, the brand, appearance, configuration, performance of these hard indicators. If a motorcycle is too harsh for riding technology, it will not be able to use “good” to describe it. A motorcycle that rides, looks, good-looking, and the style, I believe that many people will like it, so what kind of motorcycle can meet these conditions.


BMW R 1200 GS (water bird)

Price: 2,131 million

Have to say, there will be “Blue Sky Baiyun” car standard R 1200 GS, which will let Moyou look at it in a few seconds, this car appears atmosphere, exquisite, can be said that both men and women are suitable. R 1200 GS is equipped with a 1170ml opposite dual-cylinder engine, with 125HP’s strong horsepower, it seems to be a sense of distance, but don’t be intimidated by this powerful data. Through engineers, R 1200 GS power is very supple, as long as you don’t screw too much force, this engine will not scare you.

On the other hand, the level of R 1200 GS assembly is very low, and the two huge cylinders are placed horizontally on both sides of the engine to achieve balanced rods. This makes the appearance of R 1200 GS look very burly, but it is very flexible to manipulate, and there is also a strong sense of stability at low speed.

The 238kg of the preparation of the 238kg looks a little scary. If you add a tail box, the protective bar, the R 1200 GS is more than 250kg. However, after you ride this car, it will find that it is so cumbersome. In addition to the lower center of focus, there is also a BMW “black technology” A arm beam hanging system, such a design can be Keep the front of the front of the car will not sink to ensure that the center of gravity is not offset, thereby reducing the chance of out of the vehicle.

Suzuki GSX1300R

Price: 2.398 million yuan


This car is not only because of its high reasons, more factors are invested in this car. Sports profile design, it takes a lot of time and effort, and ultimately lowers the wind resistance factor by performing wind tunnel test. On the one hand, the loss of horsepower can be reduced, so that the vehicle is speedful. On the other hand, the knight can reduce the wind resistance, thereby ensuring more energy to focus on driving.


This “land aircraft” power system is not small, through continuous strengthening, the current 排 has reached 1340ml, and the maximum horsepower is close to 200HP. The parameters look quite horrible, but actually riding will not let you feel scared. This straight four-cylinder engine power is very linear and has strong controllability. And at 2000-13000


It is very powerful between torque output, and it doesn’t have to feel a headache for the selection of the gear.

In addition, this car also provides three power modes option, which can be set according to their own ability and road conditions, so that different levels of knights can get the most driving fun. For Momo, which is not very tall, this car is only 805mm, which is low than a common road car, and sitting stretches, the legs can also support the weight of the vehicle, do not have to worry about parking Not good control and fall.


Ducati XDiavel


Price: 219,000 yuan


XDiavel matches the power assembly of 1262ml, and the engine is increasing the stroke while retaining the original cylinder diameter, making the low-than-twist performance more smoothly. Previously, Diavel was too much to sacrifice the operating quality of the horsepower output, which is indeed not suitable for a cruise street car.

The 1262ml engine of XDiavel is not large in power with Diavel 1198ml engine, but the force interval becomes broad. It can also be seen in the torque parameter, the maximum torque is changed from the 131N · m / 8000rpm of Diavel to 129N · m / 5000rpm, not in data close.



Less, and the speed reduced by 3000 rpm, so that XDiavel has a super torque at low speed, and the power of the power is asking, and it also reduces the occurrence of the sprinkle.

In situ, XDiavel is more comfortable than Diavel, abandoning too late tight end, but using a more comfortable, leisure standard cruise car sitting. Such design makes the legs more stretched, the upper limbs are more relaxed, and the comfort is guaranteed for a long time. The height is also reduced, reduced by 770mm to 755mm, more convenient for feet when parking, low-speed driving and mobile vehicles are more relaxed.


Harley Road GLIDE®

Sell ​​price: 368,800 yuan

This net weight of 369kg everyone looks not friend, but when you sit up, you will find a kind of intimate feeling, everything is very harmonious. After driving, this feeling still exists, completely without heavy cruise motorcycles. Even if you ride on it, you can feel easy. It seems that Harley has undergone great efforts in the ROAD GLIDE® ride experience.

In fact, 369kg’s car is not heavy for a American cruise car. To know that the Supreme version of the road gliding has exceeded 400kg, and the road gliding except for the mobile vehicle in the ground, the weight will not feel the weight of the car will affect the weight of this car. Ride. The biggest reason is that the center of gravity of the road gliding series is very low, and it is more compact, not loose feeling, let the knight can easily control.

Through continuous adjustment of the school, the power output of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle is not as thrown in the early years, except for the engine, trembling, the quality of operation is quite smooth. Moreover, the weight of the body also presses the excessive horsepower experience, occasionally unskilled operation, the body does not become difficult to control. Harley-Davidson Motorcycle is also equally equipped on highway, although it looks a bit cumbersome, but it is easy to control it, you can enjoy it leisurely enjoy the roadside view.


2018 Honda GL1800 (Gold Wings)

Price: 418,000 yuan


The gold wings have been very good in terms of manipulation, but Honda’s engineers are not satisfied, they use a number of “black technology” to create a more comfortable, safe and lightweight 2018 gold wings. The new gold wing overall size is much thinner than the old model, and the car is also reduced by 48kg. For a motorcycle, it can be touched and changing. For low speed rides, the lightweight body makes the vehicle manipulation greatly improve.


The new gold wing uses a double A arm beam design, with a similar feature of the BMW A arm beam, which is a great help to the vehicle’s shock, stability and controllability. At the same time, redesigned frames are light 4kg over the old frame and make the engine position to be 40mm, and the position of the seat is moved 36mm, so that the overall weight is more concentrated, so that the vehicle manipulation is flexible.

In addition, the new gold wing also joins the creep function. By the button can control the movement before and after the vehicle, the forward peristaltic function is up to 1.7km / h, the retro speed is up to 1.21km / h, this feature gives daily use belt It is very convenient. In addition, the new car gearbox has changed, which is equipped with a third-generation 7-speed DCT dual-clutch gearbox, which is separated from the cumbersome shift operation, so that the technology is not skilled, it can easily control this heavy-sized huppus motorcycle.

Today’s recommended motorcycles are introduced abroad, regardless of performance, quality or brand has a considerable level. Riding it out, you don’t have to worry about the face problem, even if the appearance is the appearance, these motorcycles are not a general life, and they can definitely bring you a lot. However, these cars can have such a high ride quality, but also to invest in a large number of design and research and development costs. If you want to have them, you need a lot of expenses. After all, the truth of a penny is unable to subversive.




If you don’t consider the factors, this five motorcycles do you prefer this more.